Reflections from the 2nd International celebrations are #emerging…

Feedback from the global #Emerging Proud events last Saturday are starting to flow in, and I wanted to share the powerful reflections so far…


  • I learned to create more space for more harder to share aspects/parts of me and to connect with others just by being present. Thank you ❤
  • Never before did a meditation session trigger such strong emotions!
  • I felt warm and fuzzy and welcome. Like I am home which is something that rarely happens. Very grateful.
  • The word spiritual no longer has much meaning for me…….my life is as it is and I am who I am
  • Thanks for this space in time – so lovely, peaceful and very: Here NOW – together 🙂
  • What is moving through me – a few hours after the event – is the beauty of it. I was touched to hear that some of the participants experienced powerful emotions and felt more connected to other humans than they had in a very long time.
  • I learned that when not following my souls purpose, this is when depression happens. This is when anxiety happens. Dare to listen within, if that feels uneasy something’s up. It’s a message from above. #eatingdisorder #Emergingproud
  • A breakdown opened a spiritual crisis leading to a shift in consciousness and a new sense of love, healing and universal connection. #spiritual crisis #Emergingrpoud
  • Through healing conversations, we foster human connection, safety and trust and find our way back to each other, where we can share with honesty from our hearts #messageboard #emergingproud
  • Instead of convincing people, the change can come from telling the story in your heart and allow hearts to open in a divine pace.20180512_095944
  • Very interesting event!
  • Nice encounters! Thank you!
  • Great event, but a pity that the psychiatrist cancelled her lecture.
  • Experience is ALWAYS true. So simple, so complicated… I wish that everybody would have a right to their own truth. If only we could really hear each other and our selves. I believe that only in this way “the good” can happen.
  • This has been an important and excellent event. More events like this!
  • The EmergingProud -film is important, as a whole.
  • Good information and event. More good topics!
  • Important to make these definitions what spiritual means and does not mean. For me spirituality equals awareness equals oneness and they include the whole human being – physical, social, psychological. The moment when love overcomes fear.
  • The purpose of human beings is to protect and care, cherish and maintain life.
  • A new me
  • I am very happy to see such events happening, pain and challenges are to overcome
  • Enlightening!!
  • The light that shines through the cracks
  • If the world isn’t crazy I must be nuts! 
  • Great films – powerful messages
  • Somehow we need to get this out into the whole world
  • Spread the light!
  • Can one “recover” or heal from spirituality? Is that a problem or a threat? What is the difference between those changes caused by spiritual awakening and the symptoms of psychosis? Is there a psychosis that can be classified as illness? What are the symptoms of that and how should it be treated? What kind of symptoms should be treated against ones own will in a first place??Tee poem
  • In a way the world is more fragmented and also the sense of community is more differentiated than before.
  • So empowering, joyful for the heart, to hear alternative ideas and viewpoints about “madness”. I feel so inspired and empowered! The value should be returned to these experiences. THANK YOU, you wonderful pioneers! ❤ xxx
  • This event sure was meaningful and important! Many people came to tell us how empowered and validated they felt when leaving the venue.

The International report for 2018 will take some time to complete; due to very positive reasons which will be shared when we have some more clarity, but for now, I’ll leave you with a beautiful Kirtan from the NYC event…

 I’ve got shivers!! ❤ 



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