Karen Taylor #emerges proud as a Celtic Shaman in the making…

You may recognise Karen Taylor, from Ness Isle of Lewis , in the Outer hebrides, Scotland, from her fabulous recovery work she facilitates with her husband, Ron Coleman. But there is more going on behind the scenes than you may have known, so here Karen shares her journey so far, and vision, with us…

Karen Taylor

I had been working in NZ running recovery training with my husband, I found NZ a place I fell in love with instantly; the greens were so vivid there was spirit everywhere, it reminded me of magic mushroom trips I had had as a young adult when I would hug trees for hours. I was lucky to work with some Maori elders, who were so full of spirit and love, it had a profound effect. On returning home leaving Ron in NZ, I had 2 nights in which i hardly slept, but was incredibly creative and uplifting, I felt full of light I was told that my Kuru was to become our company logo-the Kuru symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. 

Our work is about the potential and strength and believe that all people given a “ label of psychosis” can recover. I now knew my purpose in this life was to spread this believe and help people on their journey.

There was sparked in me a quest to find out more about spirals something I had doodled all my life and a great interest in the old crone, something I used to doodle when under the influence of mushrooms too. I found a rich celtic heritage unfold around me, the spiral here in Celtic culture has the same kind of meaning. The old crone was part of the triple Goddess and I realised she was somebody I aspired to be. That is my journey, i have passed through menopause, my children are almost grown up and for me becoming a healer, as “wise” a women as I can is my life purpose.

I  visited Isle of Lewis 10 years ago and with out doubt knew that I had to live here. Once here I found a wonderful teacher Jill Smith who is profoundly connected to the Cailleach, with her I learnt about her and the places she presides in. She is the winter Goddess, she brings life and is there at death. She sits in our cliff edges, in old warn stones, in shapes of hills and moors. She brings the gales of winter and goes to sleep on 1st february.  I was home. I then found out that in the village we had chosen to live still has an ancient church which was a pilgrimage for the “mad”. I was home.

Here we carry on our work  and travel far and wide but here is my sanctuary, the place where I can centre myself; its wild & beautiful…

Karen's isle

Lately I have developed much more of a spiritual practice and am just finishing a diploma in Spirituality and wellness and will be able to offer spiritual companioning. Next year I start a journey of learning to be a Celtic shaman. I want to be there for people going through spiritual and emotional crisis, to see them rise proud and strong.

My website is www.workingtorecovery.co.uk. We provide training and support, run retreats and over the next few years will develop much more.

To find out details about Karen’s latest retreat, CLICK HERE: Karen Taylor- Return to innocence

I am continuously delighted by how many well respected people in the recovery movement are coming out of the spiritual closet, and how vital bridges are forming…it feels more like portcullis’ coming down; although we may chose to live on them for our sanctuary, no man is an island.

A huge thank you to you Karen, for sharing your journey with us and joining the #Emerging Proud family ❤

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1 Response to Karen Taylor #emerges proud as a Celtic Shaman in the making…

  1. Liudmila Vasilyeva says:

    9.21 a.m. November, 2

    (meditation on Christian Science which was a part of my journey that time)

    Being a healer is grace
    which one should deserve by removing
    the thorns from his mind.
    So it will be blessed by The Spirit
    and warmed by The Soul
    to shine and meet The Mind.
    And thus we see The Truth
    and go through The Life with The Love
    becoming a part of The Principle.
    But all these should come from above.

    Liudmila Vasilyeva

    The Rescue the Growing Project
    (“Rescuing of drowning people is the drowners’ business”—a Russian saying)

    P.S. Love Scotland. People there are the friendliest in the world.


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