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Finland SEN is Emerging Proud for 2018!

There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for people like Liisa; cultural strangers and only ever meeting online, and yet still somehow deeply connected… Liisa’s difficult experiences  have emerged into an overriding desire to support others going … Continue reading

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Announcing the arrival of The Visionary Spirit by Dr Mick Collins

The Visionary Spirit: Awakening to the Imaginal Realm in the Transformocene Age by Mick Collins CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY! The Visionary Spirit offers a vision of hope which points to a new era of emancipatory living that Mick … Continue reading

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Heather and daughter Ellie #Emerge Proud to give hope to other families

Heather from Minnesota thankfully realised that there was more going on for her empathic daughter Ellie than the Western medical system recognised. Now able to walk their spiritual healing journey together as a family unit, here Heather describes the rocky … Continue reading

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Dr Nicole Gruel sends a NOTE from down under!

Dr Nicole Gruel from Sydney, Australia #Emerges Proud to share the profound personal experience that was to set her on her life’s mission… It’s hard to say exactly when an awakening starts and if it ever ends, but I shall … Continue reading

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Call for 2018 International #Emerging Proud day collaborators

Dear Emerging Kind Friends,   I am seeking UK and global collaborative event organisers for the 2nd International Emerging Proud day on Sat the 12th May to ensure that our message delivered is as loud and impactful as possible. Would you … Continue reading

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Gooday and Welcome to My World! John Shearer from Oz, #Emerges Proud

John’s story is the epitome of how the trauma of a difficult start in life can catalyse transformation. John, also fondly known down under as the Mindfulness Mentor, now dedicates his life to supporting other people to transform their lives. … Continue reading

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A Western Shaman’s response to the CRAZYWISE film

Hannah Hardy came along to the CRAZYWISE film screening this weekend and felt inspired to share her story… Hannah’s psychic experiences as a child didn’t concern her, it was the Western culture in which she was raised that made it … Continue reading

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