Global ‘Action Plan’ report document to be made available to show the impact of International #EmergingProud day…

What do we hope to achieve through the inaugural #EmergingProud day, and how? 


The overall aim is to create a safer society in which to openly talk about our ‘madness’, without the fear of recriminations. But where do we start?

With Open Space action- planning discussions happening in 10 countries, (to start with!) that’s how:

  • Each location will discuss the BIG QUESTION: “Rethinking Madness; How can we create a safer society in which to openly talk about our madness?
  • EVERY DELEGATE in EVERY country who would like to, will be invited to share their ideas in the Open Space marketplace – do you have a burning project idea to bring?
  • Then each idea raised will be discussed for the afternoon in smaller groups, with those people who share the passion to act on that topic.
  • At the end of the day ‘Action plans’ will be created, and each country will call in LIVE to the host hub, LONDON, UK, to feedback on their outcomes
  • After the event, my ISEN colleague Rozalia and I will collate all of the Action Plans from all of the events and create an INTERNATIONAL OUTCOMES REPORT which will be made freely available online.
  • We’ll then follow – up with all country Reps 3 months later to see what is unfolding, to ensure things are carried forwards.

This is the start of a movement; not a one- off event!

Can’t make any of the launch event locations around the world? Why not host your own premier screening and discussion, alongside the 10 countries taking part in the 12th May celebrations, and feedback the action points from your group into our International Report?

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW – It’s very simple!

Only together, can we create a better world….


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