Join us for some Breathing Space

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With my colleague Linda, I am hosting a weekend in the Norfolk Broads to…

  • Explore what is beyond our physical reality; both inside and out
  • Gentle self- exploration, relaxation and replenishment
  • Realise that taking care of ourselves enables taking care of everything else

Self- exploration:

Workshops to explore who we really are; gently peel off the façade you display to the world and ‘emerge’ as the amazing soul you truly are… discover your real strengths and resources – your resilient higher self..

Led Sessions to connect with your Higher Self

Sharing circles to listen to the transformation of others, connect and be inspired.

Relaxation + Replenishment:

Guided meditations to cleanse and re- charge your energy

Develop your own resources of self- care; leave with take- home tips

Opportunities to gently exercise in the beautiful, natural gardens of Breathing Space and beyond, throughout the weekend

Personal time and space for reflection + time out

 CLICK HERE TO BOOK: Early Bird offer ends 12th Sept 


Workshop session details

  • We will move towards self- empowerment through going inwards and listening to our Self with the support of the group.
  • We will explore what challenges we’ve overcome, and what resources we have and can develop.
  • We will demonstrate and encourage sharing with vulnerability – hearing not only our true Selves but hearing others to make sense of who we are and who we can be.
  • We will provide and encourage validation through ‘safe space’ feedback.
  • We aim for reciprocity of support and collective group wisdom; others will learn from your learnings, and we will all learn from each other.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK :  Early Bird offer ends 12th Sept 




CLICK HERE TO BOOK :  Early Bird offer ends 12th Sept 

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