Introducing our 5th KindaProud Rep, creative inspiration Mica

We are absolutely delighted to be able to introduce our Rep for our 5th Pocket Book of Hope in the KindaProud series; #Emerging Proud through Psychosis and Schizophrenia. 

We are more than KindaProud of the lovely and very talented Mica, who has prevailed through her diagnosis of psychosis to become both a published Poet and Psychologist, and so is supporting this much-needed shift of perspective from ‘illness’ to ‘transformation’ on many levels.

You’ll hear more of Mica’s story as we progress this book, but hear is a little intro and a sneaky peek of her amazing poetry…

Mica Gray

My name is Mica Montana Gray. I’m 26 years old, from Birmingham, UK. I currently work as an Assistant Psychologist and have written a poetry collection titled ‘When Daisies Talk’ which explores my journey of healing through my experience of psychosis. I am passionate about changing the way that we understand the experiences of psychosis and schizophrenia in both clinical and community spaces, and I am grateful to have been asked to share my story as part of this movement.

It was at the launch of the emerging proud film event that I met some of the people who have been integral to who I’ve become and so it is an honour to help serve the community through sharing my story. My heart hurts for those who had to go through these experiences without such a community but I am encouraged by these stories that will help those who go through these transformative experiences in the future to find healing and hope.

I had my first experience of psychosis while studying my Undergraduate Psychology degree. My experience was an encounter with the brokenness of my own soul, past trauma’s and buried emotions – but it was also an encounter with ancient wisdom, oneness with the world, creativity, love and the spirit of God. My experience catapulted me into purpose, into relationship with God through Christianity and into discovering my true identity; my reason for being in this world. I am looking forward to sharing the insights from my journey with you as well as learning from all of yours.



When I tell you

that aliens have implanted

chips in my head

or that the CIA is leaving microphones

under my bed

that I

think I am Jesus.

don’t get caught up on the metaphors.

don’t try to take my poetry

and fit it into your theory of psychology

in attempt

to calculate how far away i am

from the normal way that a human being

ought to relate to itself

don’t lock me into your narrow definitions of good mental health.

no, I don’t actually think that I am Jesus of Nazareth

who walked the desert for 40 days

and brought salvation through death.

what I am trying to communicate

is that I now recognize myself,

as important.

as having a cross to bear.

as a being made of love.

as a being, with a great purpose.

as a being, with a strong spirit.

so don’t get upset

when i refuse to let you convince me

that it is irrational to feel like a God

when i have finally encountered

a sense of divinity

within me.

when i have promised myself

to no longer let

the demons, the CIA, the aliens,

my negative thoughts

win in their attempt to

put out my fire.

so, when I tell you

that I am fighting the aliens in my head,

that I’m getting rid of the microphones

that the CIA have put under my bed

that I

feel like Jesus.

don’t get caught on the metaphors.

simply reply,

it’s about time.


Mica – it’s your time ❤

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2 Responses to Introducing our 5th KindaProud Rep, creative inspiration Mica

  1. Mandy says:

    Great to have you on the KindaProud project Mica. Your poetry is totally amazing 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelly walsh says:

    Wow wow wow so love your story and resonate with it in so many ways…. keep shining and lighting up the world! The divinity in me recognises the divinity in you xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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