#Emerging Proud plans for 2019; it’s going to take all of us – your voice matters!

12th May 2018 Banner

#Emerging Proud is a not- for-profit grassroots movement aimed at spreading awareness that emotional distress can be a catalyst for a transformational growth process.

#Emerging Proud day 2019 is about initiating more public conversations about this vital subject, to help reduce the stigma around mental ‘illness’… Will you help? 

We need as many of you as possible to host your own events around the world on 12th May next year, using our FREE resources and template from the success of last year…

Want to help raise awareness and join in the celebrations? 

Find everything you need to host your own #Emerging Proud event HERE for free!

The more voices we can include, the louder the message!

#Emerging Proud day 2019 will coincide with the launch of our Kinda Proud pocket book; #Emerging Proud through NOTEs, the first in a 4 – part book series that we hope to be able to disseminate to mental health units and organisations to spread messages of hope and transformation to those in need.

Watch this space for more news on that, coming soon!

In the mean time – it’s never too soon to get planning your event;

Find everything you need to host your own #Emerging Proud event HERE for free!


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