January event; coming together to envision a framework that will support ‘the alchemy of falling apart’

I was recently guided to read this brilliant open letter to the spiritual community about psychiatry, from the fabulous holistic Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan   

and she speaks so clearly to the intention of our January event happening 2 weeks today.

Kelly says; I used to think spirituality was for the softies on the sidelines of the action.

So did I, until I really delved into the murky depths of healing that spiritual practice has to offer. I’ve recognised patterns, both within myself and between us, that the current medical model dominant in psychiatry can prevent us from healing.

As Kelly states; When we say no to our felt experience, to our bodies, we are maintaining the tension of the war.

On the 17th Jan we will consider the question;

“How does the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF) relate to those who perceive their experience in transcendent/ transformative, spiritual or spiritual emergency terms, and how could it be used to support this?”

We will create space to think about how the psychiatric system poses a threat to the Spiritual Emergence process, and how the PTMF could be used support this.

Imagine if we could create a new mental health system that sees all Psychiatrists saying Kelly’s powerful words;

Falling apart; it doesn’t scare me. That’s because I know that, if I can provide a solid container for it to all fall apart, then the alchemy of the wound takes place.

It may be our job, as a community to begin, one by one, to say yes to ourselves, fully, in all ways. Yes to a high level of self-care, to devotion, to the messages our body is attempting to send, to our felt wrongness, to our wild energies, to our very souls slamming the walls of the small boxes we have stuffed them into. But we have to do this together. We have to lock eyes and say – if you do it, I’ll do it.

At our event On 17th Jan in London the intention is to lock eyes and be prepared to do it, together.

I’m going to be there, are you?


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