You voted; the 2018 #Emerging Proud Art competition results are IN!

Drum roll please… Huge congratulations to our 2018 winning Artist, Kirstie Steadman, who took 62% of the 100 votes with her astounding painting ‘Weeds or Wishes’…

Weeds or Wishes


We’ll be hearing from Kirstie very soon about the meaning behind her masterpiece to her, and ‘Weeds or Wishes’ will take pride of place on the front cover of this years commemorative print book. Her painting will also feature at the #Emerging Proud events happening around the world on the 12th May!

In 2nd place, and so featuring on the back cover of this year’s book, will be Clara’s piercing image…

Emerging P8 clara teleki


Clara says:
This  Rabindranath Tagore quote inspired me to make this picture;
“Some people let the sun make their eyes water, and some are hiding with their tears in the dark” / Rabindranath Tagore/ 
“Van, akinek a könnye kicsordul a fényben, és van, aki elrejtőzik könnyeivel a sötétben.” /Rabindranath Tagore/
See more about Clara and her incredible work here:
Well done to Kirstie and Clara, and a big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s competition…it was a high standard, and we loved receiving all of your amazing submissions! ❤
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1 Response to You voted; the 2018 #Emerging Proud Art competition results are IN!

  1. Liudmila Vasilyeva says:

    07.46 February 24, 2018

    Through the woods of the wounds we grow
    and learn to walk and follow the flow,
    and even try to fly and reach the the sun in the sky,
    where our wings get burned by his heat.
    So, we fall and weep and go to the pit
    until we reach the floor and become quit.
    Here we may finally hear His “Hi”
    through the darkness and coldness of snow.
    Thus we learn to fly and tell His smile of the rainbow
    from all possible lights.
    And it may seems we are ill
    but by the stripes we are healed
    as we always know where to go
    walking in the secret place.
    By a higher way we are ok.

    written by Liudmila Vasilyeva

    The “Rescuing The Drowning” project
    (“Rescuing of drowning people is the drowners’ business”—a Russian saying)

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