A new narrative for mental health has to start today, and it’s #Emerging Proud on the book shelves!

Today is World Mental Health Day 2019 and there will be posts galore about ending the stigma of mental distress. But that sentiment far from misses the point.

Natural human reactions to trauma are being pathologised as made-up diseases that have absolutely no scientific evidence for, and then treated in inhumane ways. This has to stop. The way we push away, ignore and medicate our pain into meaningless oblivion has to change.

Are you struggling? Do you need another, more helpful way in which to understand your pain?

One of our fabulous #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book contributors, Catherine Lucas, has a message for you;

Right at this particular moment in history, there is more need than ever to help individuals like you become empowered and take responsibility for your healing. You have SO much to offer this world in crisis. Whatever the trauma, abuse or mental health issues you’ve been through, I hope my story, and all the others in this book, inspire you, inspire you to know you can turn your life around, that you don’t need to buy into the old, pathologising, medical model paradigm. There is a bigger picture, a more holistic, integrative approach, which puts you and your story at the centre of your healing journey. You are the hero of your hero’s journey to wellbeing. Together we can create a new reality for ourselves and the world.

Together we can change the narrative of mental health.

Today sees the release of our 4th KindaProud Pocket Book aiming to do this…


Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 09.44.07


Together let’s make #WMHD2019 different from all those that have gone before. Let’s make 2019 the start of a transformation… 

This book offers; A deeply moving insight to the humanity that lies behind psychiatric labels and diagnoses. This movement showcases the resilience of the human spirit that can survive on very little for very long and yet continue to strive towards healing and growth. The brave unblinking voices heard here finally return the stories of mental illness from the medical institutions to those that know deeply within themselves that the ‘madness’ wasn’t theirs to start with, theirs was the task of surviving and finding their way towards safety, integrity and empowerment. Their stories carry the urgency of reform for our mental health systems, from hierarchical structures of ‘treatment’ into collaborative and holistic systems of ‘healing’. An important perspective for anyone surviving or working with survivors of trauma or abuse.


Maria Papaspyrou, Integrative Psychotherapist
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