#Emerging Proud collaborations for 2020; COME JOIN IN!

What are the #Emerging Proud Day plans for 2020? 


Voices for change are always stronger together; it’s time for #Emerging Proud to merge with bigger movements for social change… Wanna join us in a move towards global peace and unity? 


Inner Peace and Unity brings Outer Peace and Unity

This year’s meeting of the Emerging Proud Community explores the connection between inner and outer peace as a reflection between unity on an individual and systemic level. We believe the future is all about co-creation and collaboration, and so we’re aiming to initiate some of this action for this years International #Emerging Proud day.  


The aim is for the #Emerging Proud community to become part of the global movement for Peace, which culminates on Global World Peace Day – 21st Sept 2020 

Who are we collaborating with? 

 Co-Creating Europe is a growing network of individuals, initiatives and organizations from over 22 European nations. 

Together with their partner, Unity Earth, they envision this movement to grow into one of the largest, diverse physical and digital collective movements for peace in human history. And WE are invited!! 

UNITY EARTH is a global network of organizations and individuals standing together for unity and peace.

We will be taking part in a Caravan of Unity…

The Caravan of Unity is a global call for action – reconnecting the fragmented elements of society; loss of traditions and inherent natural values through compassionate acts catalysing  heart connections. At this time of global crisis what else do we have to hope for but this unity regeneration for humanity? Together with Unity Earth in the US, we are establishing a global network of collaborative action- takers to deliver acts of social justice for all.  This years #EmergingProud day will be your opportunity to help us launch the Caravan to the wider public through organising a simple activity, and become a host for an event connected to the global tour in Sept.

On 12th May we will be honouring the history of #Emerging Proud as a springboard for our new collaborations this year. 

What has happened where so far? 

#Emerging Proud events have taken place in;

London- UK, Norwich- UK, St Albans- UK, Netherlands, Denmark, N Ireland, Iceland, Hungry, Italy, Germany- Munich, Finland Romania, USA – NYC, Sedona, New Jersey, Minnesota, Vancouver – Canada , Uganda, Australia – Brisbane and Sydney and New Zealand.

This year, along with our partner organisations, we intend to expand our light spots even further over the globe!

New additional locations for 2020 so far are;

USA – Pennsylvania + Florida + Texas, Scotland, Manchester UK, Slovakia, Spain, Cornwall UK 

Are you ready to take part and support the global awakening for our planet? 

 You are invited to join in our planning call…

On this call Julian Baller (Director of Co-Creating Europe) and I will explain what is happening and our plans to merge #EP with the Caravan of Unity project.

If you’re interested in joining us please CONTACT US HERE 

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