Open for new Peer members; Oxford UK Sharing Circle

Are you experiencing or have you experienced Spiritual Crisis/Emergence and in need of support to integrate it all?

A spiritual crisis or “spiritual emergence” is a turbulent period of spiritual opening and awakening that can become unmanageable for a person. People may experience psychological challenges as a result.

Our peer support/sharing group in Oxford for people who are experiencing/have experienced spiritual crisis/emergence is open to new members…

Oxford Emerging Kind Peer Support/Sharing Group

When? Monday 6th April and Monday 4th May at 7pm monthly meetings

Where? The Mind Centre, 46 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1HZ.

If you think that this might be of interest to you please contact Alan at:

Group Aims

To be a forum where our spiritual experiences can be validated

To provide support to people experiencing spiritual crisis/emergence

To explore the positive transformational nature of spiritual experiences

To explore the spiritual significance of what may have been seen as a mental health issue

To learn from each other and increase our knowledge of spiritual crisis/emergence

To explore how we can best integrate our experiences

To explore how we can use our experiences to aid our spiritual growth and quality of life

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