Ambriel and Jeeva emerge through their traumatic pasts to shake the world with their creativity

Remember Mandy, our latest Pocket Book Rep? She’s shared some of her inspiring poetry across the book series, but that’s not the half of it! Mandy and her partner Ash have been busy writing away their pain for quite a while, and are now ready to launch their creative flair upon the world… Check out their new Instagram site, and watch this space for news on their Pocket Book memoir – it’s not to be missed!

Hi all

It’s great to be involved in the KindaProud project and to share our personal stories for the Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocketbook, which was published recently. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, then you can do so here.

Following publication of the book, we finally got around to doing something with some of our writing and have set up an Instagram account. It’d be great if you all could take a look and we’d love for you to click ‘Follow’ so you can join us on our writing journey 😊

We’ll be posting various poetry, quotes, etc. on the subjects of mental health, the environment and our broken society, as well as some other topics that will hopefully make you smile a bit.

We both found writing when we hit our lowest time emotionally. It really helped with our healing process and we then decided it was something that we wanted to pursue. We’ve written a stack of poems and short stories so far, are working on a Pocketbook memoir (expanding on the personal stories we shared in the KindaProud book) and we’ve started writing a novel together. We very much want writing to be part of our future…

With good love to you all x

Mandy and Ash (alias Ambriel and Jeeva 😄)


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Introducing our 5th KindaProud Rep, creative inspiration Mica

We are absolutely delighted to be able to introduce our Rep for our 5th Pocket Book of Hope in the KindaProud series; #Emerging Proud through Psychosis and Schizophrenia. 

We are more than KindaProud of the lovely and very talented Mica, who has prevailed through her diagnosis of psychosis to become both a published Poet and Psychologist, and so is supporting this much-needed shift of perspective from ‘illness’ to ‘transformation’ on many levels.

You’ll hear more of Mica’s story as we progress this book, but hear is a little intro and a sneaky peek of her amazing poetry…

Mica Gray

My name is Mica Montana Gray. I’m 26 years old, from Birmingham, UK. I currently work as an Assistant Psychologist and have written a poetry collection titled ‘When Daisies Talk’ which explores my journey of healing through my experience of psychosis. I am passionate about changing the way that we understand the experiences of psychosis and schizophrenia in both clinical and community spaces, and I am grateful to have been asked to share my story as part of this movement.

It was at the launch of the emerging proud film event that I met some of the people who have been integral to who I’ve become and so it is an honour to help serve the community through sharing my story. My heart hurts for those who had to go through these experiences without such a community but I am encouraged by these stories that will help those who go through these transformative experiences in the future to find healing and hope.

I had my first experience of psychosis while studying my Undergraduate Psychology degree. My experience was an encounter with the brokenness of my own soul, past trauma’s and buried emotions – but it was also an encounter with ancient wisdom, oneness with the world, creativity, love and the spirit of God. My experience catapulted me into purpose, into relationship with God through Christianity and into discovering my true identity; my reason for being in this world. I am looking forward to sharing the insights from my journey with you as well as learning from all of yours.



When I tell you

that aliens have implanted

chips in my head

or that the CIA is leaving microphones

under my bed

that I

think I am Jesus.

don’t get caught up on the metaphors.

don’t try to take my poetry

and fit it into your theory of psychology

in attempt

to calculate how far away i am

from the normal way that a human being

ought to relate to itself

don’t lock me into your narrow definitions of good mental health.

no, I don’t actually think that I am Jesus of Nazareth

who walked the desert for 40 days

and brought salvation through death.

what I am trying to communicate

is that I now recognize myself,

as important.

as having a cross to bear.

as a being made of love.

as a being, with a great purpose.

as a being, with a strong spirit.

so don’t get upset

when i refuse to let you convince me

that it is irrational to feel like a God

when i have finally encountered

a sense of divinity

within me.

when i have promised myself

to no longer let

the demons, the CIA, the aliens,

my negative thoughts

win in their attempt to

put out my fire.

so, when I tell you

that I am fighting the aliens in my head,

that I’m getting rid of the microphones

that the CIA have put under my bed

that I

feel like Jesus.

don’t get caught on the metaphors.

simply reply,

it’s about time.


Mica – it’s your time ❤

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Dropping pathological labels – in solidarity

I’m proud to be a member of Drop the Disorder – would you like to be too?

‘Drop the Disorder!’ is a Facebook group for people interested in challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and in supporting non-pathologising ways of understanding and responding to emotional distress.
You very are welcome to join the group if this applies to you.
Also, if you want others to be able to more easily identify you as a non-pathologising therapist or ally please feel free to display the image below on your website or to share it generally on social media.
Jo Watson
(Drop the Disorder!)




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Our 5th KindaProud book is announced!

We are delighted to announce that, thanks again to funding for publication from The Missing Kind Charity, we are able to publish our 5th pocket book in the KindaProud series!

The theme for the book will be;

#Emerging Proud through Psychosis and Schizophrenia


We will be announcing our fabulous peer Rep for this book very soon! Watch this space…

Would you like to take part?

Were you given either of these diagnoses but have realised that you were not ‘broken’ but amidst a journey of transformation? Would you like to share your story on our blog and be considered for publication in the pocket book? Your story could inspire people all over the world to know that there is hope beyond their label…


We are raising funds to continue the series – there are SO many titles we’d love to publish in order to support people who have been given disempowering labels know that they CAN not only recover but flourish through adversity – can you help us make this happen?



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Putting our compassionate rage into action

There is so much anger in the ether around mental health services; valid and justifiable anger – I get it, believe me I do.

However, I have learned the painful way that all expressing anger achieves is building walls and pushing us further from finding solutions…

We have to stop focusing on the problem, and start focusing on the solutions

Most of us are wanting to get to the same destination (a new post-patriarchal paradigm) but via different doorways – let’s focus on the destination rather than the doorway; where are our bridges?

How do we bring in the narrative of ‘Post-traumatic growth’ and the switch from the victimisation of those suffering into possibility for transformation into services?

What is needed in services to support these experiences in a more helpful way? What can we include in MH care to enable people to thrive and not just survive?

This is what we will discuss during our ‘conference with a difference’ on 17th Jan 2020;

“How does the Power Threat Meaning Framework relate to those who perceive their experience in transformative terms, and how could it be used to support this?”


#EmergingProud sees the ‘spiritual’ element of the equally important BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL aspects of what it means to be wholly human as understanding a crisis as a journey of growth, connection and transformation.

Which doorway are you coming through? Whether it’s the psychedelic community, mental health arena, environment activism or a political lens we believe you hold vital pieces of the puzzle to bring to the discussion…


What to expect on the day; 

9.30am Arrivals and registration

10am: Katie to introduce the plan for the day and the laws of the Open Space mechanism

10.15am – An overview of the Power Threat Meaning Framework by Lucy Johnstone

10.45am – A somatic meditation practice to get us ‘out of our minds’ and into the wisdom of the heart

11am – Coffee break

11.20am – Market Place – all delegates invited to raise a discussion topic for the day if they are passion about something needing to be addressed

12.20pm –All delegates invited to plan their afternoon from the live Agenda wall

12.30pm – Lunch break

1.30pm – Open Space session 1 (delgates free to float between discussions as they feel inspired)

2.30pm – Open Space session 2 (delgates free to float between discussions as they feel inspired)

3.30pm – Break

3.50pm – Reconvene full delegate circle for harvest feedback from discussions

4.50pm – Katie to close with what happens next – all delegates to receive a post-event report 

FEELING and compassionate rage is necessary to give us the impetus to want to affect change, as long as we put our anger to purpose. Are you passionate for change? 





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A new narrative for mental health has to start today, and it’s #Emerging Proud on the book shelves!

Today is World Mental Health Day 2019 and there will be posts galore about ending the stigma of mental distress. But that sentiment far from misses the point.

Natural human reactions to trauma are being pathologised as made-up diseases that have absolutely no scientific evidence for, and then treated in inhumane ways. This has to stop. The way we push away, ignore and medicate our pain into meaningless oblivion has to change.

Are you struggling? Do you need another, more helpful way in which to understand your pain?

One of our fabulous #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book contributors, Catherine Lucas, has a message for you;

Right at this particular moment in history, there is more need than ever to help individuals like you become empowered and take responsibility for your healing. You have SO much to offer this world in crisis. Whatever the trauma, abuse or mental health issues you’ve been through, I hope my story, and all the others in this book, inspire you, inspire you to know you can turn your life around, that you don’t need to buy into the old, pathologising, medical model paradigm. There is a bigger picture, a more holistic, integrative approach, which puts you and your story at the centre of your healing journey. You are the hero of your hero’s journey to wellbeing. Together we can create a new reality for ourselves and the world.

Together we can change the narrative of mental health.

Today sees the release of our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book aiming to do this…


Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 09.44.07


Together let’s make #WMHD2019 different from all those that have gone before. Let’s make 2019 the start of a transformation… 

This book offers; A deeply moving insight to the humanity that lies behind psychiatric labels and diagnoses. This movement showcases the resilience of the human spirit that can survive on very little for very long and yet continue to strive towards healing and growth. The brave unblinking voices heard here finally return the stories of mental illness from the medical institutions to those that know deeply within themselves that the ‘madness’ wasn’t theirs to start with, theirs was the task of surviving and finding their way towards safety, integrity and empowerment. Their stories carry the urgency of reform for our mental health systems, from hierarchical structures of ‘treatment’ into collaborative and holistic systems of ‘healing’. An important perspective for anyone surviving or working with survivors of trauma or abuse.


Maria Papaspyrou, Integrative Psychotherapist
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We have a winner! FREE copy of #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse goes to…


Pradeep Solanki – Congratulations; you won the FREE copy of our new Pocket Book; #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse! 

We can’t contact you!
Please could you get in touch to let us know what address you’d like your book to be sent to?
Thank you!
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