Host an event

The 12th May is International #EmergingProud day – please join in the celebrations with us; help to spread the word by hosting your own event! 

Here are some FREE resources (below) I’ve created for anyone interested in organising an #EmergingProud event to help and guide you.

Please only use the #EP branding if your event fits with the guidelines.

The overall aim is to plan Intenational conversation events to take place on this day every year to continue and initiate public awareness conversations around the topic of transformational crises using the FREE SoMe mechanism (

SoMe is now a legacy to Oz – our friend who created it and gifted it for public benefit, and I’d love the #EmergingProud community to keep it alive in his memory – it’s such an amazing resource and we had Oz’s blessing to use it for this purpose ❤

If you are planning to host an event, please follow the following to maintain the clarity of the campaign ethos and message; 

  • Please complete the contact form below and let us know what you are planning and where (country / location) so we can keep a record of events happening around the world 
  • Please use the attached Campaign Ethos and Branding + Official Logos for your event 
  • If you’d also like to include a film screening as part of your event, feel free to stream from here, or download the film file for your use
  • Complete this outcomes International #EP Day Report Form  This is not for accessing funding, it’s purely to evidence the efficacy of the campaign activities, Thank you for your cooperation.  🙏