Introducing Support Source Community Sharing Circles initiative; a follow – up from the Emerging Kind

Press release: August 2018

Norwich Charity to support launch of Lottery- funded local mental health project


The Support Source Community Sharing Circles Project, spearheaded by local residents *Katie Mottram and **Linda Allen, has received £9,995 funding from the Big Lottery Awards for All fund, via ***The Missing Kind Charity.

This innovative Peer training and supervision project will run over one year from September2018, and provide opportunities for knowledge growth, skills development, sharing and supervision sessions that will help to establish local Community Sharing Circles as a community outreach resource across Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

The trained Community Sharing Circle Facilitators (CSCF’s) will aid reciprocity for people to better resource their own and each other’s wellbeing. The CSCF’s will each have access to specialist training, guidance and ongoing support, to enable them to independently hold a safe space for people who have shared themes of emotional distress; such as loneliness, eating or other disorders, bereaved by suicide; parents/carers of children who self-harm; family health issues (physical or mental health), men’s mental health, survivors of trauma and those struggling with difficult family dynamics.  (Shared themes of distress may extend beyond these examples mentioned.)

Support Source is built on pilot work and public consultation the team have facilitated over the last 9 months as part of our Emerging Kind Project, delivered with support from the ***The Missing Kind Charity. This work included supporting the traineeships of 17 volunteers and engaging over 120 people in conversations about community wellbeing initiatives, on what mental health resources they would like to see locally. 62% of respondents confirmed they would like to have better access to local peer support, listening, and sharing groups.

The Community Sharing Circles project is aimed at meeting this demand by providing support and hope of recovery to people in distress, and marginalised groups who may have been pathologised or disadvantaged due to their psychological struggles. There is sound evidence to indicate that those suffering from distress may find talking to a professional difficult, and that many people benefit more from sharing their problems with trained Peers in an informal, non- hierarchical environment.

Testimonial from a pilot project trainee;

“There has been a profound shift in my sense of well -being, after many years of feeling disconnected from the world and feeling suicidal, I find myself really wanting to live. I am starting to think of the future with optimism for the first time in over 10 years. I am learning to trust my intuition around my own self -care and through this I am slowly building my strength and resilience to be in the world again.”

Should you be interested in finding out more about taking part in this project, or for information on similar bespoke packages for your organisation, please email Linda or Katie at: /


Notes to editors

* Katie Mottram Background – Katie Mottram is an Author, Speaker and Project coordinator

She was one of the Founding Directors of the International Spiritual Emergence Network, providing a collaborative platform for the global networks that exist to support people going through the spiritual emergence process. Her personal story is featured in the publication by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul2016, and in her own book; Mend the Gap, 2014.

Katie founded the International anti- stigma campaign in support of those experiencing spiritual phenomena, #Emerging Proud: and the Emerging Kind; a project training Peers to hold ‘Safe Space’ support groups for those going through a difficult transformation process.

**Linda Allen Background –  Linda is the Founder and Trainer of the KindaListening project – a programme that develops deeper listening and empowering conversation for greater connection, wellbeing and community building. It is a foundational part of the Community Sharing Circles training to support individuals to resource themselves and each other by creating a safe space to evolve wellbeing.

Linda works as a Wellbeing Consultant, Coach and Trainer, supporting individuals (and their carers/family) through crisis and beyond, consulting with and delivering training and coaching within organisations to empower sustainable resilience, wellbeing and leadership; supporting emotional wellness for young people in schools and as a therapist at the Breathing Space Norfolk.

*** The Missing Kind charity (registered charity number 1156133) works in partnership with individuals and organisations to provide sustainable solutions to today’s social and environmental problems. The Norwich based charity is a non-sectarian organisation that wants to put the missing kindness back into community and business. Find out more here:













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Melanie is KindaProud of her NOTE transformation!

Melanie Morfitt from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #Emerges Proud to tell us how “Nothing is sacred to the tornado of change whose mission it is to destroy all things not aligned with truth.” That is the transformative power of NOTES…

 “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

― Cynthia Occelli 

Melanie Morfitt 2018

Suddenly Awake – Melanie Morfitt (written August 2018)

As I grabbed my mittens and scurried out into the cold January evening, I was unaware that my soul was totally in charge tonight. My perfect life had led me into a dark depression, and now the internal pleas for help were leading me to a workshop at my local library in Aurora, Ontario Canada.

“YOU MUST PLACE YOURSELF FIRST”, had appeared on the tearstained page I was journaling upon just days earlier. As a mother of two active preschoolers who juggled single parenting most of the time while my husband traveled, placing myself first was a foreign concept to me in 1996.

It had been several years now since I had used writing as a balm to soothe the pain of my childhood. Six long years of wearing full body casts from chin bone to tail bone 24-7 had begun when I was ten years old, and had honed my skills well as a victim of childhood idiopathic scoliosis. Years of plaster and plastic, and doctor’s appointments had left many scars on me, although most of them were invisible.

A few days ago, as I stared at those five words of wisdom demanding attention, a fresh crack appeared in my shell. I immediately walked to the front door of my perfect two storey brick suburban home, retrieved the newspaper from my mailbox, and circled an ad that felt like destiny had called. A free seminar at my local library promised it could bring relaxation and healing to the body. “Great! I could use some loosening up.”

Tonight, thirty fellow spectators are sitting spellbound during the Trager presentation as we listen and watch volunteers receive samples of this peculiar bodywork. Recipients are delighted by the small but obvious changes they experience as the middle aged gentle man with the Egyptian accent at the front of the room works on their bodies. The innate wisdom and ability of the body to heal itself isn’t a new concept to me; however, this method of reminding the body through Trager manipulation certainly is.

“Who has back pain issues?” was the presenter’s next request. As my hand shoots up, our eyes lock, and I excitedly accept my turn for healing. I position myself face down on the small wooden massage table draped with a simple white sheet, and await my relief.

After perhaps 10 or 15 minutes of demonstration I realize that I have slipped into a very welcomed, relaxed state of being. “Hey Mel…are ya still here?”, I hear my friend Tracey shout from the audience. “Yes, I’m fine” I exclaim back in reassurance. I then hear the Trager practitioner softly request, “Now before you get off the table, I’d like you to slowly pull yourself up into fetal position so I can sneak a bit of work directly on your back”. I obediently curl up into child’s pose, and feel a warm palm being applied to my spine, serendipitously directly above the scar on my back where I had been sliced open 18 years previously as a 15-year-old child.

WHAM! I am instantly gone! I am out of body suddenly experiencing the precise moment that my orthopedic surgeon is about to use his scalpel to pierce my skin to begin 4 ½ hours of surgery to my spine. It is now September 1978, not a memory, but I exist here right now in real time. “STOP!”, I attempt to scream out. But as I hover out of body about eight feet above my 15-year-old self in 1978, I helplessly realize that as pure consciousness in this moment, I have no voice. The emotional intensity of the reality brings my awareness back to the massage table in the library in 1996. I hear the calm voice of the Trager practitioner intuitively redirect me, “Just stay with it”, and once again without warning, I am whisked BACK out of body, and deposited back at the same crime scene.

I instantly realize that although I have returned to the same horror filled moment of confusion, I am simultaneous wrapped with a download of understanding and knowingness that exists beyond all thought. I feel the winds of truth fanning the embers within my cells into a full flames that rip through my internal neighborhoods of fear and ignorance. Nothing is sacred to the tornado of change whose mission it is to destroy all things not aligned with truth. As I exist here out of body in this place beyond time, I simply know things with perfect clarity. I understand my entire childhood and the choices and actions and inactions that led me to that moment of hopelessness in the operating room. I KNOW things without questions cloaking their light. I have never been a victim.

And just as quickly as this experience began, I feel myself collapse back into a body that exists in a library in a moment called January 16th 1996. Primal instincts instruct my lungs to breathe as I am suddenly aware of audible sobbing, coming from a depth of pain and overload of new wisdom that simply cannot fit back into this small human frame. 

The moment is perfection, and yet it is complete destruction. I just experienced myself as pure consciousness without a body, in a place more real than the one I have just returned to.

I inhale my first breath as an awakened being, faintly detecting the acrid odor of internal maps and atheist beliefs all around me smoldering from love’s perfect strike. As I eventually get up to leave my chrysalis at the front of the room, a single thought wafts like wind beneath my wet wings, ‘EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON’, and I instantly know that I am suddenly AWAKE.


It was after this night of transformation that my healing and awakening journey truly began. I suddenly had no fear of death whatsoever. The reality I had experienced was MORE REAL than this one that I had returned to. My cells now knew that ‘everything happens for a reason’, which lead to a rearrangement of my perspectives from victim into student. Finding myself dropped onto the opposite shores of reality as a spiritual being instead of an atheist was confusing to the mind but has remained permanent. And what was this term I had never even heard of before now pulsing in my veins, AWAKE? The knowingness was instant and undeniable, “I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and not the other way around’. 

Truly remarkable were not just the inner changes that took place, but the physical evidence of my shift. For several months lightbulbs would burn out instantly around me, and electrical devices would malfunction. Inspired writing would awaken me up at all hours of the night, and a thirst beyond all thirsts for reading material of the body mind connection and metaphysical worlds was incessant. (a small challenge in 1996 as the internet was not yet at my disposal for research.) Memories of past lives and dreams shared with my young daughter and lucid dreaming were now firsts for me as were so many other new wonders that made it so magical to finally feel truly alive and wide awake!

We are all on this journey of awakening from the unconscious dream, beginning to remember who we truly are. We are infinite intelligent energy ever expanding and experiencing more in a cosmos that uses love to create. Simple really…

Does this subject resonate with your own experience? 

Would you like to share your story for Nicole’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through NOTES? 

Please contact us here to find out how. 

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NDE aged 4 has led to a lifetime of study; make the so called ‘paranormal’ normal

Meet Sperry Andrews, founder/co-director of the Human Connection Institute. From an N.D.E. at four, his background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking. He has explored two-way telepathic awareness internationally with hundreds of groups for over thirty years. 

Here Sperry gives you a glimpse of his younger experiences that led to his incredible work…


When I was thirty-two, after a year living in Western Australia, I moved to Hobart, Tasmania.I was then at the same latitude South as my birthplace was North. The presence of Antarctica taught me there can be radiant cold. Its icy presence pierced my bones, until it seemed like they could snap.

I took a plane North up the coast to Cairns, North Queensland and found a free ashram in Mount Molloy – up in the tablelands – run by an English couple. They gave me a garden shed to live in on the edge of their property where I could meditate without being disturbed.

I felt an overpowering need to do absolutely nothing other than be awake and aware. When taking walks out into the bush, I’d sit for long stretches. The more still I became inside, the more Nature came alive.

A couple of months passed and I settled down. One night I was reading a passage from Jiddu Krishnamurti wherein he suggested to make “no effort.” I felt compelled to experience effortlessness. By the next morning, having laid awake all night, without need of sleep, a turgid cloud of psychic matter gathered in front of my face – a few inches away. It seemed to contain all that I had withdrawn my attention from, all of what I had not been conscious of until then.

It was awesome to be hallucinating my ‘disowned’ self. I’d never experienced anything like it before. There was a mental/emotional, as well as physical desire, to turn away from ‘it.’

By sustaining effortless awareness – within the space of a minute or two – the cloud dissolved into the awareness I was witnessing it with. Free from what I had hidden from, who and what I knew my self to be became infused with the radical presence of impersonal awakeness. This continued throughout the day and into the night. And then suddenly, as if by magic, I lost all limitations, becoming a boundaryless Void, seemingly the source of all possibilities and potentialities, without beginning or end.

Everything was made of this one consciousness. Sounds outside my body also seemed to come from inside of me. There was not one place within that did not contain everything and nothing. The most serene bliss came over every cell in my body and heart. My mind was utterly silent. I was indistinguishable from all I was perceiving.

I was not any one thing, yet I was this universe, unfolding as a spaceless timeless awakeness. Stepping outside into the night, I decided it was as good a time as any to go look at a used car I’d seen in the paper. The owners lived over an hour away and I had no phone to call them. I decided to do something I’d not done since I arrived. I walked to the one and only road, to hitch a ride to a phone.

At eight or nine at night, standing on the side of an empty road, there were no cars. The moon and stars were high overhead, yet they felt every bit as much inside me too. Throughout all this, there were no thoughts, only direct perceptions.

I felt and saw the moon was as much in my knee as it was in my heart and hands. There was a distinct sense that the whole universe was within every part of my being – this vast formless featureless awakeness. It was then I saw a car’s headlights in the distance and I had one of my first and only thoughts.

I wondered, innocently, “Wouldn’t it be nice if this person stopped their car, picked me up and took me to Atherton – an hour away. The car approached and its brakes engaged, bringing it – skidding on the dirt – to a sudden halt next to me. A small Japanese woman rolled down her window, seemingly disoriented. “Where are You going?” she asked.

When I told her, she added that she lived just up the road, but she’d take me (two hours out of her way). It was uncanny, though it felt right somehow. Once in the car, I could feel her sensing the effect of our presence. As she started to drive, she asked: “What are you doing?”

I answered, saying: “I’m just noticing, I am everything I’m conscious of.” Energetically, I could feel her recognize our combined consciousness. All she said was, “oh.” Then there was only one of us. We both clearly sensed the sound of each others’ words actually arising from within our common body.

She told me how frightened she had been of everyone, as her husband had brought her here from Japan to live, and she knew no one. That her neighbor from time to time would take care of her newborn baby. She explained how she suffered terribly from thoughts of her neighbor intending harm to her child. Asking, did I think it was true or not ? I said I did not sense it was, and we entered into a deeper peace together.

We maintained a unified consciousness all the way to Atherton. Before dropping me off, we stopped and shared something to eat while we waited for the car owner to come get me. She and I agreed to meet again in a few days time, and said good night.

The people selling the car invited me to spend the night. It was a forty mile round-trip for them to come and get me. Back at their home, they sat me down and started sharing their deepest conflicts. He kicked their cows and what did I suggest they do about it. Both of them were on the edge of their seats hanging on my every word and movement. I had certainly never experienced anything like this, yet it flowed so effortlessly. I was acceptance itself. Reflecting their dilemma seemed to bring clarity and they felt remarkably resolved.

It was after 11 when they showed me to a room with a bed. When I closed my eyes, I did not sleep. It was like being the night sky – light years in every direction – but instead there was only the sparkling beauty of pure objectless consciousness. The night passed without dreams, as if time did not exist.

When I opened my eyes again, the manifest universe re-appeared around me. This quality of experience lasted for several days. I found I could move in and out of ‘it’ by noticing I was everything and everyone I was witnessing – or not.

A week later, I was no longer in this consciousness. I was back to being just a separate self again. The Japanese woman came over to take me out to lunch. She was so tense, she felt like she was electrified with fear.

To make a long story shorter, we were not able to communicate the way we had, and eventually she became so scared she could not stand to be around me. I had to hitch a ride ‘home.’ The insecurity of being ‘unconscious together’ seemed almost unbearable for her. It saddened me.

The difference between that one night and this day a week later was astounding. I was so profoundly moved by how she had picked up, a total stranger – a 6’2” man nonetheless, on a lonely road at night – to drive him two hours out of her way.

The only difference was the quality of ‘my’ consciousness. If I’d been more awake, she’d have been able to relax. I unmistakably realized from this experience I was wholly responsible for ending fear in relationship. That how awake I am is more important than anything else I might do or say.

Sperry talks about his early experiences:

Sperry Andrews is founder/co-director of The Human Connection Institute. He originated the Human Connection Project, a scientifically-based educational media research project designed to reinforce the underlying sense that human beings are innately psychologically and physiologically linked, even when in widely separate geographic locations. This project has employed a series of six preliminary pilot studies in preparation for an international multiple laboratory experiment. The purpose of the project is to offer an alternative to the current scientific worldview in which humans are considered physically isolated beings.

 Sperry has given invited presentations on human interconnectedness and the Human Connection Project at the United Nations, World Business Academy, Duke University, University of Connecticut, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and the Foundations of Mind conferences at U.C. Berkeley. His articles have appeared in Frontier Perspectives, Alternative Therapies, Exceptional Human Experience, Cosmos and History, and Kosmos Journal. He is coauthoring a book on our capacity of unity.

Before beginning the Human Connection Project with the help of the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas in 1988 and becoming an Adjunct Research Associate from 1990 to 1992, he facilitated group experiences both public and private, enhancing people’s ability to share sensory, emotional, and mental awareness. He then continued to develop techniques to help groups achieve and maintain states of collective consciousness which hundreds of people in the U.S. and Europe have now experienced. Weekly online gatherings, weekend workshops, five-day intensives, facilitator trainings and 100 Days of Co-creation are presented online through East Bay Berkeley offices of the Human Connection Institute.

His interest in consciousness-for-its-own-sake began with a childhood near death experience. Knowing that everyone and everything are connected led him into contemplative and meditative visioning, including healing and teaching work. He was formally educated at Antioch College, Maryland Art Institute, New School for Social Research, State University of New York, and City College, San Francisco. 

He is also a visual artist having painted and shown his artwork in many parts of the world, including a period of four years in Australia and a year in South America. His childhood home and, for many years his workplace, was the Julian Alden Weir National Historic Site dedicated to American Art and Artists located in Wilton and Ridgefield, Connecticut. He has created, shown and sold his artwork for over thirty years. His paintings are now owned by both public and private collections internationally.”


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Do you want to show the world who you are?

Are you ready to be a KindaProud Warrior?

Share your story of overcoming shame and stigma to help others into transformation…


We are currently creating 4 Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation.

Each Pocket Book has its own KindaProud Rep; a Peer who has personal experience of the theme of that specific book; these are the first 4 books currently being created;

#Emerging Proud through Suicide

#Emerging Proud through NOTES (Non- Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)

# Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low-self-esteem

#Emerging Proud through trauma and abuse

Do these subjects resonate with your own experience? 

Would you like to share your story to give HOPE to others? Here’s how…

 Nicole Gruel

For Nicole’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through NOTES

Please contact us here 


For Amy’s KindaProud book:

#EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem

Please contact Amy at:





For Mandy’s KindaProud book:  #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse 

Please contact Mandy at:





For Kelly’s KindaProud book:  #EmergingProud through Suicide

Please contact Kelly at:





Thank you for your bravery; inside us all IS the power to change the world ❤

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Introducing our KindaProud Rep for the #Emerging through Suicide Pocket Book of Hope and Transformation; Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh exudes positivity; if you met her now it would be hard to believe that she’s experienced not only the survival of her own suicide attempt, but also been bereaved by the suicide of her father. Kelly now perceives these experiences as making her the person she is today; proud, positive and full of unconditional love.

We are so honoured to have Kelly as our KindaProud Rep for the pocket book of Hope and Transformation; #Emerging Proud through Suicide. Kelly is a true inspiration and a perfect example of the transformative power of crises…


Ending the taboo of Suicide

Suicide, a subject often misunderstood, rarely openly talked about and in many cases the cause of much pain, shame, guilt, blame and ultimately deep routed fear. Fear of what others may think, fear of a dark guilty secret getting out, fear of the world knowing you or someone close to you tried or actually did end their physical life through suicide.

But, and this is a BIG but; It doesn’t have to be this way. Suicide in my case was not the end, and for various reasons was just the beginning.  The beginning of an incredible healing journey and the acknowledgement and understanding that unconditional love holds no boundaries.

I write from my heart and soul, as a survivor of my own suicide attempt and as a loving daughter whose dear father transitioned home to spirit via hanging 6 years later.

Today I stand tall and proud that I not only survived suicide but also thrived. Thrived in the midst of adversity, thrived in the midst of deep pain and anguish and thrived during the days and nights when the world seemed so dark, un-loving and lonely.

A little about me

I came kicking and screaming into this world in November 1975 and was named Kelly Michelle Walsh.  As a little girl I had an obsession with Wonder Woman and often wore her replica outfit. Like most children, I believed in super powers and our ability to change the world. I still do! But more about that later.

Like a lot of people I had suppressed trauma to heal from childhood.  In 2009 I took a huge overdose and tried to end my physical life.  In hospital I had a profound spiritual experience, travelled through 7 dimensions, experienced the oneness of the universe and the unconditional healing power of Divine Love and was told by Divinity that it wasn’t my time.  The message I was given is that love will heal and transform the world.  I came around from my experience with my arms across my chest and opened them in slow motion and proclaimed that I had met God and angels. The following evening I received a vision and shouted out 9 poignant words:

“Like minded souls will collaborate to change the world!”

These powerful words have never left me and deep in my heart and soul I knew one day I would be sharing my experience in collaboration with others to the wider world. I now feel I am acting on my soul’s purpose but it hasn’t always been that way. Like a lot of people who have had profound spiritual experiences I didn’t initially feel mentally strong enough to talk openly about what had happened to me, through fear of rejection or potential ridicule. I tried desperately to forget what had happened and focus on rebuilding my life.

A number of years later I realized that trying to suppress what had happened to me was no longer an option. It had happened, it was part of my soul’s journey and I had to deal with the emotional rollercoaster connected to my experience in the best way I could. My life was never going to be the same again. My primary focus was to try and integrate my experience into my daily life, whist exploring ways of sharing the love, wisdom and knowledge I gained during my brief visit to the other side.  Little did I know, that my experience and the  understanding it gave me would prepare me for one of the most painful experiences I was going to endure in my earthly life.  The transition of my father, David Walsh by suicide in September 2015.

The pain I felt when we received the telephone call to say he had hung himself is indescribable and the repercussions of his passing and my subsequent family breakdown have not been pleasant. However I truly believe that what I learned during my experience and the subsequent spiritual and healing path I have been on since have helped me to cope with this tragedy in a far more peaceful and dignified manner. I also gain further strength in the knowing that my dad is still very much around me and one day we will be united again.

My dad, like me, had always been a highly sensitive soul and very spiritually aware, however he often suppressed that side of himself to fit in with society.  Two weeks after he passed, I had an awards ceremony to attend but didn’t really feel like going.   However I asked myself, what would dad have wanted me to do and I smiled as I imagined him saying “go princess and shine and sparkle for the night.”  I managed to summon up the strength to get ready and set off in in my car to Blackpool.  On route I silently asked my dad to give me the biggest sign that he was with me.  I pulled up at the car park opposite the venue and as I did, the car park attendant put a cone out and said “sorry love we are full”.  I was just about to drive off when the man suddenly turned around, took a second glance, smiled and said “can I tell you something, you look absolutely beautiful tonight. In fact, you look so beautiful I am going to move my car and you can have my spot”.  I was completely taken aback and had tears welling up in my eyes.  I replied “I cannot tell you what that random act of kindness means. I have just lost my dad and that meant the world.  Can you tell me your name so I can thank you in person” and he just looked at me with the biggest grin and said “my name’s Dave”.  You guessed it Dave was my dad’s name and I knew in that instant my dad had channelled his unconditional love via this unbeknown car park attendant.

Now some people would say that was just a coincidence and I would reply that our deceased loved ones, God and angels are communicating with us all the time but whether we are open to accepting and receiving these messages is totally down to us and our spiritual awareness.

Losing dad and dealing with the family breakdown has not been an easy process but in many ways it has helped me grow in character.  I now recognise, that since childhood, I have been seeking love and acceptance outside of myself when the only person I really needed to seek that from was me.  My life experiences to date, including the pain and suffering, have made me who I am and I wouldn’t change a thing. I believe I chose this path coming into this world so that one day I would be in a position to help others with their healing journey to self-love and acceptance.   I am particularly passionate about raising awareness of suicide and speaking openly and honestly about my experience at both ends of the spectrum.

I really feel more suicides could be prevented if people understood that it is impossible to end their life as our soul and spirit continues with the same issues we were having difficulty with here on the earth plane, and at some point they will still need be dealt with, either in the various dimensions or during their next incarnation. 

It is surely better to stay in the physical body with your loved ones around you and work through your perceived problems so that you can heal what needs to be healed rather end your physical life.  I also hope my story of God’s unconditional love helps people who have lost people to suicide to know that their loved ones are not being banished to a life in purgatory and they will one day see them again.  I realise once again how blessed I have been having the experiences I’ve had, as they have helped me deal with my grief enormously.  I believe the time has come to end the stigma associated with suicide.  We need to encourage people to be able to speak openly and honestly about their feelings around suicide, rather than having to hide them like many do, as a dark guilty secret.

There are more young adults under 35 who kill themselves, or attempt to, in the UK and internationally, than any other cause of death.  The latest statistics I heard was that one person every forty-three seconds ends his or her life.  Perhaps if we could get a life – affirming message out into the world then more suicides could be prevented.  If this approach stops just one person from taking the suicide route then surely it’s a message worth sharing.

I know it didn’t help my dad and you could argue that he had no fear of death due to the things I had told him, and yes, you could be right.  However truth be told I don’t think he ever believed what I told him about my experience as other people close to him had made out I was crazy. However since his transition he has confirmed to me via an incredible channeler that he now understands all the stuff I used to talk about. He has had his life review; it was painful at times, as it is for us all, but he is now continuing to grow and heal in spirit.  His role now in spirit is to help others heal who have transitioned via suicide and he wanted to pass on the message that I too would be helping people affected by suicide on the earth plane. This made me smile, dad and daughter now working in partnership to bring about positive, loving and lasting change. What a dream team we are!!!

I believe most people’s issues stem from an element of low self-esteem perhaps from childhood experiences. Broken adults often create broken children, and the cycle continues.

To break this pattern we need to help all children realize how truly special, beautiful, and amazing they all are and help them to see that as a reflection in others. We have a duty of care to help them develop healthy, happy, hearts, minds, bodies and souls from birth. Education should not be solely focused on academia. It should be more holistic, addressing life skills, creativity, and teaching children how to stay true to our authentic selves.

My beliefs

I have experienced the transformational Power of Divine Love in my own life. It is without doubt the greatest healing modality on the planet.  I am living testimony of this.

Through the Power of Divine love we can transcend all our earthly fears and live a harmonious, joyful and peaceful life.

I have come to realise that it is not our life experiences, perceived as good or bad that define us, but the way we think about our experiences and act upon them.

For many years I was on a course of self-destruction because I held on to a childhood core belief that I was not worthy or loveable.

These feelings of unworthiness forced me to push myself to extremes, making decisions that were not love- based but ultimately based in fear.

Fear of not being successful enough

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not be lovable enough ……….. the list could go on!

It was only when I had my heart, mind and soul opened to the power of Divine Love that my life really began to change.

By learning to love and accept myself as Divinity loves and accepts me, I allowed the miracle of creation to start working through me.

We are wrapped in loving protection at all times. Nothing is hidden from Divinity. It knows everything about us, and holds no judgement but instead loves us unconditionally.

I believe our ultimate path and purpose is to learn to love ourselves and each other as Divinity does, and stand side by side in love and friendship to SHINE LIKE THE STARS WE WERE BORN TO BE.

Today and every day I am #Emerging Proud through Suicide and will continue to do so until it is deemed I am ready to go home and my work here is done!

The more we Love, the more we Care, the more we share and together through Positivity Power we change the world! 

Kelly Walsh/Positivity Princess Kelly xx

Kelly’s Websites:  /

Click here for Kelly’s Facebook group

Click here for Kelly’s YouTube channel

We’ll be talking more with Kelly about her experiences and subsequent work in the next couple of weeks, but until then, here Kelly talks a little more about her personal journey;


One of the inspiring pieces of work that Kelly’s NDE led her to do was write a book with co- author Dr Penny Sartori, NDE Researcher…


Kelly Book

We’ll be talking to Kelly about her incredible current project very soon; watch out for it here … (Grab your sunglasses; Kelly shines her light bright!)

Yes Kelly, we couldn’t agree more; “Like minded souls will collaborate to change the world!”  Thank you for all you are doing to support others in their healing journey ❤

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Karina Simieli, Integral life & organizational coach, Catalonia (Spain)

I had the pleasure of meeting Karina at the Integral Europe conference in Hungary in 2015, whilst launching ISEN ; it was one of those special connections that has lasted, despite the distance! Having benefitted from some powerful coaching sessions with Karina to support my own integration process, I thought you might all like to meet her too!


A bit about Karina…

A few years ago, after a trip to Thailand, I started a deep personal transformation and evolutionary journey.

Searching my vital purpose I opened the doors to a new profession supporting people and organizations through coaching with the aim of exploring the emerging future.

The Integral perspective opened new possibilities to me and provided a deep understanding of the systemic interdependency we live in.

I like to call myself an “awakener of Being” because I love accompanying people to discover their inner beauty and the version of themselves that allows them to live and work fully and in the path of well-being.

I believe in the value of the body as a supreme instrument of reconnection with our being and as a gateway for personal transformation. Since my childhood,  I have practiced various dance styles and somatic-emotional development techniques such as Yoga, Biodanza, AlbaEmoting, 5 Rhythms and SPT theater of social presence.

I consider the human being as a whole and from an integral intervention, I use language, body and emotions to achieve ontological coherence and holding the space for spiritual development.

I believe in the power of collaboration and the potential of co-creation to built personal and professional relationships. In group facilitation, I use different methodologies such as Art of Hosting, World Cafe, Dragon dreaming, Appreciative Inquiry and Process Work that help us to explore the emerging future and to manage the complexity in which we live.

For more than twenty years I have accompanied SMEs and organizations in the improvement processes from the departments of quality, HR and CSR. I have trained with great masters throughout my life who have given me a great treasures. My deep gratitude to each of them for their contribution to the person I am today.

I’ll be interviewing Karina about her work in the coming week, but in the mean time you can find out more about her and her work, here:

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My story; Sally Collins from Swanton Morley, Nr Norwich

Sally was inspired to share her personal journey through bullying and low self- esteem after seeing Amy’s story for her book; #EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem. 

Sally’s personal story is a common one for many; childhood bullying being at the root cause of poor self- image and low confidence… but as these brave stories show; things CAN change, and often learning to love ourselves out of darkness leads to our light shining even brighter…

Sally Collines

Hi I’m Sally, I’m age 39 and I’ve always battled with low self esteem and low feelings towards my body image, my weight, my size, my shape and my curves. It has worried me so much that I have felt at times that I don’t fit in, I’m not normal etc.

I was bullied so bad at school which affected my confidence too, way into adulthood. I was bullied because then I was a size 14! Which is slimmer than I am now, and the kids made my life hell because I was bigger than most others.  I made out I was ill a few weeks to my mum so I didn’t have to go to school. The kids used to say I was a sumo wrestler, I had thunder thighs etc.. it was crippling but I didn’t have the confidence to fight back … then as I got older the bullying changed because I had curly hair!! It was ridiculous and I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong, or fit in, or that I wasn’t accepted as I didn’t have many friends or wasn’t cool enough! But it’s only as I have grown older, I have felt more comfortable with who I am, my journey, my body and where I am heading in life.

The last few years I have started to embrace me, and the freedom has come from not feeling like I have to fit in with anyone anymore, I found groups of friends who have accepted me as I am, I have found hobbies, passions and purpose, this has all helped me realise I can be who ever I want to be, I don’t have to be the same as everyone else, and I actually embrace now that I’m not!

I have the most amazing curly hair which I now love, and colour it with fun colours which I feel matches who I am and my personality. This brings me freedom and happiness by being my authentic self. I still have wobble days about my body, like feelings of am I too curvy? Am I too fat?  Am I too out there and wacky?! But I think back and realise this is where I’m at right now, this is who I am right now, it may change and vary but this is me today.  And that’s all I can be, is the real version of me on this day, however that day feels!

We are all on our own journeys, there is no need to compete for we are all unique and special in our own way, which isn’t necessarily the same way as others are. I have found a love for things that bring me peace and balance, including yoga, meditation, chanting, music, sound therapy and alternative therapies that all help me to feel my true self. I see beauty in others that they may not see in themselves, and I’m sure people see beauty in me that I don’t see in myself…

  I am embracing me, I dare you to do the same xxx  Sally.

Well done Sally for embracing your authentic Self, we honour you just as you are ❤ 

Does this subject resonate with your own experience? 

Would you like to share your story for Amy’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem? 

Please contact Amy to find out how by contacting her at:

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