Finding our mental wealth

So far, 64 KindaProud brave and inspiring voices have spoken out; voices that were once traumatised, disempowered, ostracised, oppressed, marginalised, belittled or mistreated have ‘spoken themselves into existence’

This is the power of story-sharing. This is the power of finding our own narrative.

This is real mental health…it’s mental wealth.

WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book

Our 4th Pocket book in the ever-growing KindaProud series is;

#Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse and it’s jam-packed full of these voices who have learned how to “speak themselves into existence”, to quote one of them…


WIN #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book

What are people saying about this book? 

The courageous stories of KindaProud raise a hopeful possibility: that emotional breakdown might also open a pathway to breakthrough. With vulnerability, humility, and honesty, the voices in this powerful collection are just the leaders we need…and they invite all of us to join them. 

Will Hall

Schizophrenia diagnosis survivor, host of Madness Radio, and author of the Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs 

A deeply moving insight to the humanity that lies behind psychiatric labels and diagnoses. This book showcases the resilience of the human spirit that can survive on very little for very long and yet continue to strive towards healing and growth. The brave unblinking voices of these accounts finally return the stories of mental illness from the medical institutions to those that know deeply within themselves that the ‘madness’ wasn’t theirs to start with, theirs was the task of surviving and finding their way towards safety, integrity and empowerment. Their stories carry the urgency of reform for our mental health systems, from hierarchical structures of ‘treatment’ into collaborative and holistic systems of ‘healing’. An important read for anyone surviving or working with survivors of trauma or abuse.

Maria Papaspyrou, Integrative Psychotherapist, systemic family constellations facilitator and co-editor of psychedelic mysteries of the feminine.

Trauma, while it may have lasting impacts on our hearts, minds, and spirits, does not have to determine who we are and who we become. The narratives in this book slay shame and help to create a sense of possibility, even in the midst of trauma and struggle. These heartfelt and vulnerable stories remind us that healing is always possible, with the right support, and they remind us of perhaps the most important thing of all: that we are not alone.

Leah Harris
Survivor, writer, and facilitator and former member of the International Institute for Mental Health Leadership 

It’s hard to be alone when you experience, encounter or re-live distress. It’s good to have company that can reassure and support you and help you make sense of what’s happening. And the best company is often people who have shared a similar experience of distress and like you are working to make sense of and deal with it. I think you will find some helpful companions in this book. We’re all different and you don’t have to agree with everything you read, but what unites these first hand accounts is the sense that experiencing trauma, abuse, crisis, neglect, distress, confusion, the negatives of the psychiatric system, other emotional difficulties and even cruelties, can also be turned to become a resource to strengthen us and open up our lives and understanding, rather than restrict what we can be and even close us down. This offers more than hope, important though that is. It offers us the benefit of drawing on other people’s diverse experience, which in my life has been the best healer, the most valuable support and resource. As one of this book’s contributors wisely says: 

‘To anyone else struggling – you are NOT alone. I chose to be alone and endured it, but that was my life lesson – I had to let go and let others in.’

Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Citizen Participation, University of Essex and Co-Chair of Shaping Our Lives

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