“Look into my Eyes”

You may remember Sue who shared her ‘Blooming Warrior’ journey with us for our #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse KindaProud book?

Read it again here;

Sue bravely shares her ‘blooming’ inspirational journey through trauma and abuse to spreading seeds of Warrior hope to others.

A few weeks ago Sue shared an incredibly powerful poem that came to her in the middle of the night. It cut straight to my heart and speaks to everything that is wrong with how people are often treated in the current mental health system. I don’t think anyone could read Sue’s words and not be moved; (*trigger warning*)

Look into my Eyes

When you’re done with noting down the colour of my skin, the style of my hair, my gender, the clothes I’m wearing, the way I sit,

When you’re done with judging the way I express myself, the way I behave,

When you’re done with calculating the risk I pose to you,

When you’re done with depriving me of my freedom,

When you’re done with stripping away my dignity, my humanity, my self-agency,

When you’re done with labelling me and placing me in one of your cluster groups,

When you’re done with plotting out your pathway for me,

When you’re done with subtly insisting on my compliance to your world,

When you’re done with inflicting upon me your evidence-based practices and lecturing me about your NICE guidelines,

When you’re done with questioning the very core of me,

When you’re done with blaming me and shaming me,

When you’re done with crushing my hopes and my dreams,

When you’re done with raping my soul and breaking my spirit,

When you’re done with killing me softly.

When you’re done with all this,

I would ask you,

To show me your humility, your willingness to learn,

To put down your textbooks, your manuals and your formularies,

To set aside your prescription pads,

To peel off the electrodes you’ve placed on my forehead,

To remove your clouded spectacles,

And to step down from your thrones of power,

And when you are ready,

I invite you to be with me in my world,

To walk alongside me as I stumble along my fragile pathway,

To share with me your vulnerability as I have shared with you mine,

To sit with me and bear witness to my hopelessness, my alienation, my pain, my sense of betrayal, my grief and my humiliation,

To look into my eyes,

Where you will see the child within me who holds the agony, the scars, the terror, the silent screams,

And when you have sat for a while with all that you have witnessed,

And are able and willing to hold this space and explore with me my story,

Then my self-loathing, my despair, my loneliness, my shame, my fear begins to fade and wither,

My spirit begins to awaken, and my soul begins to heal.

Only then might you begin to understand who I am.

Andy Farr depicted Sue’s poem in this beautiful painting named ‘Little Sue’ – the details of the whole collection is called ‘The Twisted Rose and other Lives’ – and explores the emotions and experience of post traumatic stress and recovery. You can see the background info on Andy’s website here: https://www.andyfarr.com/twistedrose.

Little Sue

Thank you to Sue and Andy for generously sharing their work for our KindaProud series.

Would you like to share your transformation story or poetry for Mandy’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse? 

Please contact Mandy to find out how by contacting her at: ambrieleve@gmail.com

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First book in the KindaProud series is due for release; Making the non-ordinary a normal part of being human in an evolving world

Why are we KindaProud about what is evolving? 




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#Emerging Proud through NOTEs is available for pre-order!

Through Notes cover v3

Everyone in this book has had one, and we want more people to know about them…
NOTEs are little known about and acknowledged in our modern world, but through this book together we are aiming to change that, and to offer support to those going through these challenging experiences… A NOTE (non-ordinary transcendent experience) is a rare and unfamiliar event that takes us beyond our regular understanding of ourselves and the world.
All proceeds raised by the sales these books will go towards buying and dispersing messages of hope, often life-saving, to mental health facilities worldwide. 


Join us on Sunday 12th May for our FREE online launch event by registering here:


Any donations received will buy books for those who may be struggling with the process. 
Could re-framing personal crises as potential growth opportunities, and harnessing the powerful potential of NOTEs not only help us to support them, but also provide a necessary lens into ways in which we can save our species at this time of global crisis?

“Even within the midst of great confusion, despair or turmoil, can we trust that intrinsic within the very nature of our Beings lie the seeds of profound healing and transformation.” Dr Paris Williams

Join us on 12th May for our virtual event and find out why we believe that normalising these experiences is vital for humanity 🙏
Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 18.52.37
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Summer sacred space empowerment retreat to #Emerge Proud through eating and body image challenges

Join our insprational KindaProud Rep Amy Woods and me for a nourishing Self-Love retreat in July…

Have you found yourself alone in your challenges with food or body image?

Come join us, discover that you are not alone, and you are already more than enough exactly as you are!

Embrace the freedom to enjoy the experience of eating, and appreciate your body exactly as it is…

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 15.54.44


Click here for more details: Eating and Body Image Retreat Info Booklet

Contact us HERE to reserve your place 

We look forward to welcoming you to the idyllic Breathing Space for some deep sharing and laughter ❤


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A little reminder from ‘un-muted’ Ivy!

You may remember our star Ivy from the #EmergingProud film? It’s hard to believe Ivy was mute during her hospitalisation – just look at her now, a glowing example of the transformative power of NOTEs! When we feel heard and validated, we find our voices and that needs to be celebrated…

Ivy wanted to remind you all to sign up for our celebrations on 12th May 2019! ❤


Nicole and I will be joined by some inspiring guests to talk all things #EmergingProud, Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences and Global Crisis / Emergence… not to mention launching our new KindaProud book series!  Come join us online ❤

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 18.52.37

Pre- order link coming VERY soon! 

*All proceeds of book sales will go to buy books to distribute to mental health facilities*

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Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

The wide- reaching rivers of this movement are starting to merge into one collective ocean, and it can’t come quick enough for those of us that have felt this coming for years…

I’m sharing this for Paris, who coined the phrase ‘Rethinking Madness’ (at least for me), and who spoke such wisdom in the #EmergingProud film… “We can’t have an evolution without chaos preceeding it” he said, and oh was he right!

Join Paris and some other amazing thought- leaders in evolving consciousness for this online webinar:

Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Paris Williams, Author of Rethinking Madness 
Mark Lakeman, Co-Founder, City Repair Project
Christine Karczewski, Co-Founder, The Healing Field
Rangi Ahipene, Maori Chief

Moderated by Oryx Cohen, National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

This webinar series was introduced in June 2018 and explores ways of healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits and weaves connections for repair—not only on the personal, but also on a larger global and environmental scale.

It draws from the premise of profound interconnectedness—that the wellbeing of each of us is intimately tied up with the wellbeing of the Earth It also draws from age-old indigenous wisdom that those who have experienced extreme states often provide the unusual vantage point of seeing the world from outside the limited confines of consensus reality. Therefore, we see an extraordinary two-way opportunity unfolding within human society—on one hand, reconnecting with the Earth offers the potential for great healing of any and all of us; and on the other hand, those who have grappled with extreme states of mind and spirit may hold an essential key in humanity’s return to living in harmony with the Earth and our fellow Earthlings.

Through efforts showcased by the various leaders participating in this webinar series, we find that a supportive infrastructure is emerging, one that is very much needed for resilience, empowerment, connection to the earth, and sustainable wellness in our communities.

More information here:  https://alliedcircles.org/earth-healing

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2396668565181485569

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 09.12.03

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Catherine G Lucas, Founder of the UK SCN, set to join us for #Emerging Proud day online celebration

With the incredible Extinction Rebellion catalysing a compassionate civil uprising, it feels very synchronistic to share some #EmergingProud news with you … is this a sign that a global spiritual awakening is taking place? We certainly think so…

We’re delighted to announce that Catherine G Lucas, the Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network  (SCN), will be joining us for our LIVE online #EmergingProud day celebrations and book launch on 12th May to honour the 15th anniversary of SCN, and mainly to talk about her new work which focuses on global spiritual emergence.

What can individual journeys of awakening offer to the global crisis?

Here Catherine explains…



I’m broadening the scope of my work out from supporting personal spiritual emergence(y) to supporting global spiritual emergence(y). In particular, I’m exploring the parallels between personal awakening through crisis and global awakening through crisis. Both can be intense, terrifying and feel unmanageable. Both involve a letting go of the old ways of doing and being, a burning away of the old, as we’ve just seen in the extraordinary archetypal burning of Notre Dame – a powerful symbol of spiritual emergency if ever there was one! Most importantly, both involve shifting to a new level of consciousness. 

Key questions are:

  • What can we learn from personal spiritual emergence(y) that can help us cope with the global emergence(y)?
  • What can we learn from the individual process that can help us move successfully through our global awakening?
  • Where the model of the Hero’s Journey is so helpful at the personal level, can it also be usefully applied to the global?
  • Do we need a team of ‘spiritual emergency elders’, of those who have been through spiritual crisis and awakening, to help ‘hold’ the process, to help hold the awareness that what appears to be a world crisis of catastrophic proportions is actually our awakening?

Below are a few paragraphs from the introduction of ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ which will also give you a bit of an idea of where I’m coming from.

‘. . .  when I then read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, his words struck a chord. Our choice as a species is simple, he tells us: evolve or die. He puts it urgently and starkly. He is talking about evolving spiritually.

. . .

‘As the awakening of human consciousness gathers pace, more people are having to navigate the treacherous waters of spiritual emergency. As more people succeed in finding their way through such experiences, their awakened consciousness, in turn, helps the planetary shift to gather further momentum.

‘As we explore and become familiar with the territory of spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency, we realize that there are very real parallels between what happens at the individual level and what is happening at the global level. We are beginning to experience global crisis; the awakening of global consciousness is starting to feel very painful and challenging. This is no different from what individuals experience when going through the birth pangs of spiritual crisis. The lessons we learn at the personal level can be translated to the global.

‘Humanity is embarked on its own version of the Hero’s Journey. If we understand the process at the individual level, we can know that the seeming breakdown of what I call the ‘dark night of the globe’ is the precursor to breaking through to a whole new level of awakened consciousness.

‘We will see just how intense and challenging a crisis of spiritual awakening can be personally. It is this level of intensity and challenge we can expect to see at the world level during the coming years of transition. When we read the stories of those whose spiritual unfolding led to crisis and see how they navigated their way successfully through it, we can hopefully draw much inspiration and encouragement from that in responding to the global situation.’

Join myself and Nicole to hear more from Catherine on the 12th May at 2pm GMT;



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