Do you want to help evolve a new holistic conceptual framework for mental health?

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Everyone in this community knows that we need a framework for our spiritual / transcendent / psychedelic experiences that is not pathological, but what is specifically needed in mental health services to support these experiences in a more helpful way?

Intention and setting has a vital impact on the healing process… iatrogenic harm is a huge factor on preventing healing in our current system; how do we bring in the narrative of ‘Post-traumatic growth’ and the switch from victimisation into possibility for transformation into services? 

We are all coming to the same destination (a need for a new post-partriarchal psychiatric paradigm) via different doorways – let’s focus on the destination rather than the door; where are our bridges?

The aim of the our gathering in London on Jan 17th 2010 is for the ideas from the collective voices who gather to inform a recommendation report to the Authors of the Power, Threat, Meaning Framework around how to be more inclusive of , and how best to support, ‘altered states of consciousness / transcendent’ experiences.

Do you have an idea to share? Your voice will be heard.. 


With thanks to  Safely Held Spaces  for their kind sponsorship of the report, which will be available publicly in Feb 2020.


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2 Responses to Do you want to help evolve a new holistic conceptual framework for mental health?

  1. Trevor Tacey says:

    I am not sure if this is relevant to your event but it seems to resonate with me. I spent more than thirty years trapped in drug addiction that led to a life of crime and misery. I am under no doubt that my addiction was a result unresolved childhood trauma. My journey led me to a technique called EFT or tapping as it is also known and these traumas were healed for good.
    I have been abstinent for twenty two years and as a result my life is amazing and I have a business where I help others like me that had no hope!
    The thing is that it is not just my physical emotional and mental well-being that has been restored but it is the spiritual part of me that allows me to feel connected and part of something bigger than me. This is the main part for me because I always felt isolated and disconnected and I don’t believe we can embrace life unless all these parts of us are addressed.
    Kind Regards Trevor.

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    • Absolutely Trevor – thank you for sharing this, please do come and bring your wisdom and experience – these are the types of holistic modalities we need the mainstream to acknowledge! Hope to meet you, warmest wishes, Katie


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