Dropping pathological labels – in solidarity

I’m proud to be a member of Drop the Disorder – would you like to be too?

‘Drop the Disorder!’ is a Facebook group for people interested in challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and in supporting non-pathologising ways of understanding and responding to emotional distress.
You very are welcome to join the group if this applies to you.
Also, if you want others to be able to more easily identify you as a non-pathologising therapist or ally please feel free to display the image below on your website or to share it generally on social media.
Jo Watson
(Drop the Disorder!)




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3 Responses to Dropping pathological labels – in solidarity

  1. Carolyn says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the idea of dropping labels and disorders!

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  2. hubsister says:

    Great to hear that a community is promoting & supporting non-pathologising..
    I’ve been an autonomous, non-pathologising practitioner for many years, midwifing process ..vulnerable position, in some ways, subject to the projections & aggressions of social strata who for whatever reason need to maintain what the Institution provides.. and worth it for the autonomy found in developing a working relationship with ‘symptoms’, the creativity & sense of new language in accessing own communication systems internal & external.. & rippling those abilities & energy throughout our living networks..
    But I cant participate with you ..
    There are a substantial number of people who are disabled from using I.T.. physically affected by the energy wavelengths computers use, and/or the hardware devices themselves.. I can ‘do’ short bursts of email or text, but anything more causes neurological symptoms that take me out of any functioning.. this isnt “not liking” I.T. , its disability.. and affects a silent stratum of people who dont have witness because Society is still in a place of not recognising the possibility that I.T. isnt universal..
    Please help to make networking universal.. I’d be more than happy to help facilitate networking .. physical meets, phonecalls, paper communications.. email for those who can manage some I.T..

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    • I hear you – it’s starting to affect me too being online for way too long. One other thing is I’ve finally realised is I can’t do it all myself – it’s only by taking our piece of the puzzle that we can make these things ripple out. Maybe if you have that drive and passion due to your own experience you can support Jo in the ways you describe. You can contact her here: http://www.adisorder4everyone.com It’s so needed, agreed 🙂


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