Introducing the new tEK Peer Support Groups

WELCOME to our tEK Peer Support Groups


What are Emerging Kind Peer Support Groups?

The Emerging Kind (tEK) Peer Support Groups are for people who view their mental health crisis as part of a spiritual transformation process, and would like to be part of a group where they are validated and supported to find meaning in their experience. tEK groups aim to provide safe spaces where experiencers feel empowered to speak openly without fear of judgement or pathologisation of their experience. tEK support groups are facilitated by a trained peer supporter; someone who has emerged through their own crisis and now feels inspired to help others who are going through a similar process.

The training framework and documentation is inspired by the work of ACISTE (, to whom we are extremely grateful and continued to be closely aligned.

What is the purpose of a tEK Peer Support Group?

The purpose of the support group is to provide a safe and confidential space for experiencers to share and discuss their experiences, derive meaning, explore the challenges and after effects, in order to facilitate integration.

Peer support groups consist only of Peers. This means everyone participating, including the facilitator, is a person who has had a spiritually transformative experience as defined below.

An experience is spiritually transformative when it causes people to perceive themselves and the world profoundly differently: by expanding the individual’s identity increasing their sensitivities, and thereby altering their values, priorities and appreciation of the purpose of life. This may be initiated by surviving a near death experience, alternative states of consciousness and can also be related to trauma.

We do not question the basis for the experience. If an experiencer is going through changes and would benefit from sharing them, he or she is welcome to attend the group, as long as there is space. Most groups will be ‘closed’ to new members for set periods of time to allow for depth of group bonding.

The groups are not to provide therapy – but each member attends to help each other process and integrate their own experiences, their meaning and challenges.

We aim to be non- judgemental and empowering, listening with compassion to how the experiencer feels. Group agreements will be made together during the first session. Groups are free to attend (with shared donations to cover refreshment costs) and Facilitated by Peer volunteers.

What are the goals of a tEK Peer Support Group?

  • To assist each other in understanding that our experiences are normal.
  • To create a safe space to encourage open sharing
  • To encourage each other to talk about spiritually transformative experiences, common needs and challenges, whilst respecting each other’s wish to just listen sometimes.
  • To assist and encourage each other in developing self-confidence and compassionate self- expression
  • To assist each other to find helpful and life – affirming meaning in our experiences
  • To share ideas and suggestions from our own perspective and only offering insight when invited.
  • To assist each other in identifying our own needs.
  • To assist each other in getting our needs met in ways that do not impede others from meeting their own needs.
  • To assist each other to live with integrity in all aspects of our life

Not alone


Where are the tEK Peer Support Groups? 

Location and Facilitator contact details will be listed HERE as groups are initiated. If you’d like to attend, please contact the location Facilitator directly to enquire whether there are any spaces available.

We look forward to creating a safer society in which to talk about our extreme human experiences together ❤

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Emerging Kind T design by Tee!

Tee Clare from New York was one of our Emerging Proud Artists of 2017. Tee has kindly submitted a T-Shirt design for our Emerging Kind project, and we love his interpretation;

Out of the darkness     Tee T1
Into the LIGHT
Out of isolation
Out of despair
Out of fear
Out of synch
Into the FLOW

From blue to GOLDEN
A return to INNOCENCE


Emerging Kind TClare 12/2017


Would you like to see Tee’s design in our Emerging Kind store and potentially on YOUR T- Shirt?!

Would you like to submit a design and have it appear in our 2018 blog and printed in the Emerging Kind book?




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Watch CRAZYWISE in a monastery


CRAZYWISE the film will be screened at the beautiful venue; ‘The Monastery’ in Manchester on Sunday 14th Jan as an introduction to a free screening of Emerging Proud  at the same venue for the Emerging Kind Peer Support group that will begin there in early 2018.







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Watch #EmergingProud for FREE this holiday season

Would you like to watch the Emerging Proud film for free over the next couple of weeks, or do you know someone who may benefit from seeing it?


This is my gift to you; I am paying it forward in the hope that the message reaches those who may be in need of having their experiences normalised in order that they do not feel so alone. Christmas can be a difficult time for anyone, especially those who have been, or are going through, a spiritual emergence and perhaps feeling isolated and maybe even ostracized by their family…

Please pass the parcel! This link will give you free viewing access to the full Emerging Proud film until the 2nd January 2018…


(If you are not given a ‘Watch it now’ option click on ‘Rent’ and input the code: FestiveFreebie )

Free Gift

Feeling like giving too?

We are fundraising to set up community Peer support groups to offer safe spaces for Experiencers who resonate with having anomalous experiences to feel validated,  supported and understood. Would you like to donate your rental fee to help us create a safer society for people going through the spiritual emergence process?


Thank you, for Emerging Kind and helping to spread this vital information ❤



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Are YOU ready to do the world a favour?

The realm of possibility exists in each of us; pay it forward and your donation could help create a group to support up to 12 people…

Will you Pay it forward today?


…and you’ll be doing the world a favour ❤




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Voices create change; let’s #EmergeProud for Human Rights

Huamn rights

Today is a  day for unity!
We believe that support for dignity and respect can make a difference in our communities. Join us in observing Human Rights Day and spreading hope for equality around the world.
What has #EmergingProud got to do with Human Rights?

#EmergingProud is a Grassroots Social Movement, aimed at: Re- framing ‘Madness’ as a catalyst for positive transformation 

#Emerging Proud is ultimately a campaign about providing hope; that breaking down does not mean we are broken; it means that we can be amidst a difficult journey to ‘breakthrough’.  #Emerging Proud aims to add to the voices aiming to create a society in which it feels safer to speak out about our extreme experiences without fear of being told there is something wrong with us, or that we are “crazy”.

#Emerging Proud provides a platform to give those people who feel they have not had a voice, the chance to speak out and tell the world how they found a way out of their own darkness; a celebration of the positive transformation potential of these experiences, whilst at the same time acknowledging how challenging they can be, and what support is helpful during the process. What is unhelpful, is having your rights taken away during these experiences…

Your voice matters! 

The concept of the campaign is built on that of the Pride gay rights movement, because being gay was considered a mental illness before the public uprising in the late 60’s, when the voices of those feeling oppressed and discriminated against spoke out to initiate change. Homosexuality is no longer a category in the DSM as a result. Voices create change; let’s not stay silent. #Emerging Proud aims to achieve the same ‘normalisation’, but for mental distress and extreme human experiences.

International #Emerging Proud day launched on Friday 12th May 2017, aiming to expand the public perception of ‘normal’ all over the world.

Normalising extreme human experiences is fundamentally a Human Rights issue.

Article 9 of the Human Rights Act states a right to Freedom of thought, belief and Religion. And yet certain beliefs and experiences are still being pathologised as mental illness.

Millions of people around the world are waking up to an expanded level of consciousness and thus experiencing spiritual phenomena. For many of these people the journey of awakening is a turbulent roller-coaster ride into the abyss of a misunderstood Universe, and as such, it can also be a fast admission ticket into the world of psychiatry. If the world is to evolve, our Western cultural perception of spiritual phenomena has to evolve too.

Let’s make it a Human Right for experiences of expanded consciousness not to be pathologised as mental illness…the more of us who dare to speak out, the more this becomes a possibility.

In solidarity for the emergence of a new paradigm ❤

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Want to know more about what the Emerging Kind Peer Training involves?

The Emerging Kind Peer Group Facilitator (tEK PGF) Training Information

The tEK Project is currently funded by the Missing Kind Charity as a kindness project to help people in the community who are going through a challenging spiritual transformation process access a ‘Safe Space’ support group, where they can feel heard and connect with Peers who understand and have also had similar experiences, as a way of supporting their psychological wellbeing.

How tEK Project Emerged

The Emerging Kind project came about due to the outcomes of the #Emerging Proud campaign, which launched in May 2017. #Emerging Proud provides a platform to give those people who feel they have not had a voice, the chance to speak out and tell the world how they found a way out of their own darkness; a celebration of the positive transformation potential of these experiences, whilst at the same time acknowledging how challenging they can be, and what support is helpful during the process.

The feedback from the 14 countries that took part in the international Emerging Proud launch addressing the question “What do we need to create a society in which it’s safer to talk about our madness?”, clearly stated that we needed ‘Safe Space’ support groups, where people going through a spiritual emergence could go to feel validated, supported, and to make sense of their processes without worrying about being pathologised or judged.

The Emerging Kind project is focused on setting up ‘Safe Space’ groups to support people in spiritual emergence. Peers who have been through what they perceive as their own spiritual emergence, are being trained as Peer Group Facilitators with the aim to set up local in- person groups where people can go to access support and to talk openly.

The training of the first cohort of Peers was facilitated by Elizabeth Sabet of ACISTE ( and seed- funded by the UK Charity, The Missing Kind ( whose work focuses on spreading Kindness; hence the name, The Emerging Kind! tEK are now delivering our own UK training program which has been inspired by, and co – developed with ACISTE and Linda Allen of KindaListening.

tEK PGF’s will now receive Kinda Listening training, as a foundation for the group facilitator skill set.

What is Kinda Listening?


The responsibility for healthy communication and connection lies within each of us to develop skills and capacity to support each other in our community. Deep listening and empowering conversation training has been created by Linda Allen, to bring back and enhance these vital communication skills to improve our connection and wellbeing.

Kinda Listening training teaches skills in listening to ourselves and each other, so that we can create a ‘safe space within’ to empower us to have the strength to hold a safe space for others.

“Suicide is everybody’s business and any one of us could have the opportunity to save a life” Ruth Sutherland – Chief Executive of the Samaritans

Why become a tEK PGF?

By taking part and possibly becoming a trained tEK PGF, you will be helping to achieve the predicted outcomes for tEK project: social impact (aligned with the Objects of tMK)

·Advancement of health / the saving of lives: Research into what is most important for people experiencing this awakening process and preventing associated distress, (including possible suicide), says that the most important interventions are reducing isolation and providing validation of personal experience; tEK aims to provide this to approx. 400 people internationally over the first year (average 10 people per Peer Support Group)

· Empowering individuals to make a difference to people, planet and animals: Facilitating the development of compassionate, self- sufficient local support groups, spreading kindness and skill- sharing and seeding their own kindness projects in line with their unique passions

· Increasing inclusivity and connectivity: Through introducing ‘The Emerging Kind’ to each other, in their geographical locations, to mobilise in- person connections irrespective of class, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or anything else that can lead to separation.

· Education and Training: To develop awareness- raising opportunities, through learning and sharing information.

Expectations of you if you agree to take part:

• Complete the Kinda Listening pre- training webinar series and exercises.

• Undergo a 14 session online training course in Peer Group Facilitation with our UK Trainer Linda Allen

• Commit to take part in regular liaison with Katie Mottram to report progress and mutually organise a free community screening of the #Emerging Proud film to initiate your support group post- training

• Operate under the ethical guidelines of the KL+ tEK training

• Commit to regular mentor sessions with Linda as required

• Commit to setting up a self- sufficient regular Peer support group posttraining in your local area.

• Take part in evaluation questionnaires / blogs / video interviews

What you’ll receive in return for your commitment:

• Free Kinda Listening and Peer Group Facilitator Training

• Becoming part of The Emerging Kind UK Peer network

• Free #Emerging Proud film screening brought to your local area to assist initiating your local support group

• Free advertising for your local group on the Emerging Proud websites

• Knowing that your kindness is potentially helping to reduce crisis or even save lives

The tEK PGF training process: I’m interested, so what Next?

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 19.27.44

Be quick – places are limited and time is short! Please email:

You will then be contacted by Linda regarding the next step of the process. Thank you for your interest in joining the Emerging Kind team; we are very grateful!

Our Vision… Communities where individuals feel empowered to share and connect to support themselves and each other, to evolve wellbeing.

Our Mission… Sharing of knowledge and enhancement of innate skills, so that individuals feel supported and empowered to make a difference to themselves and others; to ‘Emerge Kind’

Values… CONNECTION – Connecting with Self and others is at the heart of mental. emotional and spiritual health

CURIOSITY – Being curious about behaviour and narrative will set the foundations for learning, growth and connection

COMMUNICATION – Listening and empowering conversation enables connection, empathy, synergy, creativity and wellbeing

SHARING – Sharing knowledge and wisdom through education, training, coaching and supervision to enhance skills

EMPOWERMENT – Empowering ourselves and others is key to living our best life and co-creating sustainable communities

FLEXIBILITY – Responding effectively to new awareness and information to maintain higher intentions

EVOLUTION – There is always something to learn from every experience and every interaction – for raising consciousness


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