A Western Shaman’s response to the CRAZYWISE film

Hannah Hardy came along to the CRAZYWISE film screening this weekend and felt inspired to share her story…

Hannah’s psychic experiences as a child didn’t concern her, it was the Western culture in which she was raised that made it into a problem. This is such a common theme, and Hannah has channelled the pain of her enforced childhood denial into setting up a service for children so that their natural abilities can be welcomed and nurtured.

Thank you so much Hannah, you most certainly should be very proud ❤

Hannah explains:

Hannah Hardy

The vision of children.

It felt natural to me as a young child that I could travel beyond my body, that I could see and commune with spirits and I could see the hidden suffering in others. This truth felt safe to me as it was just that, the truth beyond our illusion. The difficulty arose when I realised that I was seeing things and experiencing things which others could not. I had no peer support and my family (apart from my father who is also very psychic) began to stigmatise my view of the world.

I remember being about 7 and realising that I needed a special nature of community support, but had no vocabulary to contextualise what I needed. As there was no fear connected to my heightened vision, I felt that I was experiencing something very special and felt a deep sense of sadness for others around me who were trapped in their own illusion of what they concieved reality to be, as I experienced it as expansive, connected and all loving. To survive amongst my peers I chose to play the game and conform to what society told me was normal.

Over the years incredible things happened which quietly confirmed my higher guidance such as several events in which my life was saved miraculously. For example, my guides telling me not to get the train I was intended to go on (the Potters Bar incident), someone in a pub trying to swing a chair at my head and it miraculously rebounding in the air. Another time I had my children in the car and was coming up to a give way with a blind corner and my guides told me to stop several meters before the line. At that moment an enormous lorry appeared from behind the blind corner and would have smashed into the car had I gone up to the line. I feel blessed that my life has been filled with this magic and these miracles.

I chose to conform and it got me through, but not satisfied, feeling a sense of incompleteness and lack.

In 2012 whilst living in France my young cat had an intestinal problem and the vet wanted to put him down, I was told to take him home to say goodbye and to bring him back in the morning. I cried with my cat and not knowing what I was doing I was guided to open my heart and to send my cat love. In the morning my cat had transformed, he was sprightly and glowing. I took him back to the vet who did the checks and scans. When the vet returned he looked amazed and just said “What have you done?!” my cat was cured. This event showed me that my higher vision was not an illness but a gift which began my journey in healing

Trauma healing.

We all have our own truths, as these exist they are real and need to be given the safe space to be seen and released. I visualise this as going to a still lake with a pebble, you throw the pebble in and it creates a ripple effect. In modern medicine they often deal with the outer ripples (often masking the problem). Through energy healing I am able to get right to the centre, to the point of impact, to bring the pattern back to alignment and flow. To allow the energy to flow with ease rather than ‘dis-ease’. In my healing practice I use muscle response to allow the higher self of the person to guide me to energetic blockages with the intention to support the person back to alignment so their energy flows harmoniously through all levels of their being. Trauma is held in our energetic memory, this trauma can be held from childhood, from past lives. And from our collective trauma.

From working with many people and witnessing many miracles, I increasingly understand that my role is to hold safe space of non judgment for the soul to witness itself and flow through. Many traumas are stored in our subconscious and act as ‘safety blankets’ meaning that we have carried them around for so long that we believe that we are defined by them- but they are just patterns which can be released. The more I clear my own hidden traumas and the traumas of others the more I realised that we are clearing collective patterns and that we are all connected in consciousness.

The power of compassion and connection.

This takes us back to the simplicity of healing, creating a safe space to remember compassion and connection, which can emerge anywhere at anytime, we have the power in this moment to change our past, present, future and our collective consciousness.

The building of community.

Due to my lack of peer support as a child I founded The Free Spirit School, a visionary group to support the avatars of tomorrow in a safe held space. The children range from 7-11 and I amazed at the ease, grace and joy in which they connect to their higher vision and share this with their peers. Normalising their higher vision, exploring ways to encourage compassion and connection and ways in which they are able to help themselves, others and to connect with their life purpose. We explore Indigenous spiritual cultures and how they connect the personal to the universal, we invite highly experienced holistic practitioners and it feels such a powerful experience in supporting the children to ground and trust in their own higher truth.

Hannah Hardy is a prize winning artist she is a shamanic healer. She has founded The Free Spirit Network and The Free Spirit School for the visionaries of tomorrow, which is about to be launched as a book and online course with a percentage of sales being donated to Survival International.



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