Putting our compassionate rage into action

There is so much anger in the ether around mental health services; valid and justifiable anger – I get it, believe me I do.

However, I have learned the painful way that all expressing anger achieves is building walls and pushing us further from finding solutions…

We have to stop focusing on the problem, and start focusing on the solutions

Most of us are wanting to get to the same destination (a new post-patriarchal paradigm) but via different doorways – let’s focus on the destination rather than the doorway; where are our bridges?

How do we bring in the narrative of ‘Post-traumatic growth’ and the switch from the victimisation of those suffering into possibility for transformation into services?

What is needed in services to support these experiences in a more helpful way? What can we include in MH care to enable people to thrive and not just survive?

This is what we will discuss during our ‘conference with a difference’ on 17th Jan 2020;

“How does the Power Threat Meaning Framework relate to those who perceive their experience in transformative terms, and how could it be used to support this?”


#EmergingProud sees the ‘spiritual’ element of the equally important BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL aspects of what it means to be wholly human as understanding a crisis as a journey of growth, connection and transformation.

Which doorway are you coming through? Whether it’s the psychedelic community, mental health arena, environment activism or a political lens we believe you hold vital pieces of the puzzle to bring to the discussion…


What to expect on the day; 

9.30am Arrivals and registration

10am: Katie to introduce the plan for the day and the laws of the Open Space mechanism

10.15am – An overview of the Power Threat Meaning Framework by Lucy Johnstone

10.45am – A somatic meditation practice to get us ‘out of our minds’ and into the wisdom of the heart

11am – Coffee break

11.20am – Market Place – all delegates invited to raise a discussion topic for the day if they are passion about something needing to be addressed

12.20pm –All delegates invited to plan their afternoon from the live Agenda wall

12.30pm – Lunch break

1.30pm – Open Space session 1 (delgates free to float between discussions as they feel inspired)

2.30pm – Open Space session 2 (delgates free to float between discussions as they feel inspired)

3.30pm – Break

3.50pm – Reconvene full delegate circle for harvest feedback from discussions

4.50pm – Katie to close with what happens next – all delegates to receive a post-event report 

FEELING and compassionate rage is necessary to give us the impetus to want to affect change, as long as we put our anger to purpose. Are you passionate for change? 





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1 Response to Putting our compassionate rage into action

  1. PosiTone® says:

    Hi Katie

    Am feeling a pull to come… I know Divine timing is playing out in my life so I have no control over anything lol! 🙃

    I will get there if I am meant to as I AM always very much putting my compassionate rage into action!

    Much love to you Katie for all you are doing, thank you 🤗 xx

    Love Jen xx

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