#Emerging Proud Day plans – GET INVOLVED!

Dear #Emerging Proud Friends,

In case you missed it the first time – and this time with more details!

An exciting opportunity has presented itself to us as a collective for this years #EP day celebrations and, more importantly, beyond…

As we are all aware, the world is in crisis… we’re in a process of transformation and it’s up to us to come together to ensure that transformation is a positive one.

We appear to be amidst a shift in human evolution, a shift to a different state of consciousness; from fragmentation to integration where we’ll see society developing into a more collaborative / co- creative organism … It’s time to integrate the #Emerging Proud movement with the wider movement for social change. 

We are collaborating with Co-Creating Europe and Unity Earth for a global stand for Unity and Peace – more info soon, but see our partners HERE

What will happen? 

#EP Members / Groups will each have the opportunity to organize an event for the public within the Caravan  events taking place between 1-21st of September 2020, culminating in a mass meditation for World Peace Day, 21st Sept.

Next steps. What do I need to do to be part of this incredible movement? 

-Gather your local #EP Tribe – As big or small as you wish

-Start designing your own activity with your community.

-Use #EP day 12th May 2020 to plant the seeds for your activity which will grow to be featured in the CCE Caravan of Unity events taking place between 1-21st of September.

What kind of activity can our group do? 

Example Activities that explore our theme; The connection of inner and outer peace;

-Artistic expression of the theme through material art, sculpture, Painting…

-Expressive dance, spoken word, poetry, live theatre

-Random acts of kindness for disadvantaged groups in society such as homeless or the elderly

-Environmental actions eg. Planting trees, seed bombing, constructing a natural building, find a community/guerilla garden

-Create a musical piece or film to feature globally as part of the Caravan tour

-Mindfulness group practice to raise the vibration of your geographical area

You can either choose one of the above to instigate in your area, or develop your own idea…

Empower our global network through your vision – do you have an idea related to our theme? Tell us and perhaps inspire a group in another country to do the same!


We look forward to starting to fly the flag of a future of Common-Unity together with you all!

With love,

Katie and Julian (Co-Creating Europe) ❤

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