#Emerging Proud through Suicide set for release on 10th Sept

Our 3rd Pocketbook of Hope and Transformation in the KindaProud series has probably been the toughest yet; a hugely sensitive subject which is so prevalent in our society, and yet so little spoken about. All of the amazing 16 faces on this cover, and of course our passionate Rep Kelly, want to change the public perception of what it means to have been affected by suicide.

It’s with huge gratitude to everyone involved that we proudly announce;

#Emerging Proud through Suicide is set to publish on World Suicide Awareness day; 10th Sept 2019 


What are people saying about this book?


People contemplate suicide when they believe they have no hope left. These moving and powerful stories show that despair can be the beginning, not the end, and can open up the path to a new, meaningful and rewarding life. The evidence is in the words of these 16 courageous individuals. They have lessons for all of us, but particularly for those struggling with hopelessness and despair.

Dr Lucy Johnstone, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, author and the former Programme Director of the Bristol Clinical Psychology Doctorate and was the lead author of Good practice guidelines on the use of psychological formulation (Division of Clinical Psychology, 2011). She has worked in Adult Mental Health settings for many years, most recently in a service in South Wales. She was lead author, along with Professor Mary Boyle, for the Power Threat Meaning Framework, a Division of Clinical Psychology-funded project to outline a conceptual alternative to psychiatric diagnosis, which was published in January 2018.

Sometimes, if we look hard enough amongst the barrage of biomedical model messages about ‘mental health’ and  human suffering that this society is swamped with, we find books like this. 

Books that give a voice to individuals, that celebrates the strength of the human spirit and our connection with each other.

These courageous testimonies remind us, unequivocally, that the route to ‘healing’ (or whatever word we choose to use), is in finding our own meaning, making our own sense and telling our own stories. 


Jo Watson, Psychotherapist and Activist. 

Founder of Drop the Disorder FaceBook group and Organiser of the ‘A Disorder for Everyone!’ events. www.adisorder4everyone.com


The incredible stories captured in the pages of this KindaProud Pocketbook of Hope remind us all what human beings have always known, but what over time has been forgotten; mental and emotional distress provides the crucible of transformation, always on our side and never against us. It is only by reaching their perceived rock bottom, that these 16 incredible souls are able to finally find their ground and a pathway leading them, not to the life that they had planned, but rather to the life they were always meant to be living.

Joanna, Phyllida & James, Co-Founders, Safely Held Spaces https://www.safelyheldspaces.org

Follow the blog or watch THIS PAGE to find out how to get hold of your copy from 10th Sept 2019…

These books are proving to be so popular that we don’t want to stop here; our intention is to continue the series with another 4 Pocketbooks. We have funding for half of the costs for this already pledged from the hugely supportive The Missing Kind Charity

We are seeking a match- funder; do YOU know of anyone (or organisation) who might sponsor us to get these inspiring messages out into the world? CONTACT US HERE

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