2020; a year to remember that life is sacred

A new decade is upon us.

It’s more important now than ever before that we remember why we came here at this time; an emerging era for humanity.

With the world in crisis, our only hope of survival as a human species is to awaken spiritually – and we all hold a piece of the puzzle in creating a better future…

We have a choice; to drown in the political, societal and environmental crises now surrounding us, or to recognise these challenges as a ‘Call to Action’ – and use them as our impetus to transform ourselves and our world.

We are blessed to walk on this Earth, and we hold the wisdom of our ancestors deep within – often the emergence of this wisdom is messy; transformation takes bravery.

May we all remember that we are sacred…


In 2020, may we walk in beauty and remember our song ❤



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