Martha’s paradoxical healing journey through an unexpected traumatic initiation

Martha S
We are now collating stories for our next Pocketbook in the KindaProud series;
#Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse. Trauma has many guises, and can occur in the most unexpected ways…
We will hear more of Martha’s story for this next book very soon, but as an introduction here is her account in a brilliant interview with Will Hall…
This interview explores the complex relationship between psychedelics, psychosis and spiritual awakening, through the lens of Martha- who has lived through an intense ayahuasca journey that resulted in a series of manic episodes, sectioning and iatrogenic trauma, as well as a deepened sense of aliveness, divinity and peace in her everyday life.
Now working within the NHS as a mental health worker, she speaks with Will Hall about the dance between disclosure and safety at work; transpersonal and clinical psychology; and ‘madness’ and awakening.
Martha is doing a masters degree in transpersonal psychology, spirituality and consciousness studies, and is co-director of an interdisciplinary think tank for psychosis research in Bristol. Martha also has a keen interest in and love for Zen Buddhism and depth astrology.


Martha highlights the dark side of plant medicine ceremonies, in addition to their healing potential, iatrogenic trauma coupled with what she found to be some positive aspects of the health service – all paradoxical, just like life itself.
Martha now sees her experiences as a Hero(ine)’s journey….providing integration, learning, making sense of her life, validation and most importantly, connection.

Martha will be sharing her story in our #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocketbook of Hope and Transformation – find out when it’s released and how to get it onto your bookshelf HERE! 

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