Arushka had to love her demons in order to learn that pain can be our biggest blessing, if we surrender to it

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “I’m dying” in psychiatric wards around the world, and when you look at it through the lens of spirtitual emergency, it’s not at all surprising. As Arushka so astutely says; sometimes we have to allow our old selves to die in order to truly live. 

Once diagnosed with ‘acute psychosis’, Arushka now understands that she was going through a painful healing process in order to become a more authentic expression of herself. As Arushka says, this process isn’t at all easy, but it could be easier if better understood and more compassionately supported. The ‘spiritual bypass’ phase which Arushka also mentions may also be unnecessary if people were supported to delve into their pain appropriately. Thankfully, Arushka found her way through, and is #EmergingProud to tell her story…


It was almost two years ago that Katie first offered for me to write a blog for Emerging Proud and to share my version of ‘Crazy’ with you. It has taken this long to uncover the blocks inside me so that I can do this.

So here I am, emerging proud through the crisis of spiritual emergency into the gift of spiritual emergence. Exactly 6 years ago I went through what was labelled by western medicine as an acute psychotic episode or as the forward thinking term a spiritual emergency or a spontaneous kundalini awakening. For me, it was a call from my soul to break the chains that bound me to dysfunctional patterning and toxic behaviour. It gave me a glimpse of how life might be freed from the past and the conditioning of my persona. It was blissful and absolutely terrifying as the layers of my ego were stripped away, I thought I was going to die, and in ways I did. My life has been so very different since. I once said to my mediation teacher “it seems that I had to die in order to truly live”, he said that tended to be the way of things.

And though I am aware that my ego has not completely died and I am feeling back down at the bottom of the mountain; I am also aware this is just a thought. Walking a spiritual path is a lot harder than I once believed when I was in a state of spiritual bypass. I say this with love to myself as I sense spiritual bypass may be a necessary part of the journey, but now for me it is about being grounded, growing my roots and seeing how the one that I am wants to express herself in this world. I am so grateful for my spiritual emergency regardless of how traumatic it has been as it has brought me into connection with my true self and driven me to claim my own ground, something that is priceless.

If you are in the midst of a psycho-spiritual crisis at the moment – maybe you’ve lost all sense of who you are, or you’re being told you’re schizophrenic, deluded, the list of “disorders” goes on – please don’t give up. It doesn’t mean that you are crazy or that life will be like this forever. It is a phase leading you to a greater expression of yourself. Life will get better. Stay with the process, I know it’s not always easy. Love yourself through it, I know that’s not always easy either! Love what comes up, it is simply guiding you to what is asking for your presence and healing. Turn to face your demons, surrender and you may be amazed at how quickly they shift. Sending you so much love. I am with you.

The time we are living in seems to be a breakdown moment with the potential of breaking through to a new way of being. It feels really important that the more of us who know how to travel the path of individual breakdown to breakthrough and are able to give voice to it, the better! I look forward to hearing your voice.

With love,

Arushka Wolfheart

Arushka’s video message to you all…

Thank you Arushka, for daring to emerge, and for sharing your beautiful authentic voice with the world ❤

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WIN a pre-release personal copy of our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse

Just click on this link to enter – simple!

WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book



Through trauma backcover v2

Prefer to buy a copy and see your proceeds go towards gifting free copies to those in need?


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Amy Woods emerges with her new venture; ‘Intuitively Nourished’

Remember our wonderful Rep for our Pocket Book; #Emerging Proud through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low Self-Esteem, Amy?
Amy Rep picture
Amy has some news! She says I am so excited to share my new venture with you…
Intuitively Nourished Social

Book your place! Email: Amy at

Over the past few of years, I have been reading, living and studying the connection between storytelling, mythology and archetypes, and our relationship with our body, body image and food whilst being a woman in today’s world. It has been an incredible journey of “aha” moments, magic and insight.  I am so passionate about these worlds meeting and felt called to put it out into the world. 
Intuitively Nourished is an 8 week online course filled with delicious tools, techniques and resources to empower you in your relationship with yourself, your body and your food.
During our time together you will connect with other amazing women working through similar challenges, you will start to make peace with your body, learn the tools to tap into your inner wellspring of wisdom and start cultivating compassion, kindness and understanding for all of you.


This program will:

  • Support you to re-claim your power when it comes to your relationship with food, body and well being and see just how powerful you are.
  • Make peace with your body for a life of greater choice, freedom and confidence.
  • Help you understand how your body works and empower you with tools and techniques to make the best choices for you. You are the expert of you.
  • Empower you to radically change the way you see yourself, transforming the limiting beliefs you have around your body and your eating challenges.
  • Support you to find Freedom with food, transforming the feelings of confusion, restriction and frustration about what to eat, into feelings of trust, true holistic nourishment, pleasure and satisfaction.

This is a beautiful programme that covers everything from scientific nutrition information and research studies to ways of deeply connecting with your soul.

In the 8 week program we will be covering:

Week 1. Introduction to Mind – Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology
Week 2. Diet Culture myths, Body Positivity & Intuitive Eating
Week 3. Re-defining Emotional Eating
Week 4. Wild Feminine Power, tuning into natural rhythms and cycles
Week 5. The Psychobiology of Pleasure
Week 6. Living a Soul-Centric Life
Week 7. Creating sacred self-Care rituals and cultivating self-Compassion
Week 8. Re-cap and Next Steps

How it works

Every week we will connect via Zoom in a Live webinar at 7pm which will last between 1-2 hours. If you can’t make the live session, do not worry, I will record each session and you can watch it at your leisure.

When does it start?


Tuesday the 22nd of October until the 10th of December.


Who is it for?


People who identify as a woman, over the age of 18.


What is included

8 week supportive program
Guided visualisations and meditations
Recommended reading and resource list
Private Facebook Group for you to keep in touch with each other, support one another and ask any questions you may have.
Every week I will also do a check in Facebook Live and Q & A to answer any questions that may come up.

What you will need


1. Willingness to try something new
2. Open heart
3. Laptop/ computer or smart phone
4. Internet connection
5. 2 hours each week


How much is it?

The full investment of this packed 8 week program is £200 BUT, I want to offer it to YOU for half the price, that’s only £100!

A payment plan of 2 x Instalments of £50 is available. (Concessions may also be available, please get in touch for more information about this.)

Are you in?

If you are interested in joining me for this beautiful, wholesome and empowering journey, 

Book your place now! Email: Amy at

 Spaces are limited and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

If you are interested in joining me but want to know more before you commit, CLICK HERE  to find out more details about the program.

In addition, I will be sharing more videos and webinars with more details about what to expect, how the course works and what you will gain from taking part. In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

I look forward to sharing this sacred space with you.

So much love,

Amy ♥

Amy Woods (Amy at 
Founder & Director of SoulShine
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Reiki Drum Practitioner
Founder of “Intuitively Nourished”
Creating a new normal 
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Finding our mental wealth

So far, 64 KindaProud brave and inspiring voices have spoken out; voices that were once traumatised, disempowered, ostracised, oppressed, marginalised, belittled or mistreated have ‘spoken themselves into existence’

This is the power of story-sharing. This is the power of finding our own narrative.

This is real mental health…it’s mental wealth.

WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book

Our 4th Pocket book in the ever-growing KindaProud series is;

#Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse and it’s jam-packed full of these voices who have learned how to “speak themselves into existence”, to quote one of them…


WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book

What are people saying about this book? 

The courageous stories of KindaProud raise a hopeful possibility: that emotional breakdown might also open a pathway to breakthrough. With vulnerability, humility, and honesty, the voices in this powerful collection are just the leaders we need…and they invite all of us to join them. 

Will Hall

Schizophrenia diagnosis survivor, host of Madness Radio, and author of the Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs 

A deeply moving insight to the humanity that lies behind psychiatric labels and diagnoses. This book showcases the resilience of the human spirit that can survive on very little for very long and yet continue to strive towards healing and growth. The brave unblinking voices of these accounts finally return the stories of mental illness from the medical institutions to those that know deeply within themselves that the ‘madness’ wasn’t theirs to start with, theirs was the task of surviving and finding their way towards safety, integrity and empowerment. Their stories carry the urgency of reform for our mental health systems, from hierarchical structures of ‘treatment’ into collaborative and holistic systems of ‘healing’. An important read for anyone surviving or working with survivors of trauma or abuse.

Maria Papaspyrou, Integrative Psychotherapist, systemic family constellations facilitator and co-editor of psychedelic mysteries of the feminine.

Trauma, while it may have lasting impacts on our hearts, minds, and spirits, does not have to determine who we are and who we become. The narratives in this book slay shame and help to create a sense of possibility, even in the midst of trauma and struggle. These heartfelt and vulnerable stories remind us that healing is always possible, with the right support, and they remind us of perhaps the most important thing of all: that we are not alone.

Leah Harris
Survivor, writer, and facilitator and former member of the International Institute for Mental Health Leadership 

It’s hard to be alone when you experience, encounter or re-live distress. It’s good to have company that can reassure and support you and help you make sense of what’s happening. And the best company is often people who have shared a similar experience of distress and like you are working to make sense of and deal with it. I think you will find some helpful companions in this book. We’re all different and you don’t have to agree with everything you read, but what unites these first hand accounts is the sense that experiencing trauma, abuse, crisis, neglect, distress, confusion, the negatives of the psychiatric system, other emotional difficulties and even cruelties, can also be turned to become a resource to strengthen us and open up our lives and understanding, rather than restrict what we can be and even close us down. This offers more than hope, important though that is. It offers us the benefit of drawing on other people’s diverse experience, which in my life has been the best healer, the most valuable support and resource. As one of this book’s contributors wisely says: 

‘To anyone else struggling – you are NOT alone. I chose to be alone and endured it, but that was my life lesson – I had to let go and let others in.’

Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Citizen Participation, University of Essex and Co-Chair of Shaping Our Lives

Want to get your hands on a FREE PRE-RELEASE personal copy? 

Just click on this link to enter – simple!

WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book


If you’re not lucky enough to win the free copy, your contribution of buying a book, (for just the cost of a couple of coffees), could mean that someone in need gets one for free too… follow the blog or check out THIS PAGE on a regular basis to make sure you know when it’s on the shelves!

Thank you for your Kind support, the KindaProud team ❤

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Do you want to help evolve a new holistic conceptual framework for mental health?

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 09.00.18


Everyone in this community knows that we need a framework for our spiritual / transcendent / psychedelic experiences that is not pathological, but what is specifically needed in mental health services to support these experiences in a more helpful way?

Intention and setting has a vital impact on the healing process… iatrogenic harm is a huge factor on preventing healing in our current system; how do we bring in the narrative of ‘Post-traumatic growth’ and the switch from victimisation into possibility for transformation into services? 

We are all coming to the same destination (a need for a new post-partriarchal psychiatric paradigm) via different doorways – let’s focus on the destination rather than the door; where are our bridges?

The aim of the our gathering in London on Jan 17th 2010 is for the ideas from the collective voices who gather to inform a recommendation report to the Authors of the Power, Threat, Meaning Framework around how to be more inclusive of , and how best to support, ‘altered states of consciousness / transcendent’ experiences.

Do you have an idea to share? Your voice will be heard.. 


With thanks to  Safely Held Spaces  for their kind sponsorship of the report, which will be available publicly in Feb 2020.


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Our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book is due for release on 10th Oct!

Who said it was impossible to publish 4 books in 6 months? With such an amazing team of kind people, anything is possible!

World Mental Health day is on the 10th Oct and we thought it would be the perfect day to change conversations about mental health to ones that are more hopeful – these 16 inspirational faces have #Emerged Proud to share their personal stories.

They have all experienced very different challenging life events, but they all have one thing in common; they now see their crises as being catalysts for transformation…

Through Trauma cover v3

This inspirational little pocket book will be available for pre-order in just a couple of weeks! Keep an eye on THIS PAGE to place your order.

With thanks to support from The Missing Kind Charity, the proceeds from all KindaProud book sales will go to distribute FREE books to mental health facilities worldwide.

Our published books in the series so far:

Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 09.27.06.png


We are currently seeking match- funding to complete our 8 book series – CONTACT US if you are interested in becoming an official sponsor for this incredible collaborative project. 

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Suicide Prevention

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Today sees the release of our KindaProud pocketbook on inspiring stories of suicide survival. This is never an easy topic to discuss, although unfortunately it touches most people’s lives in some way.

We are so grateful to all those involved who are helping to break the stigma, in a positive and empowering way, one conversation at a time.


Don’t forget that the proceeds from books sales go to distribute FREE books to those in need – your purchase could be helping to save lives all over the world


#Worldsuicideawarenessday  #suicideawarenessmonth #EmergingProudthroughSuicide
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