An invitation to connect more deeply with your place in the Eco-systemic whole (in- person, Norfolk, UK)

“I am not an individual, I am an Ecosystem”

Reginald Haslett-Marroquin

Reconnect – Regenerate – Remember

Re-connect with the natural world around you.
Re-generate your love for our beautiful planet.
Re-member that you are an intrinsic part of the eco-system.

There is an invitation in the air at the moment for us to deeply reconnect to ourselves and the natural world around us. If you are drawn to doing this and are especially drawn to plant consciousness and sensing in to how to ‘speak’ to plants and the plant realm, there is an opportunity to come together and learn some techniques to do so.


Kate Fisher has always been a nature lover as so many of us sensitives are. She started her plant consciousness journey studying magical herbalism and self studied medicinal herbalism. Coming to the end of those courses she sensed into knowing there was a deeper level to know the plants and found the concept of plant shamanism. After reading up and learning as much theory as she could, for a while she wanted to experience it for herself, so travelled to different countries; Philippines, America and Peru, learning from the Shamans and plants there. It is now a part of her everyday life as she is continuing to live and learn the old traditions and permaculture and regenerative agriculture principles.

This inspiring course, offered by Kate, is starting near Yule (21st Dec) on the weekend on 17th and 18th December as this helps connects us deeper to the cycle of the year and in doing so, the cycles of nature. Starting at this time helps us to feel into ourselves as a seedling being planted in the dark Earth, bringing what we need into us to germinate and create a seedling. It is beginning with self reflection so we can then differentiate the signals from ourselves (on all levels) and then have clearer conversations with the plant realm.

“We come in to go out, just as plants grow down to grow up” Kate

This will be an organic, ongoing offering that asks for a commitment so that the group can develop at a similar pace and grows trust amongst the participants.

“It helps us become a human grove; sharing knowledge, wisdom, tools, techniques and so much more.” Kate

AIM: Meeting once a month, out in the Norfolk (UK) countryside, for a few hours to develop skills and learn techniques for connecting.

This course is being offered via a gift economy. This means that in the outdated paradigm you would be asked to pay £20 or more to attend, however with the gift economy the flexibility allows trust to enable you to pay what you can. This way finances are not a hurdle for anyone to attend. If you are feeling abundant and can share more sometimes than others, your place is guaranteed.

If you would like to join us, please visit Kates page HERE

or email Kate directly at:

“I look forward to communicating with you” Nature 🙂

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