An invitation to connect more deeply with your place in the Eco-systemic whole (in- person, Norfolk, UK)

“I am not an individual, I am an Ecosystem”

Reginald Haslett-Marroquin

Reconnect – Regenerate – Remember

Re-connect with the natural world around you.
Re-generate your love for our beautiful planet.
Re-member that you are an intrinsic part of the eco-system.

There is an invitation in the air at the moment for us to deeply reconnect to ourselves and the natural world around us. If you are drawn to doing this and are especially drawn to plant consciousness and sensing in to how to ‘speak’ to plants and the plant realm, there is an opportunity to come together and learn some techniques to do so.


Kate Fisher has always been a nature lover as so many of us sensitives are. She started her plant consciousness journey studying magical herbalism and self studied medicinal herbalism. Coming to the end of those courses she sensed into knowing there was a deeper level to know the plants and found the concept of plant shamanism. After reading up and learning as much theory as she could, for a while she wanted to experience it for herself, so travelled to different countries; Philippines, America and Peru, learning from the Shamans and plants there. It is now a part of her everyday life as she is continuing to live and learn the old traditions and permaculture and regenerative agriculture principles.

This inspiring course, offered by Kate, is starting near Yule (21st Dec) on the weekend on 17th and 18th December as this helps connects us deeper to the cycle of the year and in doing so, the cycles of nature. Starting at this time helps us to feel into ourselves as a seedling being planted in the dark Earth, bringing what we need into us to germinate and create a seedling. It is beginning with self reflection so we can then differentiate the signals from ourselves (on all levels) and then have clearer conversations with the plant realm.

“We come in to go out, just as plants grow down to grow up” Kate

This will be an organic, ongoing offering that asks for a commitment so that the group can develop at a similar pace and grows trust amongst the participants.

“It helps us become a human grove; sharing knowledge, wisdom, tools, techniques and so much more.” Kate

AIM: Meeting once a month, out in the Norfolk (UK) countryside, for a few hours to develop skills and learn techniques for connecting.

This course is being offered via a gift economy. This means that in the outdated paradigm you would be asked to pay £20 or more to attend, however with the gift economy the flexibility allows trust to enable you to pay what you can. This way finances are not a hurdle for anyone to attend. If you are feeling abundant and can share more sometimes than others, your place is guaranteed.

If you would like to join us, please visit Kates page HERE

or email Kate directly at:

“I look forward to communicating with you” Nature 🙂

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It’s almost here – grab your seat! Drop the Disorder Online Festival 2022, 16th Sept

Don’t miss this ground- breaking event. A huge array of world- leading Speakers to enjoy:

Reserve your place via this link (donation only)

Reserve your place via this link (donation only)

Links to the recording of festival presentations will be made available to delegates after the event.

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From a psychiatric perspective, psychosis is generally viewed as a psychopathological and often incomprehensible mental disorder of biological cause. In his book, Brian Spittles argues that this represents a rather limited view, and that a psychospiritual investigation of psychosis may enable a better understanding of its nature and determinants. His aim is not to negate the discipline of psychiatry, but to demonstrate the viability and efficacy of incorporating psychospiritual considerations into psychosis research.

Within these pages, Brian challenges several core psychiatric beliefs, and calls for the discipline to extend its investigative parameters beyond the limited epistemological bounds of materialism. The book uses an open-ended heuristic approach that enables the systematic examination and critical appraisal of views on psychosis across the materialist-to-metaphysical spectrum. This is structured in four ‘Focal Settings’ that sequentially examine the construal of psychosis within different paradigms of psychospiritual understanding, which provide a historical overview of evolving understandings of psychosis within the tradition of psychiatry, in which psychospiritual matters are generally not considered.

About the Author – Dr Brian Spittles is a member of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium which aims to integrate clinical, scientific, and spiritual paradigms to improve therapeutic outcomes. He is also a co-Director of the recently incorporated Australian Centre for Consciousness Studies. His research interests are eclectic and multidisciplinary. These include consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, psychosis, mental health recovery, quantum physics, meditation, Buddhism, shamanism, mysticism, nature studies, and indigenous knowledge/healing systems. Brian is also involved in the climate emergency, environmental protection, and social justice arenas.


Add the code: PS20 at the checkout to receive a 20% discount

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Emerging Proud Press closes its chapter

We are sad to announce that our not-for-profit publishing arm of the campaign, Emerging Proud Press has officially closed.

With the first 4 Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation being created in a publishing frenzy in 2019, the impact of Covid-19 on our funding stream meant that we were unable to progress as planned with the next 4 books of the series. Despite this, through generous donations and royalties from initial sales, we were able to distribute over 500 free books worldwide to spread messages of hope to people in need.

Valiant efforts from the Eye Inspire Rep, Yvette and the Muslim Pocket Book team to raise funds to publish their own books, meant that we held the hope of keeping the company open to offer budding Authors the opportunity to publish and keep 100% of their royalties.

Eye Inspire, Emerging Proud through Eye Sight Loss will continue to be available HERE

Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress will continue to be available HERE

The first 4 books in the series will unfortunately no longer be available for sale.

We do, however, have a small stock of books left, which we’d like to make available for free to any Mental Health support facilities / organisations / charities – please get in touch if you’d like to be sent a few complimentary copies.

We are so very proud of, and grateful to all of the incredible ‘Emergees’ who bravely shared their personal stories in order to support others going through similar challenges … this project was successful thanks to you all, and we believe that the ripples will continue long after our door has closed.

As one door closes… ❤

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“Because labels don’t tell truthful stories.” Check out Drop the Disorder’s events to tackle this growing issue

“Because labels don’t tell truthful stories.”

Check out out events from September – Mid November. We’ve got a lot going on that continues to challenge the culture of diagnosis and disorder and the pathologising of emotional distress.


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Online Festival set to transform the harmful Neoliberal approach to Mental Distress – 16th Sept 2022


This September 2022 Drop the Disorder are continuing to make waves and share common sense to the masses about why the current diagnostic mental health system is so harmful.

With world- renowned speakers, including Professor Joanna Moncrieff who has splashed media headlines recently with research which capsizes the chemical imbalance theory, this is an event not- to- be missed.

Please sign up to join us and please help to spread the word as much as possible.



Dr Lucy Johnstone, Jo Watson, John Wilson, Dr Akima Thomas


9am BST John Wilson – Open and welcome

Jo Watson – Introduction to the festival.

Dr Lucy Johnstone – The critique of psychiatric diagnosis and why we need a better way forward.

Matt Ball & Indigo Daya – Activists for change in Austrailia

Dr Margot Sunderland – On trauma informed work in schools.

Panel discussion – Psychiatric Drugs

Prof John Read

Stevie Lewis

Zev Faith

Prof Joanna Moncrieff

Dr Rani Bora

Dr James Davies – The Politics of Distress – How the mental health sector came to serve Neoliberalism.

Dr Gabor Mate – A Conversation about Gabor’s new book “The Myth Of Normal”

Panel Discussion – Is climate change making us crazy?

Dr Lucy Johnstone

Annie Mitchell

Gareth Morgan

Carla Denyer

Dr Khadj Rouf

Dr Akima Thomas OBE – Title to be confirmed

Bob Whitaker – The Scientific Collapse of the DSM’s Model of Care

Panel discussion – Are we on the brink of change?

Prof Peter Kinderman

Rebecca Donaldson

Hári Sewell

James Barnes

Keynote presentation by Dr Jacqui Dillon – First Do No Harm – a keynote talk on iatrogenic harm.

Close of day – 5.30pm


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Drop the Disorder Online Festival 2022, 16th Sept

Don’t miss this ground- breaking event. A myriad of fabulous speakers – more to be announced soon…

In additon to the inspirational Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Margot Sunderland will be joining the AD4E Online Festival line-up on 16th September

Reserve your place via this link (donation only)

Links to the recording of festival presentations will be made available to delegates after the event.

Margot is Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health London, CEO of The Higher Education Psychotherapy training college, The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education ( academic partner of University of East London), Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University, Senior Associate Member of the Royal College of Medicine, and Co-Director of Trauma Informed Schools Uk. Dr Sunderland is also Child Psychotherapist with over thirty years experience of working with children and families.

She is also  the author of over twenty books in the field of child mental health, which collectively have been translated into eighteen languages and published in twenty-four countries.  Her internationally acclaimed book, “The Science of Parenting” (Dorling Kindersley), won First Prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book awards 2007 Popular Medicine section. (Paperback version entitled “What Every Parent Needs to Know”). The book, endorsed by one of the world’s leading affective neuroscientists, Professor Jaak Panksepp, is the result of ten years research on the long-term effects of adult-child interaction on the developing brain. Dr Sunderland has two doctorates, one in child psychotherapy, thesis entitled “The Application of Art and Science to the Psychological Treatment of Children

Dr Sunderland was a member of the Early Years Commission, Centre for Social Justice, Westminster and co- author of the cross party advisory report “The Next Generation” (early years intervention). She is also founder of the “Helping Where it Hurts’ programme which offers free arts therapy to troubled children in Islington Primary schools. She directed the Gulbenkian funded research study, which in liaison with University of Cambridge School of Education, measured outcomes for this intervention. Dr Sunderland makes TV and radio appearances as a child and parenting expert. Overall, she is concerned to ensure that parents, teachers and mental health professionals alike, are offered the most up to date psychological and brain science research on how children and young people can be enabled to thrive. She is passionate about social change for a kinder, warmer world.

Reserve your place via this link (donation only)

Reserve your place via this link (donation only)

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International Emerging Proud Day’s 5th Anniversary

What a ride, we made it to 5!

Since Emerging Proud launched across 14 locations in 12 countries on 12th May 2017, together we’ve achieved all of this amazing stuff as a community:

  • Producing a collaborative film, with personal stories, music and artwork donated by members
  • Initiating the International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN)
  • Hosting multiple conferences across the globe each year
  • We’ve published a total of 8 books, 6 of which were published by our own not-for-profit publishing company, Emerging Proud Press, founded in 2019
  • Given away over 500 free copies of the Emerging Proud through… Pocket Books of Hope with the proceeds from books you bought
  • Contributed to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, who are developing a ‘pattern’ dedicated to Spiritual Emergence, in order that it can be recognised and supported more appropriately

PHEW! That’s not bad going considering we’ve done all this with very little funding – what this shows, is that if we come together and believe, anything is possible. By ‘we’, I mean ‘us’, the EP community. None of this would have been possible without YOU. Thank you, so much.

So what’s next for Emerging Proud?

In all honesty, I don’t know, and I think that’s the best way…it’s time to let the toddler walk free.

This movement has its own momentum and I want it to be owned by all of us. So please, take it, care for it as you would a toddler – impart your wisdom, help it to grow.

Together we’ve emerged and have our own role to play in this great unfolding, what a time to be alive – this is no time for hiding in closets!

Happy Emerging Proud day to us all!

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The Restorative Spirit: we are severing ourselves from the Tree of Life, what can we do to turn things around?

Order your copy of The Restorative Spirit

“We slash and burn the ancient forests of the Earth, and in doing so we erode the sacramental connection to the Tree of Life” 

The Restorative Spirit

Humanity has the wisdom to co-create an improved future, but it will take a radical shift in our ways of relating to each other, other species and the natural world if we are to survive and thrive. A process of death-rebirth is needed to break free from the ecocide that dominates the modern era. The Restorative Spirit explores a mythic-sacred relationship to life, which is powerfully illustrated via our deep connection to trees. We have failed to understand that the destruction of the rainforests is also severing us from the Tree of Life, which seeds a soulful relationship to all life.

Order your copy of The Restorative Spirit

To find out more, go to:

Follow the Author on Facebook

Order your copy of The Restorative Spirit

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