Our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book is due for release on 10th Oct!

Who said it was impossible to publish 4 books in 6 months? With such an amazing team of kind people, anything is possible!

World Mental Health day is on the 10th Oct and we thought it would be the perfect day to change conversations about mental health to ones that are more hopeful – these 16 inspirational faces have #Emerged Proud to share their personal stories.

They have all experienced very different challenging life events, but they all have one thing in common; they now see their crises as being catalysts for transformation…

Through Trauma cover v3

This inspirational little pocket book will be available for pre-order in just a couple of weeks! Keep an eye on THIS PAGE to place your order.

With thanks to support from The Missing Kind Charity, the proceeds from all KindaProud book sales will go to distribute FREE books to mental health facilities worldwide.

Our published books in the series so far:

Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 09.27.06.png


We are currently seeking match- funding to complete our 8 book series – CONTACT US if you are interested in becoming an official sponsor for this incredible collaborative project. 

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1 Response to Our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book is due for release on 10th Oct!

  1. mindfulnessmaster says:

    Awesome mental health initiative! 👍🙏👌 mindfullyMAD.org

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