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2020; a year to remember that life is sacred

A new decade is upon us. It’s more important now than ever before that we remember why we came here at this time; an emerging era for humanity. With the world in crisis, our only hope of survival as a … Continue reading

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We’re falling apart, and our only hope is to believe it’s all part of the process…

So it happened – Britain is now amidst its own spiritual crisis… Things really do have to fall apart to be re-created in a more adaptive order… so we find ourselves amidst this process now… What can we do about … Continue reading

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Have you had the courage to write your own ending?

We’re in the process of collecting stories for our 5th KindaProud Pocket Book; #Emerging Proud through Psychosis and Schizophrenia Did you refuse to own your label of ‘crazy’ or ‘broken’ only to use it as the catalyst for your own … Continue reading

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