We met Bryony whilst making the #Emerging Proud film; she was in New Zealand researching for her own film about the healing power of nature. Now Bryony aims to “correct the ways in which I have been misunderstood in psychiatry” through writing her own book. Here she shares the beginning of that work with us…



The voice that I heard, or more accurately felt and knew inside myself, after the Solar Eclipse in August 1999, spoke to me in a clear, gentle way, and said:

Take strength from your heart. 

I am your golden road.

Bathe yourself in this essence.

My heart at this time was opening in a profound way, and I was learning to take strength from it more. I was living in the Findhorn spiritual community, in Northern Scotland, having followed my intuition and a series of heart encounters to be there. I was experiencing a deep feeling of harmony, peace and connection to all of life and the Universe which lasted for a number of months.

At the Solar Eclipse on August 11th 1999, I experienced a powerful opening and began to receive extended guidance from a Divine source about the Spiritual Truths and Reality I was beginning to experience and live. As the sun vanished from view, my body clock turned upside down. My periods came two weeks early, signalling that an unusual cleansing process was taking place and strong direct channellings started to come through me, with no promptings. These continued to come clearly and in volume through to Easter 2000, and this voice and guidance has continued to be available to me ever since whenever I open to the silence, stillness and inner peace that enables it. This is a practice I have learnt and developed more in the years following. This inner voice, and the knowing it brings, is the same connection to the Divine through an inner voice that Eileen Caddy, the founder of Findhorn, heard through her life, that Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Julian of Norwich and so many others have heard through the Centuries, and that is, I believe, available to us all, when we listen.

The voice had been coming to me for a few years prior to 1999, with odd words and phrases, and occasional visions, but in this experience in 1999, this relationship profoundly opened up.

The phenomenon of ‘hearing a voice’, or voices, is also, of course, in Western Societies, often pathologised and seen as the symptom of a mental illness. This happened to me, through times when I was struggling to ground and integrate big energies, and unusual visions, and when my experience tipped into spiritual crisis. I feel much is lost from our society and culture by this reaction of placing labels, constraints and pharmacological suppressants on the visions and spiritual experiences of people when they are sensitive, vulnerable and open, rather than supporting them in processing these experiences. I see the need for a greater awareness and understanding of this phenomenon, and the resources to support people to process their experiences and come through stronger, and wiser, with important gifts. I am glad to be part of a movement of people advocating for this change.

When the guidance started to come to me in volume in 1999, I wrote it down. I have continued to do this through the years, and feel this is an important aspect of my practice, and it has always felt powerful and healing to share it with others. I experience the Source I am connecting with as deeply healing, a pure clear Divine energy. I have also connected with many Beings and Spirits with specific identity over the years. These have been both Angelic and non-manifest, highly evolved Spiritual Masters, and Spirits of friends and relatives who have passed over, and have a message to convey. I also have the experience of connecting with the spirits of people who are still living at times. It is an ongoing learning experience for me to sense and discern different energies when they come into focus and move through me. This has been and is perhaps one of the most important lessons and practices in my life. The greater depth of stillness and silence I am able to access in my meditation and mindful living makes this much clearer and easier and is the central tool for me.

My spiritual awakening in 1999 changed my life and opened me to Grace and a huge sense of potential in my life. 

At that time, I heard:

To your heart, constantly, let the Light shine. 

Let the Light stream forth unto your brothers and to all souls guided to you. 

Let your Light lead the way only. Let the future be revealed in the Light you show the world. It is freedom, joy exceeding known limits. You are shedding your man-made armour, which is no longer appropriate for the age ahead. Bliss will be known in all you achieve.

Let joy be the watchword for all you do. Let the colours fly, let the joy be known.

Eternal rest in the beloved arms of God.

You have to know the strength of your own spirit, and its endless power.

I would have you know your own strength and know that you can always rest on it, always rely on it. It will not let you down beloved, nor will it leave you

In each moment the light of God is understood. In each soul. If their hearts are open

The understanding is in the silence, the knowingness. Trust it endlessly. It will never fail you. 

Each breath is a new chance for life to flourish, for the energies of my Divine love to flow through you – there is nothing you have to do to enforce this – no labouring on your part

It is like this; earthly life is but progress towards the present, which is the eternal now, in my hands.

Bryony world

Bryony Rogers

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