Opportunity for a local film screening and live Q+A session with some of the film’s first ‘Emergees’

Would you like the opportunity to have me organise an #EmergingProud film screening in your local area, at no cost to you, and get the chance to ask questions to some of these stars of the film in a live post- screening discussion?

Live Q+A stars .jpg

Okay, CONTACT ME, and let’s talk about it!

If you’d rather organise your own Community Screening at a very reasonable cost CLICK HERE for more information.

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#EmergingProud, the official campaign film, hits worldwide release today!

Already screened in the UK, USA, ICELAND, HUNGARY, ROMANIA, GERMANY, FINLAND, IRELAND, UGANDA, BRAZIL, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND on the 12th May, the official #EmergingProud campaign film goes global as of today…

Rent or buy it here:

“This is more than a movie, this is a movement! A new paradigm of mental health and human awareness is emerging and these are some of the pioneering voices heralding that change. I watched the Emerging Proud film with tears in my eyes thinking of the lives that will be saved and of the possibilities and gifts made available when human transformation is managed well. And this is just the beginning…..” – Kimberley Jones, UK.

“Emerging Proud is an important contribution toward our understanding of what society labels as ‘psychosis’ or ‘serious mental illness.’ The subjects profiled in Katie Mottram’s film embody a clear and direct link to the spiritual nature of these experiences for many people. It’s time we start listening, there is so much to learn.” – PJ Moynihan, Producer/Director, Healing Voices


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#EmergingProud discussion group set up for online input on the 12th May

harnessing collective wisdom_ml.jpg

Would you like to take part in the *discussions happening all over the world on Friday 12th May, but can’t get to any of the venues?

‘Rethinking madness; How can we create a safer society in which we can talk openly about our madness so that it is better supported?’


(*These discussions will be peer monitored so please post comments respectfully and responsibly)

Following the events we will reap the harvest from all countries and produce an International Report that will be freely available online for anyone to see what actions have developed from outcomes on the day.

Why not join in the online discussion, and come up with your own ideas? We may even include yours in the report!

Collective wisdom

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4 days until lift- off; will we see you in any of these locations?

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 06.52.20.png





(We are also in collaboration with the HEALING VOICES MOVIE who are holding their  screening on the 13th May: CLICK HERE FOR NYC TICKETS)


Türkenfeld, Germany (near München): CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 







NSW, Australia – The events are taking place in Lismore and Central Coast, New South Wales and Canberra. Please contact via email for further information + booking:

Lismore: spiritualemergenceau@gmail.com

Central Coast, NSW: karenadler222@gmail.com


Wellington, New Zealand: andrea@wellbeingwellington.nz

The world unites for change….


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5 Days until the big launch, and #EmergingProud the film is set to premier in 14 venues, over 10 countries, and be watched in 4 languages – all achieved through the power of people who have emerged through crisis…

Together we are creating the new paradigm. This paradigm is not dictated by money, status or materialism; it’s being dictated by the gifts that can emerge out of the most unlikely places, and the love and connection that facing crisis can gift us all with.

Roots, Jung

In 2009 I came face to face with death. The guilt and shame of an over-riding sense that I’d made an irrevocable cock- up of my life led to a serious suicide attempt. An attempt that left me watching the erratic beeping lines on the monitor attached to my heart grow even more erratic as the gravity of my actions sunk in. Sheer panic that I might actually die. A panic that made me realise what a true gift life can be, if we choose to embrace it fully…

That was the first of the cracks that finally allowed the light that was missing in my life to shine in. I now see it as one of my biggest blessings.

8 years later, (and a lot of difficult and painful processing work that still continues), I am finally emerging out of my own crisis; I am #EmergingProud. There is such a pessimistic portrayal of crisis, not only in the mental health system, but in society as a whole, that I wanted to offer the alternative end of the spectrum; a platform for people to talk about the gifts that their own dark times have brought them.

6 months ago I planted the #EmergingProud seed. It came as a whisper during a meditation; we need another social movement, a grassroots human rights campaign to normalise spiritual experiences and reframe emotional distress as a transformational process…

How better to show the power of transformation than through the voices of those who have experienced it for themselves?

Around 50 interviews later and #EmergingProud the film is set for world premier on 12th May; 13 screenings, 10 countries, 4 languages 

The #EmergingProud seed has grown from an acorn into a mighty Oak, and already it looks like we may well be planting a forest!

Mighty Oaks

All of the people participating in the inaugural #EmergingProud launch events around the world will take part in Open Space discussions aimed at ‘Rethinking madness; how can we create a safer society in which we can openly talk about and support our madness?’ 

Each country will report back to the HOST EVENT IN LONDON  at the end of the day, about what action points and initiatives are happening as a result of their discussions.

An INTERNATIONAL REPORT will be produced and available for free on the #EmergingProud website to show the impact of the first #EmergingProud day in the following countries:

UK (2 events), USA (2 events), ICELAND, GERMANY (2 events), HUNGARY, ROMANIA, FINLAND, BRAZIL, UGANDA and  AUSTRALIA (2 events) 

This is only the beginning – more countries are already asking to join next year and the momentum of #EmergingProud looks sets to continue; we are all dedicated to influencing a positive shift in how crisis is perceived and supported all over the world.

We hope to see you soon!

Eventbrite Banner.jpg

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Thomas #EmergesProud to show the power of vulnerability; this is what young men claiming their authenticity looks like

So many young sensitives are being diagnosed today. There is ALWAYS a story behind the label, and that story is usually trauma….and not only that, there is ALWAYS a unique soul behind the label, waiting to be heard; Thomas Daley from Blackpool in the UK shows us what magical beauty can blossom if we allow our vulnerable hearts to lead the way…

“I just want to get it all out. The crazy and obscene. The love and wonder. The fear and darkness. I need it to be heard. But how could anybody care? I feel so alone in my experience, and the drugs are suppressing the hell out of me. I am strong, though, and have managed to keep my self afloat emotionally while on these pills. But why do I take them? Well, for all those who “worry” about me. It’s that simple, I have concealed a huge part of my identity to keep other people comfortable – and to avoid being in hospital again. Will I ever be off my meds to be free and chemically liberated?

An event that led to my awakening or psychosis was when my dad got me out of bed at around aged 7 or 8, and told me to do 1000 push-ups or my family was going to die. I can now see that he wasn’t being serious, but he was drunk, and angry, and I believed him. Funny thing, belief. It changes our reality and has a true power, if only we could harness and accept it for the good it can do – heal the damaging beliefs we hold, and enter a state of healing and joy for each other. This is my dream, and I have a feeling I’m not alone anymore.

As a child I heard a voice that said, “focus on what’s most important”. I never told anyone at the time, and growing up I actually forgot about it during my teenage years. But the memory came flooding back when my insight and expanded mind sent me to the deepest depths of myself. Visions of the Buddha and fields of light. I knew that my purpose was to help and heal people, in a way that is basic to me, in a way I understand. Maybe not like Jesus (which is probably why I was hospitalised lol) – I now see that my gifts are what I AM, although there are still aspects to be healed within me.

I have always had trouble with relationships, until I found a gem amongst the crowd. I’ll call her L. She was an island amongst a stormy sea for me during my late teens, and I felt genuinely comforted for the first time in my life. We enjoyed two years together. Young love. But it was real. Then, the problems came… I started to become jealous and very envious of other guys. I would fear that she would leave me. I became too protective. So, after much procrastination, I left her. I knew I had to heal my own inner conflict before I could embrace the totality of love. I knew the problem wasn’t her, but me, and I’m still on that journey. Almost there now.

Those times in ecstacy with pure love and nothing but acceptance for all life. Will they come again? So grandeous, right? No. It’s the antidote, and I will not yield to believing otherwise. But then there is guilt and shame. Guilt because I got angry at my mum. Shame because my soul is yearning to be without a chemical restraint. I told her that I’m a man and I can make my own decisions in a raised voice,  reclaiming my masculinity and expressing rightful anger, but this only confirmed to her that I needed to be on medication – and the 7th hospital visit ensued. I now see the lesson that has been given to me during the past year of being stable on medication is how to settle myself inside. I once thought it was a punishment for the anger I expressed to my mum, but I now see a deeper more meaningful reason for it. It is life giving me another dimension to explore. I have the happy and confident Tom here always, but I am learning the mechanics of darkness again, to be calm in its midst; like a tree wavering in the fierce winds.

My story is about personal healing. All of the mistakes I made lead me to a clear vision. I see clearly the events of emotional neglect and abuse as a child, and it is my purpose to heal and talk about it for others. It is also about joy. During my episodes of mania I experienced the potential of human happiness, and it is my dream to feel it again, and to teach others how to feel this deep and joyful bliss. Maybe this is wrong, and maybe peace will be enough.

I’m still young and have a lot ahead, but I feel a wisdom guiding me, it comes as a quiet voice, or a faint vision, but it’s always there and it knows how important the small aspects of life are, and how they make up the whole.

One step at a time.

With peace and respect.”

What a man. Thank you Thomas, for #EmergingProud, and proud you have every right to be…


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Freedom: One day my soul woke me up

Dominique, from South Africa, beautifully expresses through the power of pure vulnerability why #EmergingProud is so vital:


Thank you Dominique, for your heartfelt authentic sharing, in order to help others feel less isolated; this is what peer support is all about ❤


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