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#Emerging Proud through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low Self- Esteem Book due to launch on 12th July

In celebration of the launch of our 2nd Pocket Book of Hope in the  #KindaProud series #Emerging Proud through disordered eating, poor body image and low self-esteem, our Rep Amy and her awesome SoulShine team will be hosting a gathering of … Continue reading

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Denise shares how she has learned to relinquish control and embrace uncertainty, thanks to her adverse childhood experiences

As Denise says, we are all familiar with the term; ‘Fear of the unknown’… but what does it actually mean in the grand practice of life? Sitting with uncertainty forces us to face all of the reasons as to why … Continue reading

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Our 2nd KindaProud Pocket Book of Hope is on it’s way into the birth canal!

Eeeek! The power of the collective is evident with our KindaProud book series… Thanks to our Rep Amy, Mandy who has worked so hard to do all of our editing, and of course all of the wonderful 16 story contributors, … Continue reading

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It took Stella needing to ‘crack’ with a health crisis to value her body as her temple

The wound is where the light enters – Rumi Sometimes it’s the wisdom of our body that speaks to us the loudest.  Like Stella , sometimes we are made to stop physically so we can learn the lessons we need … Continue reading

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Once a ‘victim’ to her scars, inspirational Sylvia is now a proud campaigner for body acceptance

As Sylvia says; You can’t change what happens to you in life, but you can change the way you walk forwards on your path. After years of depression and not feeling good enough due to an horrendous accident when she … Continue reading

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Mel is KindaProud of how she travelled beyond her negative self-image to set herself free

Mel discovered that the answer to her healing took a brave leap of faith to do something outside of her comfort zone, only then did she discover that she was capable of everything she’d previously told herself she couldn’t do. … Continue reading

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Denise is KindaProud that she was brave enough to look at the roots of her compulsive eating, and love herself enough to heal

As Denise so eloquently writes, what often begin as our coping mechanisms as a response to some kind of trauma, can develop into unhealthy compulsions which we need to look beneath to discover the roots of the pain. Turning the … Continue reading

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