#EmergingProud FILM

“This is more than a movie, this is a movement! A new paradigm of mental health and human awareness is emerging and these are some of the pioneering voices heralding that change. I watched the Emerging Proud film with tears in my eyes thinking of the lives that will be saved and of the possibilities and gifts made available when human transformation is managed well. And this is just the beginning…..” – Kimberley Jones, UK.

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Host your own group screening of the #EmergingProud film

Gather a group and host your own #EmergingProud screening; help us to spread the message that breaking down does not mean we are broken.

Celebrate the personal stories of those speaking out in the film and listen to what helped them to ’emerge’ out of their crisis.

Use your screening as a spring board to arrange a discussion group or peer forum in your local area; invite family, friends, mental health workers and therapists and help to build bridges through opening minds to new ways of perceiving these issues.

#EmergingProud is about raising awareness and spreading this vital message, making it as accessible to as many people as possible… so for just £50 you will be sent your personal copy of the film and an agreement which allows you to show the film in whatever format you wish; sell tickets and make back your investment; just make sure it’s affordable to everyone to attend (recommended ticket price is £5).

Complete this form stating that you are requesting a screening agreement and you will be sent instructions on payment, a link to your copy of the film, and an agreement giving you permission to show the film in public; it’s as simple as that!


If you’d rather watch the film on your own sofa in the privacy of your own home, of course you can:


“I find this movie very powerful. It brings a lot of clarity and hope to people that are going through this process and the fact that is a global movement and people all over the world are going through a similar process creates a heart to heart bond. My feeling is that just by watching the film, the ones that are in the process of awakening will center themselves and will calm down and allow themselves just to be there, in their inner space with their vulnerability and heal. It is a healing movie.
I wish all the roads are open and I wish that #EmergingProud will bloom within every human that needs it, because more and more people will go through this and it is very important to have a map.” Cornelia Cacu, SEN Romania 
“Emerging Proud is an important contribution toward our understanding of what society labels as ‘psychosis’ or ‘serious mental illness.’ The subjects profiled in Katie Mottram’s film embody a clear and direct link to the spiritual nature of these experiences for many people. It’s time we start listening, there is so much to learn.” – PJ Moynihan, Producer/Director, Healing Voices