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Our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book is due for release on 10th Oct!

Who said it was impossible to publish 4 books in 6 months? With such an amazing team of kind people, anything is possible! World Mental Health day is on the 10th Oct and we thought it would be the perfect … Continue reading

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Today sees the release of our KindaProud pocketbook on inspiring stories of suicide survival. This is never an easy topic to discuss, although unfortunately it touches most people’s lives in some way. We are so … Continue reading

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A traumatic incident has helped Navreet to listen to and trust her inner voice

Navreet from London, UK, knows first-hand the powerful healing potential of story-telling. Here she beautifully highlights, through sharing one of her own traumatic experiences, the importance of having a compassionate space in which our stories can be received and not … Continue reading

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#Emerging Proud through Suicide officially launches on Tuesday 10th Sept

The 10th September 2019 will see the 16th World Suicide prevention day, and still the amount of people taking their lives every year is on the increase… We desperately need to change the narrative around these experiences within society to … Continue reading

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Ana is KindaProud that she has used her life challenges to nurture her soul

It’s a well-known teaching within NLP type life coaching that we get more of what we focus on, and Ana has found this to be true through teaching herself to focus on the blessings of her life, rather than her … Continue reading

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Peter from Norwich now looks back at his breakdown as the point at which he found his strength and re-claimed his soul.

Existential crises can be catalysed by so many different issues; sometimes the cracks already there caused by earlier traumas in our lives cannot hold and something pushes us over the edge… a lot of the time those edges can lead … Continue reading

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It took Martha recognising the trauma contained in her disempowering experience to find compassion for herself and others

You may remember the fabulous Martha from her interview will Will Hall on Madness Radio a couple of weeks ago. Now Martha #EmergesProud to share her story for our KindaProud series. Life is complex, messy and so full of paradox – … Continue reading

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