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We’re talking about a Re-Love-ution

Today marks the start of the training for Phase one of The Emerging Kind, and the press release has gone off to the Journos… Charity to launch innovative support project for people who view their mental health crisis as a … Continue reading

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The importance of community and the healing circle

Malidoma Some wrote the now acclaimed article ‘What a Shaman sees in a mental hospital’ to demonstrate how “crazy” the Western medical system’s interpretation of craziness seems to the Indigenous traditions that perceive the same experiences as the painful birth … Continue reading

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3 months on; what’s happening?

#EmergingProud 2017; 3 -month reflection REPORT Synopsis: On the 12th May 2017, 16 events were facilitated throughout 12 countries with the focus on normalizing transpersonal experiences within the field of mental health. Open Spaces were held to discuss the umbrella … Continue reading

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We are KindaProud of the face behind The Emerging Kind!

Hugh Callacher, the visionary behind the ‘Kinda’ movement, is exactly the Emerging Kind that our new project is championing. Waking up to a greater meaning to life other than wealth, Hugh now donates all of his business profits to support … Continue reading

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#EP gets an official sponsor for an international Peer network project; The Emerging Kind!

I am delighted to bring you some VERY exciting #EmergingProud news, and a unique opportunity… Please read to the end if you are interested in applying to take part in The Emerging Kind project, and follow the guidelines to express … Continue reading

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So what’s new; action in silence.

Dear #Emergees, As most of you know, it’s been necessary to be less active in sprouting the branches of #EmergingProud whilst we focus on growing some firm roots for the sustainabilty of the organisation’s future. Please rest assured that this … Continue reading

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#EmergingProud community screening discussions are launched; will you join the conversations aiming to transform mental health?

Would you like to help raise awareness by hosting your own community screening and discussion? Let’s bring the issue of how to reframe ‘madness’ and better support people who are experiencing mental health challenges into our local communities; together with … Continue reading

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