17th Jan event outcomes report plan

The 17th Jan is almost upon us – here is what is set to happen on the day, and how you can find out about it if you’re not able to join us in London…

This event has been planned specifically to be owned and directed by all who attend without hierarchy or ‘experts’, but a space for those passionate to see changes in mental health services to get together to envision what that change looks like…

Our day will focus on the Power Threat Meaning Framework  (PTMF) in relation to this question;

“How does the Power Threat Meaning Framework relate to those who perceive their experience in transcendent/ transformative, spiritual or spiritual emergency terms, and how could it be used to support this?”

PTMF event

About the PTMF

The PTMF is a co-produced document which describes an alternative to the diagnostic model of distress and ‘unusual experiences’. A brief summary of the Framework can be found here: PTM Summary 2019

Dynamic and interactive discussions will take place during the event to harvest outcomes as to what the attendees feel is needed to support the spiritual emergence process.

An overall outcomes report from the day will be produced and shared with the Lead Authors of the PTMFramework so that they can utilise the results in order to extend the PTMFrame accordingly, as they see fit.

The full report will be freely available to everyone via this blog from the 24th Jan 2020.

Please let your friends and colleagues know to sign up if they want to find out what happens!

Until Friday – what pertinent timing we have chosen to do this ❤

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