Ambriel and Jeeva emerge through their traumatic pasts to shake the world with their creativity

Remember Mandy, our latest Pocket Book Rep? She’s shared some of her inspiring poetry across the book series, but that’s not the half of it! Mandy and her partner Ash have been busy writing away their pain for quite a while, and are now ready to launch their creative flair upon the world… Check out their new Instagram site, and watch this space for news on their Pocket Book memoir – it’s not to be missed!

Hi all

It’s great to be involved in the KindaProud project and to share our personal stories for the Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocketbook, which was published recently. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, then you can do so here.

Following publication of the book, we finally got around to doing something with some of our writing and have set up an Instagram account. It’d be great if you all could take a look and we’d love for you to click ‘Follow’ so you can join us on our writing journey 😊

We’ll be posting various poetry, quotes, etc. on the subjects of mental health, the environment and our broken society, as well as some other topics that will hopefully make you smile a bit.

We both found writing when we hit our lowest time emotionally. It really helped with our healing process and we then decided it was something that we wanted to pursue. We’ve written a stack of poems and short stories so far, are working on a Pocketbook memoir (expanding on the personal stories we shared in the KindaProud book) and we’ve started writing a novel together. We very much want writing to be part of our future…

With good love to you all x

Mandy and Ash (alias Ambriel and Jeeva 😄)


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