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The American Centre for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE) conference – coming soon!

ACISTE is on a mission! Every year thousands of people have life-changing spiritual experiences that often radically alter their values, worldview, career choices, and relationships. Yet very few helping professionals are aware of the latest research, common responses, and unique … Continue reading

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Holly from Canada intuitively knew that what she’d been told was impossible, was possible. She’s now #EmergingProud to prove it!

Holly Chapman from British Columbia, Canada, now harnesses the wisdom from what was once labelled as symptoms of various ‘illnesses’ as her ‘board of directors’, listening to her visions, voices and sensitivities and embracing her ‘superpowers’ has helped guide her … Continue reading

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Ty Faruki #Emerges Proud through racial abuse and the effects of being exposed to humanitarian conflict

Ty Faruki’s experiences of racial abuse and witnessing first- hand the atrocities of socio/political conflict resulted him being given a ‘disorder’ label. If anyone reads the reasons behind Ty’s behaviours and nervous system responses, they become understandable human reactions to … Continue reading

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3rd Pocket Book of Hope in the KindaProud series is set for release on 10th Sept

Collating the KindaProud Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation has been such a journey of learning and growth… each one seems to get stronger and more profound. Our 3rd book; #EmergingProud through Suicide will be available for pre-order on Monday, … Continue reading

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Theresa emerges through a childhood of adversity to set herself on an incredible journey of discovering what it means to be truly human

Theresa grew up believing she was “unwanted, unloveable, defective and worthless.” Suffering her first nervous breakdown at the age of 23, turned out to be the start of a “recurring cycle of gradual unravelling” due to having lived in her … Continue reading

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Martha’s paradoxical healing journey through an unexpected traumatic initiation

We are now collating stories for our next Pocketbook in the KindaProud series; #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse. Trauma has many guises, and can occur in the most unexpected ways… We will hear more of Martha’s story for this … Continue reading

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NDE’s and the Evolution of Consciousness event in Cambridge, UK

A day to explore NDE’s and other ‘Non-ordinary’ states of mind in relation to the nature of the evolution of consciousness CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SEAT  Speakers: Dr Peter Fenwick (neuropsychiatrist, author and academic) Dr Steve Taylor (author and … Continue reading

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