Find out more about our 2018 featured Artist, Kirstie Steadman

I asked Kirstie what inspired her winning piece, ‘Weeds or Wishes’…

Weeds or Wishes


This is what she said;

The idea for weeds or Wishes came to me whilst I was thinking about my childhood… Playing outside without a care in the world; a free spirit. Magic, laughter, hopes and dreams. Making daisy chains, picking Buttercups, searching for those elusive four leaf Clovers and making wishes by blowing on Dandelion clocks.

This got me thinking about how people’s perceptions of many things differ dramatically…

…You may see a garden full of dandelion weeds, but I see a garden full of magic with hundreds of awaiting wishes to be made!

I was delighted to learn that Kirstie had been working on a new masterpiece;

Here, Kirstie proudly presents ‘Emerging’ …


One of Kirstie’s passions is creating ‘Higher Self’ portraits, through sensing the energy of her subject. Here is one she created for her friend Amanda ‘Hummingbird’, which captures her warrior essence beautifully…

Amanda Higher Self

I’ll be talking to Kirstie more about her inspired art in an interview this coming week; watch out for that!

Kirstie S

In the mean time…

Follow Kirstie on herFacebook page: Earth Energy Art by Kirstie

Or email her for details about commissioned pieces:

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