Are you struggling with the issues raised here, or do you know of someone who is?

There is a simple free crisis guide available to download HERE, produced by ISEN, which contains general advice and helplines to contact.

If you’d like personal support specifically for your emergence process, you can find out if there is a Spiritual Emergence Network  operating in your country via THIS LINK 

To join a discussion forum on this topic, go to: SHADES OF AWAKENING  

For a private therapist or group meeting / information go to: A WORLD AWAKE

For research information go to: ACISTE

The new British Psychological Society document initiating a new Bio-Psycho-Social conceptual framework for mental distress is available HERE

If you are looking for support to move out of the mental health paradigm check out the Inner Compass Initiative

And for guidance to withdraw from Psychiatric medications safely, the Withdrawal Project offers some valuable information from Peers who have successfully come off their prescription drugs.