Heather and daughter Ellie #Emerge Proud to give hope to other families

Heather from Minnesota thankfully realised that there was more going on for her empathic daughter Ellie than the Western medical system recognised. Now able to walk their spiritual healing journey together as a family unit, here Heather describes the rocky road that led them to this unity…


I am the parent of an 18-year old amazing Daughter. We have experienced quite a journey as a family and I know that we are meant to share what we have learned with others. At the age of 14 after returning home from a 5-month stay at an Inpatient Residential Treatment Facility for; Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, ADHD – Inattentive, Optional Defiant Disorder my Daughter said a statement that would change everything. She said to me “Mom, I want to go off all prescription medications”. She no longer wanted to feel numb. I didn’t answer right away at that moment because that was a big request and one that we didn’t take lightly. It took me a few weeks before we came to our decision.

Our journey with the “mental health cycle” started when my Daughter received her initial diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder at the age of 8 years old. We took the mainstream medical route of prescription medication and therapy. At age 10 she received more diagnosis and at 13 she entered a depressive state and spoke of harming herself. This is when we felt we had no choice but to send her to the Inpatient Residential Treatment facility for help.

While she was away for 5 months working on herself I was able to experience what I call my “spiritual awareness”. I used this time to focus on what I needed. I was researching different holistic modalities and attending spiritual classes. As the heart-center of the family I was tuning into my intuition, shifting my vibration, and practicing self-love. This “awareness” shifted the entire vibration and feeling of our home.

I was awakening so that when my Daughter returned home she would be able to speak her truth. The combination of me intentionality caring for myself and my Daughter’s speaking her voice provided us the step out of the “mental health cycle’.  We moved from a traditional, medicine approach to a holistic approach, our eyes were opened to some very beautiful spiritual gifts they hadn’t seen before. (We did have the guidance of a Doctor as she was taken off her prescription medications in a safe manner).

So, at the age of 14, my Daughter was experiencing her spiritual awakening. At first, her gifts were creating fear.  She heard voices, saw dark images, and felt negative energy around her. I think partly due to her lower vibration coming off prescription medications. We were lucky to have people in our life that shared tools and taught us about protection. It has taken her a few years to accept the bright light that she is and that these experiences are part of her journey.

I look back now and realize that since my Daughter is an Empath she was feeling all the energy of others and that was causing her anxiety. Her diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder was because she is here to question and make a change, not that she was trying to disobey. Her ADHD – Inattentive is because she is creative and a daydreamer. And lastly, her depression and suicidal ideation were because she wasn’t being understood and felt lost.

It is my intention to let other families know that more children are being born spiritually gifted. We “society” often don’t know what to do, so we take them to the doctor. Like I did. This commonly ends up with our children being misdiagnosed or misunderstood. We don’t consider the spiritual perspective. We want to fix or label. Our children are coming to heal and they are powerful, we can’t ignore. They need our support and understanding.

About me: I live in St. Paul, Minnesota with my husband and two children; Ellie (18) and Lucca (11). I am currently writing a book about our journey releasing Fall 2018. The tentative title is “Our Sacred Children; Being an Awakened Parent for the Spiritually Gifted”. Here is a link for more information www.heathernardi.com/book-launch-2018/

As Coach, I help parents create deeper understanding and connection with their children.  As a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and Coach (CHLC), I am establishing new ways to look at mental health, creating holistic and spiritual methods for deepening parental intuition and supporting our sacred children. I use my own personal experience navigating the mainstream mental health system and successfully exploring holistic treatments to help other parents of children diagnosed with mental illness recognize and foster their child’s special spiritual gifts. Through my programs, speaking, workshops/events, and books, I empower parents to support their own sacred children in a loving and accepting space.

I draw from my extensive education as a coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs parents can use to connect with and nurture their sacred children.  In addition to being a Certified Holistic Life Coach, I am a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children, Certified ThetaHealer®, and a Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner. I also hold certificates Indigo Studies, and Self-Love Guidance.

You can find me at www.heathernardi.com or contact me at h.nardi@comcast.net

Welcome to the #Emerging Proud community Heather and Ellie, we feel blessed to share your story and give hope to other parents and young people who may be struggling ❤

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2 Responses to Heather and daughter Ellie #Emerge Proud to give hope to other families

  1. Nick says:

    What an inspiring story! I hope Ellie continues to go from strength to strength. It is so frustrating to read of children limited by bogus labels when what is needed from professionals is understanding and help to have the gifts these sensitive children offer the world be facilitated towards a healthy and wholesome integration of mind, body and spirit.


  2. That is a very good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very precise information… Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read post!


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