The very Wise Denise on escaping fundamentalist cults and living a dream life beyond your own restrictions

There couldn’t be a more pertinent time to receive the message; “All shall be well”, and that is what one of our wonderful contributors to the #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse book states in her inspiring update on her work for us here…

Denise Wise – Author, Mentor & Reiki Healer asks What do you need and why?

“Inspiration to Aspire”
“All shall be well”

“People use mentors to create visions, fire their inspiration, fulfil aspirations”

Would you like to shift your understanding of who you are and see how the world around you can work for you, not against you, by changing the story we are conditioned with? I have been through this journey myself by escaping an oppressive fundamentalist religion twenty-five years ago and have learnt how to fly as a free spirit. During this metamorphosis I became an author, having written the book “Rising from the Ashes of Jehovah’s Witnesses” under author alias Isisi Allthings.

You can find out more about my book HERE  or buy it HERE 

Listen to Denise’s brilliantly insightful interview all about her journey and subsequent hard-hitting views on cults and their dark side on ‘Out of the bag’ Radio with Sean Maguire HERE

Denise says;

My story is also included in the pocket book by #EmergingProud Press “Through Trauma and Abuse – Stories of Hope & Transformation.” You can buy this book HERE 

Together, we will support your unique truth to emerge, to allow your core talents to surface, inspiring positive results. This can also include Reiki healing if desired, which releases the energies of change and upliftment.

What is my aim when I work with you?

Wisdom coaching is different from aspiring in a material way i.e. goal setting, targets, acquiring material things, advancing in your career. Rather, wise mentoring helps you to return to your true inner peace. You will learn how to let go of unrealistic expectations and self-judgement, in order to move away from a life of suffering and stress. When this is understood and practiced it keeps you in the present moment of bliss and flow.

This is where exciting things can happen and your true needs are met…

We will learn that our internal self is where the magic can start to bubble forth. Imagine waking up each day and knowing that something wonderful is going to happen, no matter how small it may seem. No longer caught in the entanglement of mind and thoughts that hurt you, can lead you to true freedom.

It really works and is a lot of fun!

Change your perception, change your life!

How it works:

3 free exploratory sessions 1 hour each over 5 weeks

Followed by 2 months of 2 sessions each month

Investment £150 a month Total 3 months = £300

To book your initial 3 free sessions, email Denise at:
Or you can message her on her website chat: HERE

Facebook: Facebook

Twitter: @IAllthings

Instagram: @isisiallthings

What better time could there be to be guided out of the chrysalis and be ready to fly?

Good health to you!

Isisi Allthings

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