What’s it all about?

#EmergingProud is a not-for-profit, Grassroots Social Movement

Aimed at: Re- framing ‘Madness’ as a catalyst for positive transformation 


#Emerging Proud is ultimately a campaign about providing hope; that breaking down does not mean we are broken; it means that we can be amidst a difficult journey to ‘breakthrough’. In the same way that the caterpillar completely dissolves before emerging as a butterfly from its chrysalis, the human ‘emergence’ process can look exactly the same. #Emerging Proud aims to add to the voices aiming to create a society in which it feels safer to speak out about our extreme experiences without fear of being told there is something wrong with us, or that we are “crazy”.

 #Emerging Proud acknowledges, in equal measure, both the extreme crisis and positive transformation potential contained in the ‘emergence’ process; what we consider important, is to shift the focus away from something being ‘wrong’, to the growth potential, deep meaning and wisdom psychological trauma can contain.

#Emerging Proud provides a platform to give those people who feel they have not had a voice, the chance to speak out and tell the world how they found a way out of their own darkness; a celebration of the positive transformation potential of these experiences, whilst at the same time acknowledging how challenging they can be, and what support is helpful during the process.

#Emerging Proud features accounts of people telling their personal transformation journey story, to show that it is possible to go from breakdown to breakthrough; what kinds of things they experienced, and what helped them to work their way out of the chrysalis. Personal story- sharing is one of the things people say is a helpful tool in the recovery journey.

The concept of the campaign is built on that of the Pride gay rights movement, because being gay was considered a mental illness before the public uprising in the late 60’s, when the voices of those feeling oppressed and discriminated against spoke out to initiate change. Homosexuality is no longer a category in the DSM as a result. Voices create change; let’s not stay silent. #Emerging Proud aims to achieve the same ‘normalisation’, but for mental distress and extreme human experiences.

International #Emerging Proud day launched on Friday 12th May 2017, aiming to expand the public perception of ‘normal’ all over the world.

The campaign includes photographs, video blogs of personal stories and interviews featuring people all around the world #emergingproud and talking openly about their own transformation experiences, many of whom were labelled as mentally ill.

Sign up and follow the blog to watch intriguing interviews with special guests and read powerful stories covering some of the more extreme ends of spiritual emergence experiences, and see the faces of those who have pledged to #emergeproud and end stigma to support those going through a difficult transformation.

Will you be #Emerging Proud with us? 

Since the launch in 2017:

The Emerging Kind project was set up as a result of the outcomes of International Emerging Proud day; where 14 locations across 12 countries discussed the question; “What do we need to create a safer society in which people can more openly talk about mental distress?” ALL locations said we need ‘Safe Spaces’ where people can go to openly talk with Peers who have gone through similar experiences, feel validated and not be fearful of being pathologised.

Emerging Kind Peer groups are subsequently being set up to provide this throughout the UK. The project has been seed – funded but we are in need of donations to train more Peers to facilitate more groups; any donations gratefully received for this purpose: DONATE HERE