#Emerging Proud through Suicide officially launches on Tuesday 10th Sept

The 10th September 2019 will see the 16th World Suicide prevention day, and still the amount of people taking their lives every year is on the increase…

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 12.57.14

We desperately need to change the narrative around these experiences within society to ensure this epidemic starts to decline.

Our 3rd pocket book in the KindaProud series aims to do just that. These 17 brave Peers have spoken out about their personal experiences in order to make the topic more openly spoken about rather than something that has to be avoided – may their voices reach those who need to hear their messages, may their light brighten up the darkness in the lives of many… Front-Back-Book-Mockup

CLICK HERE TO READ THE #Emerging Proud through Suicide Press Release



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