#EmergingProud 2018 initial reflections

Wow, what a day of heart – felt connection around the world happened on the 12th May…

This quote sums up the outcomes of validation from the global events so far

To thine own self be true I’ll be sharing the International report ASAP, but in the mean time, here is a sneaky peak of the reflections from our Norwich Message Board at the end of the day:

  • Thanks to everyone today who were so generous with their time and telling me their stories; it seems that the world is the ‘veil of soul- making’ as Reals said…Yep, I reckon so!

  • A beautiful conversation that connected with with ideas for how society could benefit from more openness about spiritual matters and finding out about each others experiences. Truth and honesty.

  • So priviledged and moved to hear wonderful personal stories and share coping strategies.

  • I had a wonderful, inspirational conversation with x, she is a lovely creative lady, very open and honest and I enjoyed talking to her. I felt very moved by her experience and how she has used that to help others

  • I feel inspired and hopeful for a more connected future

  • So great to speak to people who have had such similar experiences and sharing philosophy and coping strategies

  • Amazing to see the strength, power and growth when a person is open and willing to share and explore various ways of healing themselves.

  • Today is just what I needed! Affirming and validating. Thank you Universe, Katie, the Emerging Kind and all the beautiful souls. Let’s change the world; one kind act or thought at a time!

  • What an inspirational conversation I had with x, I didn’t want it to end, such a great opportunity to met such interesting people at this event. Enjoyed listening and talking to someone who is so positive about their experience and so open and honest; thank you

  • I found another soul sister in x, came away with a full heart and happy tears in my eyes; what courage!

  • Wow! I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen to such a fascinating story of someone’s life. I feel totally inspired. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Thank you, so many wise words and kindness.

  • Spending time listening, having a deep but light- hearted conversation, making a human connection. Interesting and uplifting.

  • The energy and enthusiasm bursting out of x is electrifying and infectious. A minute in her company is like being supercharged with positivity!

  • It’s not surprising how emotional we feel when hearing what has been endured. So inspired by the courage to let go and keep going…

  • So magical to meet, talk and connect with inspiring and like – minded people.

  • Inspired to hear about coming off medication for bi- polar and self- healing through self- caring. Coming into the Self and full acceptance of all experiences and relationships – discovered we went to the same school!

  • I found out about how a singer / musician helped x through some difficult times through her music. X is now reaching out to help others in the same way she was helped; inspiring!

  • I learned about the need to: connect, reflect and serve. An amazing conversation!

  • A space to be in that felt free and expansive, caring. It is not an everyday experience and imagine, to imagine!

  • Very inspiring people and so brave of them to tell their stories.

  • Totally uplifted and inspired by sharing of personal stories of adversity and the bigger wisdom that emerges….eventually!

  • Totally inspired by how our paths are so similar; different lives but so much in common; really lovely and connecting via the heart.

  • It’s amazing to be around such inspiring people with such brave stories #EmergingProud

  • We are all strong; love self = love others

  • We discussed identity as fluid versus static representation (eg. Diagnosis); how destabilizing and dysfunctional patterns can be helped using art which helps with unlimited expressivity – as a vehicle for production.

  • X is an inspiration. She has an insight into herself that few people her age are yet find and I’m so excited about the good she is achieving for herself and others by following her soul and her life purpose.

  • So may insights, heart-bursting compassion coming from hearing this journey of healing and expanded consciousness. From repressing emotions and addiction to awareness of the multiple facets of what heals and grounds; ‘being the change’. Feeling inspired, connected and heart- warmed.

  • Sat with x and have come away with such a full heart. I’m inspired by her personal process which reflects a courageous honouring of the divine feminine breaking through, following a rupture in her life that could have simply generated pain. For x though, she harnessed this god- given power and insight and is changing the world one chat at a time; amazing!

  • It was so inspiring and validating to hear the story. I will get involved more in helping people understand the connections between difficult times and spiritual experience.

  • Having time to talk with another person who appreciates the depths – to explore ideas that are seldom addressed in society, was very refreshing and enlivening.

  • Just when you question everything the right event comes along with the right people

  • Opening the wider conversation with lots of people, with unique journeys but similar struggles, goes to show how with making connections we can all feel more validated and not alone.

  • Spirituality is important! Not just bio / psycho / social, but even crystals and spirits can help with healing.

  • A great day of deep and meaningful conversations, exploring what really matters!

  • X, driven forwards by his connection to spirit and with lived experience of bringing it back down the mountain is no doubt a wonderful catalyst for healing everyone he is with.

  • It’s been really enlightening speaking with x and the stories we shared really were helpful to hear and comforting to feel acceptance from a shared perspective. I think the concept of the day is really wonderful and helpful in destigmatising and alleviating worry, connected to the transformational process

  • Thank You for today, it really picked me up. I was struggling a bit and I found it so reassuring to listen to the stories of others who have been going through this a lot longer than I have and have turned it into something really positive. The similarities with my experiences and some of the volunteers was uncanny and them sharing their coping strategies with me will help me in the future I’m sure. We definitely need more events like this in the future.


Thank you to all who shared, listened and were brave enough to connect.  

We’ll be back to share more reflections very soon … ❤ 


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