After an initial breakdown, #EmergingProud the Film is now set to breakthrough, as it premiers in 10 countries on 12th May 2017

In November 2016 the Indiegogo campaign I ran to make the #EmergingProud campaign and film was a complete flop. Looking back I’m not surprised; I suppose it was kind of incredulous that someone who had no idea about film- making or social movements could make a film about one in 6 months. I needed to raise at least £8,000 to make it happen. I raised £1,200.

I sat on the bed in my Spanish rental studio and sobbed. I felt like a failure, and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with my life next. I felt so alone.

Someone commented on the campaign video that I should go to prison for taking money from vulnerable people. I felt very vulnerable.

But the fire in my belly wouldn’t let me stop. I’d come this far; there was no flipping way I was about to give up now. People were dying, and if I didn’t do this I might as well be dead…

MLK quote

And so I borrowed £5000 and pretty much became a recluse for the next 4 months; shut away in the Spanish mountains listening to my intuition, recording interviews and working mostly 12 – 14 hour days.

I lived on 50€ a week.

The campaign happened.

I made the film.

And the best part of it was, that I connected with some of the most beautifully brave and giving people all over the world…

Those who have #EmergedProud in support of creating a safer society in which we can talk about extreme human experiences and mental distress, it’s YOU who kept the fire in my belly burning, and could help prevent people from suicide, and I’ll be forever grateful ❤

People donated art.

People donated music.

People volunteered to transcribe the interviews.

People gave their time, expertise; anything they could to make this happen.

It was a labour of love for us all, born from pain, passion and determination. But most of all, born through beautiful, authentic and soulful vulnerability:

“This is more than a movie, this is a movement! A new paradigm of mental health and human awareness is emerging and these are some of the pioneering voices heralding that change. I watched the Emerging Proud film with tears in my eyes thinking of the lives that will be saved and of the possibilities and gifts made available when human transformation is managed well. And this is just the beginning…..” – Kimberley Jones, UK.

None of us can create change alone, this is time to come together … join us at the host event in London on 12th May for the international launch, and let’s start to BE the change we wish to see in the world.


The other day I felt an unfamiliar feeling, I think it might be pride.

I am #EmergingProud…

Katie ❤

Change the world

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