Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

The wide- reaching rivers of this movement are starting to merge into one collective ocean, and it can’t come quick enough for those of us that have felt this coming for years…

I’m sharing this for Paris, who coined the phrase ‘Rethinking Madness’ (at least for me), and who spoke such wisdom in the #EmergingProud film… “We can’t have an evolution without chaos preceeding it” he said, and oh was he right!

Join Paris and some other amazing thought- leaders in evolving consciousness for this online webinar:

Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Paris Williams, Author of Rethinking Madness 
Mark Lakeman, Co-Founder, City Repair Project
Christine Karczewski, Co-Founder, The Healing Field
Rangi Ahipene, Maori Chief

Moderated by Oryx Cohen, National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

This webinar series was introduced in June 2018 and explores ways of healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits and weaves connections for repair—not only on the personal, but also on a larger global and environmental scale.

It draws from the premise of profound interconnectedness—that the wellbeing of each of us is intimately tied up with the wellbeing of the Earth It also draws from age-old indigenous wisdom that those who have experienced extreme states often provide the unusual vantage point of seeing the world from outside the limited confines of consensus reality. Therefore, we see an extraordinary two-way opportunity unfolding within human society—on one hand, reconnecting with the Earth offers the potential for great healing of any and all of us; and on the other hand, those who have grappled with extreme states of mind and spirit may hold an essential key in humanity’s return to living in harmony with the Earth and our fellow Earthlings.

Through efforts showcased by the various leaders participating in this webinar series, we find that a supportive infrastructure is emerging, one that is very much needed for resilience, empowerment, connection to the earth, and sustainable wellness in our communities.

More information here:

Register here:

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Catherine G Lucas, Founder of the UK SCN, set to join us for #Emerging Proud day online celebration

With the incredible Extinction Rebellion catalysing a compassionate civil uprising, it feels very synchronistic to share some #EmergingProud news with you … is this a sign that a global spiritual awakening is taking place? We certainly think so…

We’re delighted to announce that Catherine G Lucas, the Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network  (SCN), will be joining us for our LIVE online #EmergingProud day celebrations and book launch on 12th May to honour the 15th anniversary of SCN, and mainly to talk about her new work which focuses on global spiritual emergence.

What can individual journeys of awakening offer to the global crisis?

Here Catherine explains…



I’m broadening the scope of my work out from supporting personal spiritual emergence(y) to supporting global spiritual emergence(y). In particular, I’m exploring the parallels between personal awakening through crisis and global awakening through crisis. Both can be intense, terrifying and feel unmanageable. Both involve a letting go of the old ways of doing and being, a burning away of the old, as we’ve just seen in the extraordinary archetypal burning of Notre Dame – a powerful symbol of spiritual emergency if ever there was one! Most importantly, both involve shifting to a new level of consciousness. 

Key questions are:

  • What can we learn from personal spiritual emergence(y) that can help us cope with the global emergence(y)?
  • What can we learn from the individual process that can help us move successfully through our global awakening?
  • Where the model of the Hero’s Journey is so helpful at the personal level, can it also be usefully applied to the global?
  • Do we need a team of ‘spiritual emergency elders’, of those who have been through spiritual crisis and awakening, to help ‘hold’ the process, to help hold the awareness that what appears to be a world crisis of catastrophic proportions is actually our awakening?

Below are a few paragraphs from the introduction of ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ which will also give you a bit of an idea of where I’m coming from.

‘. . .  when I then read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, his words struck a chord. Our choice as a species is simple, he tells us: evolve or die. He puts it urgently and starkly. He is talking about evolving spiritually.

. . .

‘As the awakening of human consciousness gathers pace, more people are having to navigate the treacherous waters of spiritual emergency. As more people succeed in finding their way through such experiences, their awakened consciousness, in turn, helps the planetary shift to gather further momentum.

‘As we explore and become familiar with the territory of spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency, we realize that there are very real parallels between what happens at the individual level and what is happening at the global level. We are beginning to experience global crisis; the awakening of global consciousness is starting to feel very painful and challenging. This is no different from what individuals experience when going through the birth pangs of spiritual crisis. The lessons we learn at the personal level can be translated to the global.

‘Humanity is embarked on its own version of the Hero’s Journey. If we understand the process at the individual level, we can know that the seeming breakdown of what I call the ‘dark night of the globe’ is the precursor to breaking through to a whole new level of awakened consciousness.

‘We will see just how intense and challenging a crisis of spiritual awakening can be personally. It is this level of intensity and challenge we can expect to see at the world level during the coming years of transition. When we read the stories of those whose spiritual unfolding led to crisis and see how they navigated their way successfully through it, we can hopefully draw much inspiration and encouragement from that in responding to the global situation.’

Join myself and Nicole to hear more from Catherine on the 12th May at 2pm GMT;



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KindaProud Pocket Book no. 2 is in production!

The first book in our not-for-profit KindaProud Pocket Books of Hope series is now with the Publisher, and so it’s off to work on manuscript 2 we go! …

The KindaProud series will use all proceeds raised through book sales to provide free Pocket Books of Hope to mental health facilities in order to support people in need of hearing messages of positivity.  

DONATE HERE; your kind donation will provide books of hope to those in need 

Remember our inspirational Peer Rep for the book #Emerging Proud through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low Self-Esteem, Amy?

Amy Rep picture

Here’s a reminder of her story;

I remember the feeling well….It was like a black hole of never being satisfied and obsessing about my next mouthful of food. I fantasised about what I would eat next, what I’d get from the shops to devour later and how I would hide it.  The shame, the secrecy, the manipulation of urgently needing to eat so badly! Just eat and eat and eat…

I remember having a meal with some friends and family members when I was about 18, reaching for portion number three when someone shouted: “Amy, stop eating! You’ll get fat if you keep eating” I was completely taken by surprise and to my horror realised that I’d been caught out.  From this place of utter embarrassment I tried to defend myself to deflect the hurt when they responded:  “Well, you’re putting on weight….”

In that moment, the long-tunnel vision, punch in the stomach, red cheek flare of shame washed over my body like a heavy wave of absolute failure.  Something within me cracked open. From this place of shame, embarrassment, humiliation and deep hurt, a door that was holding back so much emotion, flung wide open. I cried all night and 2 days after that. The utter heartbreak I felt was unbearable and tears kept coming, and coming. Until I eventually found some peace. I felt cleansed, light and liberated.  I realised that for so long, for years, I had actually numbed myself of feeling any kind of emotion and had imprisoned myself in a box of self-judgement and self-criticism.  I realised that for a very long time I had been completely rejecting my body, hating it even. Feeling frustrated every time I looked in the mirror and saw my hideous self looking back at me. 

The encounter had completely cracked me open and for the first time in what seemed like forever I felt an aliveness, a peace and a connection to something so much bigger than me.

Around the same time I had started to come across authors such as Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle, where they explained much of what I was feeling and opened my eyes to this “other world” where all beings are connected in the source or the Oneness.

This was the beginning of a long journey of UNbecoming everything that wasn’t me and embracing everything that was me.

A few months later I came across the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. They were talking about how the relationship we have with our food is ultimately a reflection of the relationship we have with life.

When I came across their ethos, I started to understand that my binge eating was a result of years and years of not knowing how to process the intense emotions I was feeling, it was a result of DIS-connection from my soul and from the Oneness of life, it was a result of not feeling able to express who I was and what I wanted. It was the result of being so severely disconnected from my Wildish nature and the natural world around me.

It was an intense way of my body and my soul desperately trying to get my attention. 

“DIS-ordered eating is the body’s way of coping with a DIS-ordered world”

– Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

I started to discover that there was so much more to the story than me being a weak  failure with a complete lack of willpower.  I started to become aware of the tremendously judgemental and critical narrative I lived my life through and actually realised I had a choice and the willingness to transform it into something positive.

I then went on to discover books like “The Gifts of our compulsions” by Mary O’Malley, “Women who run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and “Body Positive Power” by Megan Crabbe, and learned more and more about where this mentality of self- blaming and shaming comes from and why we have different self-sabotaging behaviours. 

All of this opened my eyes to the fact that we are so much more than our physical appearance. We are spiritual beings living an imperfect and emotional human experience with a purpose.  We are each here for a reason, we belong to mother Earth and we are unconditionally accepted and loved by her helped me begin to heal my relationship with my body and my food.

Understanding that it was ok to feel EVERYTHING from the heartache to the ecstasy and everything in between.

Understanding that the voices that were telling me I was not flawless enough, thin enough or beautiful enough, are not who I truly am and knowing that they are ghosts of a narrative so deeply ingrained within our collective consciousness that we inherit them on a subconscious level from the human world around us.

The transformation I experienced through starting to heal my binge eating and my unhealthy body image inspired me to train as an Eating Psychology Coach and support and empower others to feel free, alive and worthy.

By no means is my binge eating eradicated completely or is my life a self-rejecting free party. It’s a life-long journey of recovery and some days are easier than others to be kind and compassionate to myself. But it’s safe to say that most of the time, I am no longer afraid to be myself, to speak my truth and fight for what I believe in.

If you are reading this and are struggling with your relationship to food, your body image or low self-esteem, please know that it does get easier, things will change. You are strong, you are so strong actually, hang on in there and reach out for support in any way you can. I believe in you. You are worthy, you are resilient and you are so flipping beautiful.

Doing this with the support and love of people who understand and have been through similar things has made this journey a lot easier and so much more fun too. I am so grateful for meeting people like Katie who are doing such inspiring things to bring hope to so many people who are struggling in a world that tells them there is something “wrong”.

There is nothing wrong. This is your time for transformation. Love, Amy x

Does this subject resonate with your own experience? 

Would you like to share your story to be considered for Amy’s KindaProud book to inspire hope of recovery for others who may be struggling? 

Please contact Amy to find out how by contacting her at:

The KindaProud series will use all proceeds raised through book sales to provide free Pocket Books of Hope to mental health facilities in order to support people in need of hearing messages of positivity.  

DONATE HERE; your kind donation will provide books of hope to those in need 

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#EmergingProud day 2019 plans are in motion in Brazil!

What is happening in Brazil for #EmergingProud celebrations 2019?  

The team are hard at work organising their main ‘Rethinking Madness’ event, which will take place on 11th May at;

Instituto de Psiquiatria do Hospital das Clínicas da USP

R. Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos, 785

Cerqueira César, São Paulo


Speakers will include Organisers, Ligia Splendore, Sean Blackwell and Maria Cristina M. de Barros, who will be joined by Dr David Lukoff and Oryx Cohen – and more!

The video from the Brazilian #EmergingProud day 2018 can be seen here;


Not only that, the team will then join us for our LIVE LAUNCH celebrations on 12th May to report how their day went… you can pull up a seat with us for that too!


What are YOU doing to celebrate our 3rd International #EmergingProud day? Gather a group of friends and sign-up … help us make the party, and most importantly the message, reach as far and wide as we can! ❤

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How our childhood shapes our future

“Addictions are not only drugs or alcohol, they are any activity that temporarily distracts us from, or relieves our pain…” says Dr Gabor Mate in this brilliant interview. It seems that basically everything our human race relies on these days could be considered addictive – including social media and “love and light’ Spirituality, where we only focus on the positive in order to avoid facing our pain… (*hands up to being guilty of that one myself).

The question therefore should not be “why my addiction, but why my pain?” and why are the majority of the population addicted to something in what should be an evolved age? 

Suppression of reactive human pain; grief, destruction, anger, loss, became a necessary cultural coping mechanism for survival during the war years, but now we seem to be paying the price – our Ancestral coping mechanisms have become maladptive behaviours that cause us to become disconnected from our emotions, ourselves, nature and each other. On an individual level, the adaptive coping mechanisms we develop to cope with our pain in childhood become maladaptive pratices that hinder us in later life…

We are now response-able for reversing this unintentional consequence; each and every one of us needs to become conscious of our own coping mechanisms in order to heal our individual, and hence collective, pain…

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Press Release for #Emerging Proud through NOTEs is released

The first book in our KindaProud series of ‘Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation’ is due for release a month today … Be amongst the first to see the press release, hot off the …press!

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 20.00.54

Click here to read the; 

#Emerging Proud through NOTEs Press Release

Our gratitude to MEDIA JEMS for their continued invaluable support of this project ❤

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Our first manuscript in the Kinda Proud Pocket Books of Hope series is with the Publisher!

We did it folks! Our first book in our Kinda Proud Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation  series is with the Publisher and will be ready to launch on;

International #EmergingProud day – 12th May 2019!


CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE LIVE ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH PARTY and hear all about the book, tune in for chats with some of the story- sharers, ask your questions live and hear from movers and shakers in the field!

Would you like your transformation story to appear in our book series? 

We are still taking submissions for the next 3 books in the Kinda Proud series;

# Emerging Proud Through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low-Self-Esteem

#Emerging Proud Through Suicide

#Emerging Proud Through Trauma and Abuse

CONTACT US HERE to find out how to take part… 


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