Join Ellie’s online #Emerging Proud day event on Sat 12th May!

We are delighted that our tEK Peer Group Facilitator, Ellie, will be hold an online gathering for #EmergingProud Day!

There will be an opportunity to join in a sharing on the topic of; 

‘Synchronicities and Renewed Purpose; Beautiful Aspects of the Spiritual Emergence Journey’. 

Ellie says;
“Often, when we come together in the spiritual emergence support networks, it is to share the challenges of our experiences. Which I honour as a crucial part of the integration process. 
Having said this, sharing the beauty of our journeys is also vital. Those of us having spiritually transformative experiences are transformed and, from my experience, there can be much to celebrate about this. For me (to name a few) it’s been a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper connection to my true self and the peace and joy dwelling within, extra sensory perception and a strong sense of trust in Life.
Perhaps you’d like to come along and listen to others sharing the positive aspects of their journeys. Perhaps you’d like to share something of yours. Whether you’ve a 30 second anecdote or would like to speak for five minutes, you’re most welcome.”
2pm – 3:45pm Saturday 12th May.
All you need to attend is a computer/smart phone and the zoom link.
If you’d like to attend – please email:
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1 Response to Join Ellie’s online #Emerging Proud day event on Sat 12th May!

  1. Kenneth B says:

    Lovely bllog you have


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