Our 5th KindaProud book is announced!

We are delighted to announce that, thanks again to funding for publication from The Missing Kind Charity, we are able to publish our 5th pocket book in the KindaProud series!

The theme for the book will be;

#Emerging Proud through Psychosis and Schizophrenia


We will be announcing our fabulous peer Rep for this book very soon! Watch this space…

Would you like to take part?

Were you given either of these diagnoses but have realised that you were not ‘broken’ but amidst a journey of transformation? Would you like to share your story on our blog and be considered for publication in the pocket book? Your story could inspire people all over the world to know that there is hope beyond their label…


We are raising funds to continue the series – there are SO many titles we’d love to publish in order to support people who have been given disempowering labels know that they CAN not only recover but flourish through adversity – can you help us make this happen?



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