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Katherine quite rightly says; “this word ‘suicide’ is not something to be feared, rather one that we could understand more deeply.”

Katherine Baldwin- Thomson is Kinda Proud of what she’s achieved due to her personal healing journey, and we are Kinda Proud of her for sharing her story with us! Here Katherine tells us how she went from using alcohol to … Continue reading

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Andy from Massachusetts, US, realised that everything could be healed, but only once he was willing to be healed. The bravest thing he did was to be open to asking for, and receiving help and support.

Andy used to live a life of hiding his true feelings; this only spiralled him further into depression and unable to experience real joy in his life. Now a self- confessed ‘lover-of-life’, Andy uses his life experience to inspire others, … Continue reading

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Abuse, spiritual emergence and mindfulness; John’s #mindfullyMad journey makes him KindaProud

John from New South Wales in Australia discovered his passion for Mindfulness through his life journey through childhood trauma and a near death experience which catalysed a spiritual awakening. John now choses to use mindfulness rather than medication to balance … Continue reading

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“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”

Learning to love ourselves through adversity is probably the bravest thing we can do. *Are you KindaProud of yourself enough to share your story in order to give HOPE to others? Through being brave enough to show our vulnerability, we lower … Continue reading

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Bobbi has used her trauma as a catalyst for positive change; “I want my pain to have a purpose; my mess to have a message.”  

Bobbi’s inspirational courage is palpable as she recounts her story below… The wisdom she’s gained through such horrific circumstances, speaks to the resilience of the human spirit. Bobbi so rightly talks about how, when we don’t deal with ‘trauma imprints’ … Continue reading

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When Rohini had been squeezed under too much life pressure, it allowed her Star Self to be born

When Rohini, from Pennsylvania, US, experienced ‘unusual symptoms’, she asked a stranger on a helpline; “Am I going mad?” This astute reply; “No sweetie, you are not going mad, you are having an awakening” changed her life forever. Ro now wants to … Continue reading

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CALLING ALL ARTISTS!  Would you like your artwork to feature on the front cover of a published book that will help give hope to people going through distressing times? What picture do YOU feel would best portray the following book … Continue reading

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