A great opportunity to take part in vital WHO research about the impact of narrative in recovery

I’m looking for people to share their experiences of “psychosis” /spiritual awakening who aren’t in touch with secondary mental health care, and haven’t been for the last five years.

Dr Rose McGranahan

Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry

WHO Collaborating Center for Mental Health Service Development

Queen Mary University of London

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 15.16.36

Welcome to the NEON Study web pages!

NEON (Narrative Experiences Online) is a large-scale research study running from 2017-2022.  It looks at whether having online access to people’s stories of personal recovery from mental ill health can help people experiencing psychosis and other mental health challenges with their own recovery.

Over the next five years we will be collecting stories from a wide range of sources, with a focus on stories from people whose voices are seldom heard by mainstream cultures, and gathering them together to form the largest online repository of mental health recovery stories in the world.

We will then be making these stories available for others to view, hear and read in the NEON Intervention, and evaluating in a randomised controlled trial whether people benefit from the NEON Intervention.  We will also look at whether having access to these stories can improve the way mental health workers support people with psychosis.

You can find out more about the study, who is doing the research and how you can get involved using this link: http://www.researchintorecovery.com/NEON

Thank you for your interest in NEON.

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