Our 2017 launch edition #Emerging Proud Commemorative Print is now also PUBLISHED

Our 2017 launch edition #Emerging Proud Commemorative Print is now also PUBLISHED by leading Mental Health Publisher!

We are totally delighted that the official 2017 launch edition of the #Emerging Proud campaign book is now not only a commemorative print of all of your amazing stories and artwork; it has actually been published by the UK’s award- winning Mental Health Publisher, Chipmunka…

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Jason Pegler, Chipmunka CEO, said he is;

“Honoured to publish this amazing and inspirational book.”… He is;

“proud to work with the Emerging  Proud movement.”


Jason is a world leader in mental health empowerment and winner of the 2005 New Statesman’s Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since 2001 he has dedicated his life to giving a voice to people with mental illness, helping them tell their stories and breaking down the stigma attached to mental health.
“At Chipmunka publishing we raise awareness of mental health and the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen.”

(*This is a not-for-profit sale; All proceeds go towards the publishing costs.)


ISBN: 9781783824304
Published: 2018
Pages: 160Description

This 2018 commemorative print is the 2nd for the International #Emerging Proud campaign. #EmergingProud is an international Grassroots Social Movement aimed at: Re- framing ‘Madness’ as a possible catalyst for positive transformation. #Emerging Proud is ultimately a campaign about providing hope; that breaking down does not mean we are broken; it means that we can be amidst a difficult journey to ‘breakthrough’. #Emerging Proud aims to add to the voices passionate about creating a society in which it feels safer to speak out about our extreme experiences without fear of being told there is something wrong with us, or that we are “crazy”. The campaign provides a platform to give those people who feel they have not had a voice, the chance to speak out and tell the world how they found a way out of their own darkness; a celebration of the positive transformation potential of these experiences, whilst at the same time acknowledging how challenging they can be. This limited edition commemorative print features a collection of the blogs and artwork from the last year since the launch in May 2017. These amazing personal stories of those who #Emerged Proud, aims to change the negative prognosis dialogue which mainstream psychiatry portrays today, and provide validation and HOPE to those who might be struggling.

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For the latest 2018 commemorative print, CLICK HERE



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2 Responses to Our 2017 launch edition #Emerging Proud Commemorative Print is now also PUBLISHED

  1. Liv Evensen says:

    Would it be of interest to look into the publishing of my manuscript, too? It is called Tales of Transformations, Shamanically Speaking. These are dreamscapes journeyes along the Silk Road from East China approximately 1169 AD to 2015 AD Samarkand om Usbekistan, “a manuscript looking for a new “Home” rather than the drawer om my writing desk’, and it is an award winning manuscript in Southern California Book Festival in Nov 2015, and finalist texts in William Faulkner Literary Festival Words and Music six times between 2010 and 2016.


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