Meditations of Light offering to bridge #EmergingProud and the Caravan of Unity

The 12th May 2020 will see the 4th International #EmergingProud day celebrations;

This will be a year to celebrate what has gone on so far in the movement, and to mark our merging with Co-Creating Europe’s #CaravanofUnity 

To follow the progress of the Caravan of Unity please follow Co-Creating Europe’s Facebook page HERE 

We have a schedule of FREE ONLINE events to offer you on the day courtesy of some of our wonderful #EmergingProud community members.

One such offering creating a bridge from #EmergingProud day up until the official launch of the Caravan of Unity in Sept with a fortnightly series is;

Meditations of Light Series 

Hosted by Denise (ISISI ALL THINGS) and Sandy Veneziani.


About your Hosts; 
Sandy and Denise ‘Isisi’ have known each other since they were twelve years old and were both raised from that age in the fundamentalist christian religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses, by their single mothers. By their thirties each of them had managed to find their way out of the strict rules and regulations of the sect, to start a new life of freedom.
Independently and in different countries they each found a new pathway to becoming more aware. By a strange coincidence their paths joined again when they decided to move Norfolk in the UK a few years ago.  Aligning now on their spiritual self-development outside of organised religion, they are launching their own conscious counselling and healing businesses under the banner “Peaceful Minds” and this series, “Meditations of Light” is designed to create a safe holding space for others to join in with the raising of consciousness.
This is much needed in these times of COVID19.  Each meditation is  created with the various challenges we all face in mind and as a beacon of hope to those who need support, upliftment and companionship on the journey back to inner peace.

Sandy Veneziani is an accredited psycho-therapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist who offers regression and counselling methods for healing of present and past issues. It can be useful to understand your repeating patterns which hold you back from reaching out for your fuller potential and present peace of mind. Isisi Allthings is a Holistic Mentor, Author of a book about overcoming a traumatic and abusive religious upbringing and also a Reiki Master Healer. Her current work is a supportive free listening service during COVID19 for her clients so please book yourself in for a free session to talk, using our email below. email: Website “All Is Well” 

The first offering in the meditation series

  1. “Overcoming Fear” meditation

This meditation will help you to gain mastery over any fear or anxiety and return you to your true centre and grounded presence, which is your true nature.

Sign up to Denise and Sandy’s channel Peaceful Minds, HERE 


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