Interview with Chris Cole on ‘Waking up BiPolar’

Many of you will recognise the face of Chris (not just ‘the body of Chris’!) from his popular podcast series ‘Waking up Bi-Polar’, in which he delves into the complex world of psychological traumas that can lead to pathological labels and spiritual awakening.

Here I talk with Chris about his personal journey; what led him to be so passionate about spreading this awareness, and ultimately changing the mental health system?

 We are excited to see where Chris’ work will lead him, and look forward to staying connected and hearing what evolves!
Thank you for your support Chris…we love you too! ❤
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2 Responses to Interview with Chris Cole on ‘Waking up BiPolar’

  1. Bev Kliewer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this message. Hospitalized three times for manic episodes but I didn’t have the tools to recognize that it was spiritual awakening. Still with all my tools and they realize that I suffered from trauma… stranger still like to look at me with skepticism, judgement and ridicule. Thank God the universe spirit that I have good friends and family…That believe in me and my awakening


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